How To Write Content Online & Get Paid For Writing Articles? [2024]

Do you want to get paid to write articles? Do you want to write for money and make a living out of that? Nowadays, you will be willing to pick a skill that allows you to work from home. And one of the easy ways is to create articles online. Many people and websites pay for your article. Yes! Articles are also an excellent way to start earning online, and it's growing too fast. So, if you are a good writer and can research a topic to create content, then this information is for you.   

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Write Content Online: Is It Easy To Write Articles Online? 

Most people think that it is straightforward to write articles. Never! It is not an easy task to write an article online and get paid for it. You have to do many things before submitting your work to your first client, who will pay for you. For example, you have to adequately research the topic and its aspects to earn money from writing online. Then you have to check the copyright issues to reduce any chance of an upcoming problem. You have to find out the keywords that can rank your article as a result. And many more to earn money writing online and keep growing and gaining experience. So don't think it is easy to write to make money and pay for it because many people are already working. 

Write Content Online: What To Do For Earning By Writing Articles? 

Now writing is a creative work where you need a reasonable frame of mind, attractive communication, transparent researching skills, and a great understanding of perspective. 


Accept these abilities; you have significant work to do starting your writing articles to earn money. You have to know where you can work and get a battery payment. So, I have some top platforms to start your career as an article writer or content writer. Here every site is legal, and no fraud you will find.  

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Where Can I Start Writing Articles To Get Paid Online? 

Below are the top places where you can earn by writing articles, only from home and without investment. These are some options that you can try to write content online and get some exposure to content marketing. 

#1. Quora

Whenever we search for something on Google, we find this website on top results. It is a great website where you can gain your knowledge too. If you have good knowledge about anything, then you can quickly get paid for writing articles. A few years ago, Quora started this program where you can write articles in Hindi and other languages. Many people have started writing here in very little time, and believe me, they earn and write for money. 


If you are interested in it, you have to create a profile first. Then you can start earning through your well-written articles. Yes! There are some terms and conditions for getting paid for the articles and content you publish. However, it is not as public, but you need to build your authority and get some views and responses on your content. Few percent of people are getting paid for writing articles or posts. If you are a good writer, then you also will have an opportunity soon. You can start in the local language too, such as Hindi. If you are a good writer in English, then it would be great because it is an international language. So, your audience will increase, and it will be making the chance to become paid here. 

#2. Blogger

You can write articles as a blog; is a stupendous platform to earn by posting the article. That is called blogging. The successful blogger can earn 1 lac or more. 

Now you are thinking about how they are earning. There is no fixed salary in online writing articles because they fluctuate and vary in view count and keywords. That depends on your blog, how much traffic it is generating, and how much time your visitor spends. Advertisement on your blog is the primary source of earning through writing and posting a Blog. The thing you need to be successful as a blogger is to keep patience. As you will gain knowledge about blogging, your earning will increase. It is a perfect way to earn money for a long time and build a sustainable earning source.   

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#3. Fiverr

It is the platform where you can stand up for your business. Here are many people who want your article for them. So, they tell them what they want in their article. After that, you write their article and get paid. If you are good at this work, they can be your regular customers. 

The impressive thing is that you get 5$ for each task, and you can pay for online writing articles. It will be more than INR350. Once you have built your value on Fiverr, you can increase the price and client too. 


To start working here, you have to create your account first to set up your profile. After completing your profile, you have to apply or request an order. After finishing your task, you will get paid 5$ as the starting price.  

#4. UpWork

If you want to work online as a content creator, then it is beneficial for you. Upwork is the platform where you can get any work. This website provides you online work, but you need to be wise while bidding on the proposal.  If you are not getting any work to write something, then you must try it. You can quickly start writing articles on this site and paid for writing articles. Same as previous website, many websites provide candidates with work and pay them.  

#5. Uc Browser: 

In today's era, almost every person in India uses a UC browser. I'm sure that you also have it or used to use it for some time. A vast audience uses the UC browser, but few of them know that the UC browser pays you to post content. This content can be in written or in video form or text. But the written article has more chances of ranking than the video and earns more money.  You see many articles on it already ranking and getting thousands of views. The public writes those, and those writers are paid by UC browser.


To earn from here, you have to create an account on it. Then whatever topic you will get from the team, write articles on it.  

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6.  Newsdog: 

This is a platform that is similar to the UC browser that is good for online writing articles. Yah! It provides you with a topic to write and posts your article on the internet. In this way, the website makes connections with you all. Many people have started using it, and they are earning too through it. So, you can also work here. 


Many other websites work similarly to UC browser and News dog. These are given below:

● iwriter





7. Guest Posting: 

If you work on your blog, then it needs a lot of time and knowledge to work. It is tough to earn money from your blog in a few months through online writing articles. But if you love to write and are willing to get a decent pay for it. You can research the topic and write on it for other people, and they will love to pay you. Thus, you can write articles for other blogs and earn from them. Many sites connect with you and provide you with writing work online. 


So, you can start earning online through writing articles, and once you gain experience, you can be an expensive writer. It is straightforward to do, which you also can do through a smartphone. I am sure you will find this article helpful and start finding a client to write an article online and pay for that. Thanks for reading this article, and I wish you thousands of times good luck with your successful content writing journey.

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