21 Best Websites That Pay for Poetry Writing (2023)

How can you get paid for writing poetry? Here are some platforms where you can use your poetry skills, and your poems can get submitted. If your poem gets published by the platform, you will get paid for writing poetry in US$. These platforms organize competitions and also pay for poem writing. These are very famous around the globe for their published writings. If you are a creative person and can write poetry, let's see these top trusted online platforms to publish your poetry content.  

21 Best Websites That pay for Poetry Writing: Get Paid For Writing Poetry

Best Websites Where You Can Get Paid For Writing Poems 

#1. Blue Mountain Arts (contest) 

Blue Mountain Arts contest has been organizing bi-annual poetry contests for a long time (around 30 years). The contest allows you to submit both kinds of poetry; it can be rhythmic or nonrhythmic. You can submit any poem, and your poem will get assisted by its originality and uniqueness. The first, second, and third rank candidates gradually get prizes worth $350, $200, and $100. 

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#2. Poetry Foundation 

The Poetry Foundation is very famous as the publisher of the long-standing poetry magazine. At a time, you can submit your four poems maximum during the submission. The poetry foundation pays for old unpublished poems which were accepted to get published. Here you get at least $300 when your poem gets published on their platform. 

#3. VQR Literary Magazine 

VQR literary magazine gadgets get published by the University of Virginia. You can submit any poem at any length, but the condition is that poetry submission should not be published, and it should be fresh. Here you get $200 per poem up to 4 or $1000 for five or more poems. Thus, you can consider this platform to get paid for writing poetry.  

#4. The Sun Magazine 

If you are writing for Sun magazine, I want to inform you that writing belonging to Sun Magazine has obtained the pushcart prize. It has also been selected for the best American essays and best American short story anthologies. It is an ad-free magazine that accepts essays, fiction, and poetry. When You get published, you get paid $100 to $250 for each poem. So, if you were thinking, can I get paid for writing poetry, you can consider this platform. Because it will help you utilize your creativity to earn money by writing poetry. 

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#5. Boulevard 

Boulevard is another website that pays for poetry writing. It is also a popular literary magazine that accepts poetry from its users. The company is interested in getting unpublished writers with the promise and acceptance of previously unpublished poems. You can provide your five poems maximum from 1 November to 1 May. The payment range on the website is from 25 dollars to 250 dollars for each poem. 

#6. Arc Poetry Magazine 

Arc poetry magazine is an official Canadian magazine that has published contemporary poetry for more than 30 years. It is best for contemporary poetry and accepts up to 3 previously unpublished poems on multiple topics. Sometimes it doesn't accept submissions. That is why before going to submission, view the guide once. You earn $50 for each poem; thus, it is also an excellent website for poetry writing.  

#7. EPOCH Magazine 

This one is the magazine which the English department of Cornell University publishes. You can submit your five poems for each submission in any form on the platform because it accepts all types of poems. You earn at least $50 for every poem when it gets published. Because of this reason, this magazine was added to our list of best platforms to get paid for writing poetry.  

#8. Three Penny Review 

This option is one of the most prominent literary journals of America. Threepenny Review accepts only submissions from 1 January to 31 June. Your poem must be under hundred lines or less than 100 lines. On this platform, you get paid based on $200 per poem. So, if you have some excellent poetry writing skills, you can consider this website.  

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#9. SubTropics Journal 

The new one on my list is SubTropics Journal. It accepts up to 4 unpublished poems at a time. The submission on the platform closes on 10 October. But you should keep looking for opportunities when it gets started again. SubTropics journal is a literary journal published by Florida University, and you get paid $100 for each poem. 

#10. Rattle 

This one is amazing because rattle is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that aims to promote and appreciate the practice of poetry. Here the submissions are accepted with unique insightfulness and which stands out. It accepts poems for its print magazine and site based on publication, and you get paid 100 to 200 dollars for each poem. Through the annual poetry content, you can earn 15000 dollars. 


Some Other Companies Who Pay You For Writing Poems: 

#11. Agni Online

It can also be the best website to get paid for article writing, and here, you get $20 for each page of a poem. 

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#12. Chicken Soup for the Soul

If you need to make good money through your poetry writing skills. Then it can be a great platform where you can easily earn $200 per poem. 

#13. Fund for Kidz

This platform is excellent for earning fixed pay for each poem write-up that can be $10 per poem basis. 

#14. PloughShares

It Pays up to $45 for each poetry submission on the website. Hence, it is also the best website to get paid for poetry writing.  

#16. Orion Magazine 

If you want to earn money by poetry writing, then Orion Magazine is also great. Because it helps you to earn up to $100 per month or more. 

#17. Alaska Quarterly Review 

You can opt for this platform, too, where you earn under $10 to $50 for every accepted poetry. 

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#18. Crazyhorse 

It also has decent pay for poetry writing, where you get $20 to $200 per accepted poem. 

#19. New Myths

If you want to get paid for poetry writing on a trusted online platform. Then you can choose New Myths, and here you get paid $30 for each successful poetry submission. 

#20. US Kids Magazine

It also pays you for poetry writing, and it can be $25 or above for each submitted page. 

#21. Willow Springs Magazine  

It gives you $20 for each poetry submission which it accepts based on the shortlisting process. 


Today in this article, we all discussed the different platforms to use your poetry skills to publish your poems and get paid. I talked about many platforms, and I also explained which kind of poetry they accept. We have even discussed how much money you can get for poetry writing and when you can submit your poems, and the range of that submission. Thanks for reading this whole article and understanding where you can get paid for poetry writing. 

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