15 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginner (Earn Up To $25 Per Hour)

Online proofreading jobs are one of the easiest ways to make money online. If you love correcting grammatical errors, then you can be an ideal candidate to apply for a proofreading job online. These days, finding high-paying and legitimate freelance jobs are becoming challenging as many websites claim to provide real work-from-home jobs.

Also, there are some fake websites. Therefore, in this latest post, I will tell you about the best online proofreading jobs for beginners and the benefits of working as a proofreader. Moreover, we will also understand how you can earn $36,000 every year through freelance proofreading jobs. 

15 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginner

What's Proofreading?

Proofreading is an essential process of reading complete written text to remove any syntax, punctuation, and spelling. Also, the formatting errors improve the accuracy of the content and help it look professional. However, many people think proofreading and editing are two exact phrases, but both have different objectives and needs. A proofreading task is more detail oriented and helps in finding minor to significant grammatical errors. 


Whereas editing is mainly focused on checking out sentence formation and making the text clear. Editing helps in improving flow, clarity, readability, and text tone. So, if you need to apply for a proofreading job to make money online. You will be correcting the spelling mistakes, misused punctuation, and other similar grammatical errors.  

However, proofreading and editing both require the same talent. Still, proofreading can be a suitable match to start making money online if you are just starting out.  

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Does Proofreading Require Educational Qualification?

Generally, freelance proofreading jobs at home do not qualify for any higher educational qualification. However, it is still good to have formal or informal trading about proofreading to understand more about proofreading. These days many free and paid online tutorials and courses are available that you can grab and begin your journey to become a well-established online proofreader. 


Also, you can use several resources to learn about proofreading styles to work effectively. Many companies also hire proofreader interns, so you can apply there as well to learn to proofread. Moreover, if you want to get selected as a freelance proofreader in a company. Then you will have to clear their application test to start working with them.  

How To Start Online Best Tools To Use For Proofreading: a Complete Tools' Package

Proofreading is becoming one of the great ways to earn money online. You can work anywhere using your laptop or computer device. You can even work from your tablet if you want to do proofreading while traveling. To make your freelance proofreading job more accessible, you can use the below tools mentioned as the industry standard and best proofreading tools. 

1.Google Docs: 

It is one of the fantastic tools that most freelance writers, proofreaders, and editors use to do their work and send it back to their clients. It automatically saves the work, and you can share the work easily just by entering their email accounts. Here you can comment, edit and do a lot of things as per your requirements. Basically, it can be considered as an alternative to MS Word.  


Grammarly is a powerful and standard tool to detect grammatical errors. If you use this for your proofreading job, you can easily find those errors that you can miss out on. Having this tool can really help you to proofread the text more effectively. Grammarly has a free and paid version, and if you are working as a proofreader, you can not rely on its free version, so you will require to take its paid version. 


However, it is a standard tool, but you can not rely entirely on this AI-based technology. It may not capture every error and give recommendations that may not be necessary for the particular project.  

3.A Proofreading Handbook:

You also need a proofreading handbook because you can often find some words or sentence structure that can confuse you. You may not have much idea about an industry like medical, engineering, and other fields. So, to solve this issue, you can consider McGraw-Hill's Proofreading Handbook. In this, you will find so many helpful tips and other information to run your proofreading business successfully.  

4.Choose Proofreading Style: 

Along with a proofreading handbook, you must also look for The Chicago Manual of Style and AP Stylebook. Many jobs require formatting as mentioned in these two guides. 


It is the tool that will help you to understand the meaning of some unique words and use the best one in the text. 

6.Dropbox To Share Files: 

It is also a file sharing tool, and you will have to use it for those clients who prefer to get their work done in Microsoft Word or any other word processing tool.  

How To Get a Proofreading Job

If you have decided to work as a freelance proofreader, then you will have to find decent and legit proofreading jobs for yourself. But before you start searching, you should know that some special search terms can help you find relevant and good proofreading jobs from home. You can use "Freelance Proofreading," "Book Proofreading Jobs, "Copy Editing Jobs,”"Proofreading Job For Beginners," "Editor," "Academic Editor," and so on. 


If you are starting to make a career in freelance proofreading. Then you should try Facebook groups because here, you can find many proofreading opportunities to work with. You can also use other freelance sites to get this work. Still, the primary benefit of social media is you can build your personal brand. Once you get enough work to show that your portfolio or samples, you can start looking for some dedicated websites.  

15 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners


Here you will know about the top proofreading websites to find proofreading jobs and start earning money online. By using these platforms, you will be able to earn just by staying at home. So, let's start discussing top platforms where you can get online proofreading work from home opportunities. 


Linkedin is one of the best social networks to find freelance proofreading jobs. Here you can contact companies, agencies, startups, and many other professionals. This platform can be a great source to build up your community and set up your personal brand to meet with fantastic clients who pay higher and timely. However, you can find many long-term projects to work on, but this process can take a little time. But when you start getting clients, you will have to hire someone to help you manage your proofreading projects.  

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2.Get Editing Jobs

It is also a legit proofreading job platform where you can find job seekers and employers. Here you can find a wide range of proofreading projects to work on. At Get Editing Jobs, there are tons of writing and editing-related jobs available. However, when you search proofreading, then you will find fewer numbers.  

15 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginner

3.Proof Reading Services

At Proofreading Services, you can get full-time and part-time proofreading jobs online entry-level as well as for the experienced with good pay. When you start working here, you can start at $20-$45 per Hour, which is good pay to start your proofreading journey. But to get accepted here, you will have to pass their application test, and once you pass their test, you can access their freelance proofreading tasks to complete and get paid.  

4.Writer's Relief

Writer's Relief is another legit site and a service designed to help creative writers publish their books. And want the best proofreading service to edit their book professionally. If you have the talent to detect errors and correct those efficiently, then you should give a shot to Writer's Relief as well. However, their application process is simple, but they accept only a few applications. However, you can still check out this site.  


Freelancer is also a freelance platform where people and companies post their requirements, and freelancers bid to grab these projects. Freelancer is easy to use here. You can search the keyword, check the available tasks of companies, and then place a bid. You may think freelancers are legit or not, so let me clarify. I have personally got their client who offered me a paid task for several months, so it can be a great opportunity.  


It is a small site where proofreaders post their proofreading task to a new check by the other proofreader. This site is based on a credit system where credit can be used to get the work proofread, and you can earn credit by proofreading others work. It can seem useless, but still, you have the option to convert earned credit into cash.  

7.Polished Paper

It is the site that always keeps looking for talented proofreaders and editors for their site. So, if you want to work there, you will be required to register yourself and add your resume to this site. You must be familiar with APA, Chicago formatting guide, and MLA format because they will ask you to test these proofreading manuals.  


Upwork is also a legit freelance job platform where you can find proofreading jobs as well. Here you can find various proofreading projects, and you will be able to place your bid. Whether you have multiple years of experience or not, you will find a range of projects, and every day the job listing gets updated.

But whenever you click on any job posting, you must carefully read their proofreading job description to understand their requirements. Upwork charges around 20% of your earnings, but still, it's a good deal as this platform is legit and keeps your payments secure.  


It is a Netherlands-based editing platform or a company that looks for native editors. So, if you are a native Italian, English, German, Spanish, and French speaker, you can try this site. It has over 400 editors who edit academic texts for their clients. If you are already aware of APA style referencing, then it will be an additional edge. Many projects also require a plagiarism check of their contents. So, to apply here, you will have to be a graduate candidate and need to give at least 10 hours in a week. is also a well-known proofreading job site where you can easily earn $19-$46 per Hour. But before you start working here, you will have to pass a 20 minutes screening test, and once you pass this test, you will start assigning proofreading works. The best thing about its proofreading job online entry-level is that they offer flexible working hours. You can also enjoy higher pay for the work you do. 

11.Scribe Media

ScribeMedia also hires proofreaders, and you can get an online proofreading job once you get hired as a full-time employee or freelancer. The noticeable part here is they do not always have job openings, so you need to sign up and activate job alerts. Then, they open job postings and get a notification. After that, you can apply there and start working as a professional proofreader.  

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Fiverr is also a great platform to get an online freelance proofreading job. You need to create your gigs that can start from $5, but you can add additional services to charge more. Buyers will search the relevant phrase or keyword they will come to your gig, and after making conversation, they will place the order. Once you complete the task and get approved by your buyer, you will get your services. 


As a beginner, you may not have any solid portfolio to share up your talent. Therefore, you need a beginner-friendly site. So, in that case, you can look at Domainite because its application process is simple. It only requires a writing sample written in impactable English and wholly edited. You can also upload some additional files to support your application, but it is optional. So, you can try Domainite as well if you are a beginner-level proofreader.   

15 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginner


Gramlee is also a site that looks for text editors, but when you see their job description, you will closely relate to the job of proofreaders. So you can check out this freelance proofreading website where you can find proofreading work most of the time because they have a fast turnaround time for their clients.  

15.Click Worker

Click worker is a platform where you can find many micro-tasks; here, you can find proofreading tasks. The proofreading tasks can contain descriptions of hotels, software, services, and so on. The pay range can be low, but these tasks can be exciting and exciting as well. You will get a chance to enhance and profound your proofreading skills and fetch high-paying projects. However, you can also get a per-work fee to help you make good money from a single project.   


So, in this post, you learned what proofreading is and the best online Proofreading Jobs For beginners. Along with this, you also learned the best tools you can use to proofread and make your work easier. Besides this, we also discussed how you can find freelance proofreading jobs. So, I hope you have learned about all these things and are ready to kick start your career in proofreading to earn $15-$25 every Hour.  


1.Is Proofreading His Promising Career?

The demand for proofreaders has increased a lot in recent years because the businesses want their content to look professional and positively impact consumers. And if their content contains any syntax or punctuation error. Then it can change the meaning or can give a wrong impression. Therefore, the demand for proofreaders and editors will remain higher. Many freelance proofreaders earn $25 per hour, even more; some earn $36,000 every year just by working a few hours a day. Therefore, proofreading can be a promising career, but all this depends upon your hard work and efforts.  

2.How Much Can You Earn From Proofreading? 

If you are just commencing out, then you need not focus on earnings rather than your learning. Proofreading is a vast term; it includes many aspects. The more you learn about proofreading, the more accurate work you give to your clients. And the more your clients get satisfied, the more clients come to acquire your freelance proofreading services. However, if you start working as a proofreader, you can earn $10-$25 per Hour.  

3.Should You Go For a Paid Proofreading Course?

There are many paid and free proofreading courses that you can take to become a proofreader. But honestly, you do not need to have a paid course. You can use several proofreading resources and free courses to learn about it. Once you start getting a decent amount of work, you can take a paid course, but it is not essential at the beginning of your journey. I'm saying this because real projects teach a lot, and until you do not start working on these projects, there is no benefit of taking any paid course. 

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