Content Writing vs. Copywriting: What's The Difference?

In this article, you will understand seven significant differences between content writing and copywriting. We will also talk about the meaning of content writing and copywriting and the roles of content writer and copywriter. 


Content writing and copywriting are both well-paid professions; if you can write to persuade, engage, and build trust among the audience with the brand. However, most people consider content writing the same as copywriting. But today, after reading this article, this doubt will clear and tell you which one to choose.  

Content Writing vs Copywriting What’s The Difference

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the form of writing web content to engage with readers and provide information. It is mainly associated with SEO to drive organic traffic on a particular keyword. Content writing helps businesses to reach a targeted audience, spread brand awareness, and help them access ideal products or services.  

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Forms of Content Writing

Here are some most popular forms of content writing that a content writer writes. 


#1. Blogs & articles

#2. Ebook or book for kindle publishing

#3. Newsletters and write how-to blogs

#4. News for the latest update

#5. Web page content such as Home and Services 

Job Profile of a Content Writer

Now you might be wondering what a content writer does in content writing. Below there is short information about the roles of content writers. 


#1. Doing research within the industry to discover relevant topic ideas

#2. Create content based on research and run through the editing and proofreading process,

#3. Doing research about keywords and implementing the best SEO standards in article

#4. Writing killer headlines and meta descriptions to get web clicks

#5. Completing projects and submitting them before the given deadline.  

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of creating a text that advertises or markets a brand within the industry. Copywriters use techniques to make content easy, engaging, and memorable. Copywriting is an art that calls out the prospect to persuade the desired action. Copywriting is mainly used for promoting products and brands by highlighting features.  

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Forms of Copywriting

Here are examples of copywriting texts or forms of write-ups that count in copywriting


#1. Landing pages content that used for PPC

#2. PPC ads text

#3. Social media advertisement's text

#4. Sales emails for email marketing

#5. SMS copy to get new leads

#6. Taglines and social media posts  

Job Profile of a Copywriter

Here are some roles of copywriters that they execute daily


#1. Understanding brand and key competency

#2. Writing copy based on the brand's voice and style

#3. Editing copy and making relevant changes to make it more converting

#4. Collaborating with the marketing team and monitoring its performance

#5. Discussing with management to understand the need for further copies 

Content Writing vs. Copywriting: Difference between Content Writing and Copywriting

Here are some significant differences between Content Writing vs. Copywriting: 

#1. Selling vs. Informing

The prime goal of a copywriter is to sell the product to ideal customers. At the same time, a content writer writes content that engages and educates the audience. So they can understand your brand's product can help them to solve their problem.  

#2. Short vs. Long Copy

Generally, content writers write long-form content, whereas copywriters write concise and engaging content. Content writers write long-form content to give in-depth information about a particular topic. At the same time, copywriters write short text for PPC ads and emails.  

#3. Traffic vs. Sales

As we discussed, content writers generally write content for SEO purposes. They write SEO-friendly content that ranks in search results and drives traffic. However, copywriters write persuasive copies for landing pages to convert this traffic into sales and ensure higher conversion.  

#4. SEO Perspective

Content writers are good at SEO because they are responsible for writing content that drives inbound traffic. At the same time, copywriters are here to engage that audience to convert in business sales. Content writers know how to put keywords in the introduction, H1 tag, and throughout the body content.  

#5. Tone of Writing

Both writers write content in a conversational format, but copywriters are more fluent and talk effectively in their short copy. Content writers write long-form content; hence their content stays a little formal.  

#6. Emotions

It's another difference between content writing and copywriting. Copywriters write their copy with lots of emotions to drive sales. Based on research by a Harvard University Professor, most buyers come from emotional touch with the brand.  

#7. Grammar

Generally, both Content Writing vs. Copywriting requires following correct grammar throughout the content they produce. But in content writing, content must be accurate and grammatically correct, as these types of content are lengthy. Hence, readers will deny a reading piece of content due to a lack of proper flow. 

On the other hand, copywriters do not need to use absolute grammar in their ad copies. Most copies can have missing proper punctuation and capitalization to keep them short and crisp.  

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#1. Is Content Writing and Copywriting the same?

No, content writing and copywriting is not the same and can not be replaced with each other. Content writing is the way to educate and inform a targeted audience. Whereas copywriting is the way to sell the brand's products to a targeted audience.  

#2. Is Copywriting a High-Paid Marketing Skill?

Yes, copywriting is a very high-paying marketing skill that you can learn to build a career. However, you will have to learn from experienced copywriters, spend time in an internship, do an entry-level job, and grow as a fully functional copywriter. 

#3. Which one is better for Content Writing and Copywriting?

It depends on you and your interest; you can start with content writing if you have good writing skills. And then, you can move to a copywriter to deal with B2B clients. However, both are unique career options with excellent salary packages.  

Content Writing vs. Copywriting: Conclusion

Content writing is about writing SEO-friendly content using proper keywords. So, it can organically reach ideal readers and educate them about targeted keywords. On the other hand, copywriting is about persuading the targeted audience to convert them into customers. 


Thus, today, we discussed the key differences between content writing vs. copywriting. I hope now you have a clear idea about the difference between content writing and copywriting.  

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