FundforWriters Review: Is FundsforWriters Legit or Fake?

Hey, are you looking for a FundsforWriters review? If you have tried many websites and have yet to get the correct information. 

So here is to stay, because after gathering all the information, I have come up with in-depth information about this writing website that pays you to write online and have put together all the things in a summarized manner so that you can learn more quickly. Thus, let's start the blog and enjoy the content. 

FundforWriters Legit Review

What are FundsforWriters?

FundsforWriters is an online platform specially designed for writers and helps them find some funds. It is a dedicated platform that keeps updating writers' communities with helpful content that can be tools, tips, or other kinds of stuff and then help them continue their writing journey. This website helps writers to understand the process of formatting a manuscript, with a wide range of unique guides to help writers to improve their writing style. 

Every week they send a newsletter containing helpful information for the writers. This writing website can be an excellent resource for many writers because they are dedicated to helping them by providing a good marketplace. It helps in finding the right competition and discover different awards or grams and find publications and jobs matching the writer's talent.  

How Can You Write For FundsforWriters?

If you want to write for fundsforWriters, then you need to learn the following:


  1. First, you need to send them a query about the topic you would like to write on.

  2. This query should contain a well-written piece that contains helpful information and stays grammatically correct. 

  3. You also have to attach a short bio with information about you. Thus, it will be better if you have your online portfolio.

  4. Your bio is as important as the query you write, so make sure both must not have grammar errors because they reject these pieces on the spot.

  5. You should check the topics listed on the website they want you to refrain from writing about.

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  1. They also do not expect to have tons of outbound links, so please ensure this.

  2. The article should not be about being a writer and the best ways to be a writer because they do not want topics.

  3. The content should be rich in terms of its quality and should be ready to help other writing communities. 

  4. Your article should relate to making money with your writing talent and nothing else.

  5. If your article does not support a solid reference for supporting the fact, then it's okay with that. They just want this to be helpful and as per its writing standards.

  6. Although, they will like your content if you add some exciting and supporting sites and tools.

  7. If you love to write about the tools that help write articles and can help writers, you will rock on this platform. Because generally, all writers want to keep updated and learn about the latest tools to improve their writing style. 

  8. A unique idea that can help others raise money for the writers is a significant achievement for the funds for

  9. They will welcome you if you have gained a grant and want to let others know about it.

  10. Your content should help new writers who want to accomplish their goal of making money with writing, and that's the thing this writing website expects from you.

  11. If you have an online presence, a blog or portfolio, you can get some upper edge.  

Pro Tips: 

  1. You can attach the link to the website that has "write for us" to exchange some real money or something like this in your article. 

  2. Try to write about the tools and resources specially made for the writers.

  3. You should have an online presence to get your article accepted. 

  4. It would be great if you have gained some years of experience to better explain things, and this site is  looking for this as well.  

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How To Send Articles To

  1. After getting acceptance on your article topic, you can start writing engaging and helpful content considering the audience.

  2. Your article should be 500 to 600 words because they want to publish short, engaging content.

  3. When you send the article, also include an eye-catching title.

  4. You must add a short bio and profile link to your blog or portfolio.

  5. You also need to add your PayPal id to get the payment if the article gets accepted. 

  6. If you miss any essential things, they won't accept your article, so cross-check before sending them.

  7. Your article can take time to get accepted; it can be a week or a month. And you also possess a good command of writing in English to meet the level of other writers on the platform.  

How Much Fundsforwriters Pay For Writing?

When they accept your article, they pay $75 for an original article you write for them. They release the payment via Paypal, so you must have a PayPal ID.  


FundsforWriters is a tremendous and legit writing website that pays you for writing. So, if you are looking for a legit website that can publish your articles related to writing and making money with writing in exchange for real cash. Then you should check out this website, but before that, come up with a great topic to build up your online appearance if you don't have one. 

When you get ready with that, you can start earning money with your writing talent. Along with that, you can also find prize content, grants, and much helpful writing information. So, try this writing website and earn $70 per accepted article.

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