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We at Paisekiyukti are excited to announce the invitation for the guest post submission on our website, focusing on personal finance, saving money, making money online, career guidance, and education-related topics. 

As a platform dedicated to empowering individuals with authentic and practical insights and relevant resources, the Paisekiyukti team believes collaboration with resourceful contributors can add immense value to our readership. 

If you are keen to share valuable knowledge about personal finance, money management, investing, saving money, or have experienced an opportunity to make money online or have enormous knowledge about a field to educate our audience, we would welcome your submission. 

Currently, we are looking for well-resourced, cited articles that provide our readers with practical tips, expert advice, and relevant information. You can share your submission around investing, budgeting, educational resources, online entrepreneurship, and frugal living. 

We would love to see your well-researched pieces on actionable strategies, success stories, and educational pursuits. 

By accepting guest post submissions on finance and educational topics, we aim to foster a community of active contributors, experts, and financial enthusiasts passionate about sharing practical insights and information on finance and investing-related topics. You can also share interesting stories about affiliate marketing, content marketing, and anything around it. 

Please follow the guidelines below to submit your guest post and ensure it meets our quality standards and aligns better with our targeted audience. Following these guidelines will help you enjoy a smooth submission process.

Topic Relevance: We are accepting guest posts on personal finance, saving money, making money online, educational guidance, investing, affiliate marketing, and content marketing. Please ensure your submission, whether it's an article, advice, or tips for readers, falls under these categories.

100% Original Content: We at Paisekiyukti only accept 100% original content that passes Quetext and Copyscape plagiarism reports. Duplicate or plagiarised content will not be accepted. If the writer is found doing that, they will not be able to submit guest posts in future events. 

Word Count: Target a word count of 800 to 1200 words. This word count range ensures that you have covered the selected topic precisely and elaborated key matters properly. You can also write more than the suggested word count if the topic requires it. 

Content Structure: Please structure your submission into proper headings, sub-headings, bullet points, tables, and visuals. The more scannable and properly formatted and edited your submission will be, the more chances will be there to get published on our website. 

Actionable Insights & Proper Attribution: Aim of offering practical insights, well-researched, backed information, and references to increase the credibility of your submission. Giving proper attribution is compulsory if you use screenshots, quotes, or any other external resource.

Images & Infographics: You can also add images relevant to the matter covered in the guest submission. Adding charts, infographics, and other visuals is also appreciated. If you use copyrighted material, please add attributes or avoid using such resources. 

Author Bio: Add a 50 word author bio that will be posted at the bottom of the submission. You can also link to your LinkedIn or Twitter profile. 

Terms & Conditions: Once your submission gets accepted and published at Paisekiyukti, you agree that you will not publish the submission elsewhere on the internet. The content will solely belong to Paisekiyukti. 

Submission Process: Email your guest post as a Google Doc or Word File to Add a Title "Guest Post Submission: [Guest Post Title]." We will carefully review your submission based on mentioned guidelines and revert within 2-3 weeks from the submission date. 

Though we don't pay for guest post submissions, we give you credit and allow you to add your LinkedIn & Twitter profile. 

See the example guest post here: What are Bonds and Why People Invest in Them?

Please follow the guidelines above and submit your guest submission accordingly. If your submission aligns with our editorial standards, we will be delighted to publish it on our website. 

Thank you for your contribution to Paisekiyukti