Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Website Content

If you keep loving learning about how to learn content writing to improve your writing skill and offer the best write-up to your client or employer. Today's article will help you to get a new milestone for it. Here we will discuss the most common mistakes a writer makes while writing website content. 

I have personally used to make these mistakes, and ultimately these damaged my content writing career. But now, I have overcome such mistakes and worked with leading marketing agencies and startups. 

So, if you want to learn and fix some content writing mistakes to grow your writing career, it's good to read this post. 

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Website Content

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Website Content

#1. Forgetting targeted readers

You might know how to become a content writer, but it's time to become the best writer in your work industry. There is no point in writing content if you do not know your targeted audience. If you don't know your audience, you will not be able to convey the message to the ideal reader. 

Also, it's a very significant skill you must achieve to become a good content writer that has the potential to engage with readers, educate them, and encourage them to perform CTAs. These major steps are far ahead if you skip thinking about the audience while writing content. 

#2. Not doing proper research.

Some writers type the keyword and topic, check out the first few results, and start rewriting the ranked content. It is not the ethical way to write good content for your audience. Your write-up must be backed with the latest research, interesting facts, and other references that make your content trustworthy and factually correct. 

For this, you can analyse the first few ranked content; based on content requirements; you can check out some research pieces from government bodies or organisations. Doing research helps content writers to write meaningful content that helps and connect with readers and also build trust among them. 

#3. Sending content without editing

While attending virtual meetings with clients and writers, I have witnessed many writers do not edit their content and send it to the client without running through Grammarly. If you also do, it's a bad practice and can cause bad feedback from the client. Grammarly is an Industry standard grammar-checking tool that comes in free and paid versions. 

If you can't afford to use its premium version, you must run your content from the free version. It will help you fix grammar errors from the content and ensure conciseness. When your earnings increase, you can also opt for the paid version; it will help you contact high-paying clients. 

#4. Not doing proofreading

Is checking grammar errors in Grammarly enough? It's not; Grammarly is an AI tool and very advanced; most businesses use it to fix grammar errors in their web content. However, still, there might be some mistakes that you can fix by proofreading your content. Sometimes this AI tool also suggests wrong suggestions, which can be fixed by proofreading your content. 

You can use Google Docs, a free tool similar to Microsoft Word, but it's from Google and automatically saves the content. It also suggests grammar correction suggestions to help you proofread and edit your final draft. 

#5. Skipping search engine optimization

Writing website content (blogs, landing page copy, product description, etc.) without using SEO techniques is a big mistake many writers make. SEO in content writing means using targeted keywords throughout the content, adding research reports as a reference, adding alt text in images, doing proper inbound linking, focusing on readability, avoiding keyword stuffing, and keeping the good flow of content. 

These are some basic terms that come in SEO content writing. If you use SEO techniques in your website content, it can easily rank in Google with little effort. 

#6. Adding copyright images

Whether a freelance writer or a full-time writer, it's good to avoid using copyright images. Many new writers search for the images and copy past their content. Undoubtedly, images are an important part of the website content, but you must still avoid using copyright images.

Instead of doing it, you can look for stock image websites like Pixabay, Unsplash, and other copyright-free image websites. You can also use Canva to create a website banner for your blog or article content. 

#7. Lack of present taste

You must ensure your content has a fresh taste during the editing time. You can add the latest report or news about the topic and personal experiences. It makes your content more interesting and helps readers stay on the page and keep reading until the end. Not only this, you must do formatting carefully; it should be scannable. 

You can use headings, sub-headings, bullet points, images, graphics, and other things to keep the content fresh and the latest. So, the readers can get the latest information and stay engaged with the website. 


Writing website content looks simple; most people choose content writing as a profession. It might be an easy task if you do proper research, follow SEO guidelines, do proper editing and proofreading, and provide the best write-up to your client or employer. Because when you make such mistakes, it damages your professional image and causes you to face many challenges. 

Your boss can fire you, and clients can stop getting your content writing service. Hence, choosing one or two niches is always good and working on the same. It helps you build expertise and understand the targeted audience. 

So, now I hope you have a clear idea of some common mistakes most content writers make when writing content. If you also do these, please stop and start working with a good client and offering good quality content. 

Also, you can check out our other articles to learn more about content writing and how you can monetize your skill. Here we keep posting articles on personal finance, writing tips, career advice, and making money online related articles. 

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