How To Write a Blog Post? 6 Awesome Blog Post Writing Tips

Here are simple but effective steps to skyrocket your blog post writing skills. So, do you want to learn how to write a blog post? Have you ever asked someone how to write a good blog post? Being a blogger and freelance content writer, it's relatable. 

Whenever a content marketer or content writer starts their journey, they keep searching about how to write a fantastic blog post. It's common to think that most brilliant writers are already in this industry. And if you want to succeed either as a content marketer or blogger, you have to learn how to write a blog post. 

Thus, considering the same need, I will share some excellent tips and steps with you. And if you implement these, you will surely start writing good blog and article content. So, let's start this blog with a short and straightforward introductory portion.


How To Write a Blog Post? Simple But Most Effective Steps To Write Awesome Blog Posts


#Step 1: Select Blog Topic, Research, And Plan Content Architecture

#Step 2: Create a First Draft And Title To Attract Ideal Readers

#Step 3: Rewrite Or Edit Your First Draft To Make It Clear

#Step 4: Edit And Optimize Your Blog For On-Page Seo

#Step 5: Create a Cover Image Using Canva Or An Ideal Tool

#Step 6: Upload Blog Post On The Blog Website And Preview It

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How To Write A Blog Post: Let's Discuss All Steps In Detail.

# Step 1: Select Blog Topic, Research, And Plan Content Architecture

If you want to learn how to write a blog that ranks high in search results. You must learn how to choose a blog topic, research, and plan a content architecture. Because these three basic things can help you a lot in making your writing process effective and efficient. So, look at the below-mentioned sub-topics and make the most from these.

#1.1. Select A Topic You Like To Write About.

Some blog topics take a couple of hours to write a great blog, but some can take weeks. It depends upon how tricky and challenging your blog topic is. If you choose your blog topic from your favorite niche of writing. 

You will love to write and research on that blog topic. Thus, before you start the writing process, make sure you have chosen the blog topic you like to write about. 

#1.2. Research On The Selected Blog Topic

You can choose any topic of your choice, and in this blog, my blog topic is "how to write a blog" or "how to write a good blog post." I chose this topic because, for many weeks, I wanted to write, and I also did comprehensive research.

I checked out blogs, articles, and even youtube videos to write an excellent blog for you. Similarly, if you also want to write content with your best practices, you should choose the topic you like to write about. 

#1.3. Create A Content Outline

Once you read some top-ranked blog posts and articles on the SERP. You can create your blog outline; you can define the introduction and how you will start your write-up. Then you can create an outline for your body and its subheadings. In the end, you can frame some key points for your conclusion part. 

Whichever point you think is essential, not it down either digitally or in your notebook. I prefer pen and paper, as it gives me flexibility. You can choose any of the modes to create your blog outline. 

#Step 2: Create A First Draft And Title To Attract Ideal Readers

You have all the references and briefs on how you will write your blog post. Hence, this time is to follow the next step of how to write a blog. Here you need to start writing your blog content on the ideal outline you just created. 

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But whenever you start your blog's introduction, try to keep it simple and engaging. The first few lines of your blog will decide whether to read the post or skip your post. Hence, you can start the introduction by interestingly asking a common question. You can even start by writing an exciting fact to highlight the importance of your blog post. However, your end goal should keep the reader on the blog content in whichever format you choose. 

At this point, you also need to write a catchy and short blog post title. So, whenever a post appears in the search result, it gets maximum clicks. You can write engaging titles starting with "how to write a good blog post," "Things I used to generate 200 leads in 30 days." Or "how--- became a millionaire using affiliate marketing?-facts will amaze you." You must give some time writing compelling headlines. 

Because your headline or blog title will help your blog post get traffic and readers. You can use bullet points and other vital elements in the body section. So, your blog post can become more scannable and exciting. By doing this, you will help the reader to get an ideal solution in less time. It will also motivate your readers to share the post and visitors. 


#Step 3: Rewrite Or Edit Your First Draft To Make It Clear

You created your first draft and wrote a good blog post from your side. But here, you do not need to run a grammar check on Grammarly. But you also have to make essential edits, remove repetitive words, and make the content clearer. There might be some too-long sentences and unclear phrases; hence, make your content clear at this level. 

And for this, once you finish grammar check on Grammarly, you can read content aloud. There are some text-to-speech tools that you can use. But reading aloud a written draft will help you understand its tone nicely. So, to make your content better, read your first draft aloud and try to check the flow of content. 

You can even spot where your content needs to add more phrases and remove some. You can even understand the key areas to put some images and graphs. So, your blog post looks appealing and excellent to the readers.

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#Step 4: Edit And Optimize Your Blog For On-Page SEO

You need to make final changes at this step of writing a blog or writing a good blog post. However, your content looks nice, and it's also great by reading. But still, it's worth it to make the final editing process and find out punctuation, capitalization, and other basic errors. 

Because these simple terms have huge weightage to make your blog post best, you can use Google Docs for this as here you can highlight and do many editing-related tasks. It has a grammar checking tool, so check your blog post for Grammarly on Grammarly. You should upload the same piece of content on Google Docs, so you can fix it if there is any remaining error. 

Remember, none of the writers write THE BEST blog post; we write a blog post that helps readers. Thus, whenever you do final editing, make sure you are editing the blog content of another writer. And think like a reader who wants to read hustle-free blog posts. You can add some new paragraphs and remove some. 

It will not affect the writing process, but it will make your content more powerful. You can even check out the keyword density and its placement. Make sure your keywords are phrased nicely and naturally in the post. Also, try to spread keywords around the whole content, not only at a place. 

You must know the sentences are repetitive, and keyword density should be at most 1%. Thus, make sure of every essential element we discussed here before moving to the next step of how to write a blog post. 

#Step 5: Create A Cover Image Using Canva Or An Ideal Tool

The content becomes great when visitors read the content with their full interest. You can encourage them to cover most of your blog post area by adding images. Images are so powerful to improve reader engagement with the full content. 

Hence, you can create outstanding graphics, images, tables, and other visual elements. You must go for it because it will strengthen your blog post. And your post will have enormous potential to get a high rank in Google. However, whether you are a blogger or even fresher in this field.

You might already have some idea about the great graphic design tool Canva. It is a free and paid graphic design tool; you can easily create blog images. I generally use pre-made templates and edit them in my blog posts' requirements. You can also choose other image editing tools to create blog post banners. 


#Step 6: Upload Blog Post On The Blog Website And Preview It

You did hard work to write an excellent blog post, as you selected an idea topic to write. You did in-depth research on the blog topic, created the first draft, and edited it as well. You run grammar checks on Grammarly and Google Docs as well. It's genuinely a lengthy process and requires many hours to do so. 

But now, you are very close to finalizing your blog post. As in this stage of how to write a blog post, you need to scan the content with your open eye. It looks good; you can upload your blog post in WordPress or Blogger and define headings and subheadings. You also have to add relevant images, meta tags, and other details. 

Once all these things get finished, just hit the "publish" button or schedule your post. However, the image size should be less than 50kb whenever you upload your blog post. And your blog post URL must contain the primary keyword. While writing a meta description, you should make sure you add a relevant keyword and keep it short. 

How To Write A Blog Post: Conclusion

Blogging or writing content for clients is one job that requires proper time and effort. The more time you give to your blog post writing process, the more productive and effective the blog post you will write. But you should prevent focusing on unnecessary things and stick to your blog topic. 

At last, I hope you now understand how to write a blog post or write a good blog post. I tried to give you a detailed highlight by mentioning crucial steps to write an awesome blog post. But if you still think there is something that this blog post does not cover. You can feel free to comment down, and if you liked this post, you could share it to support us. 


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