Get Paid to Write: 10+ Websites That Pay for Your Writing (2024)

Whether you are a full-time or freelance content writer, you might be looking for some authentic websites where you can get paid to write online and generate a side income.

So, if you are suffering to generate enough money with your current writing job, it's the article you should be reading today. 

There are many reputed and well-established websites that will love to pay you in US Dollars if you can provide them high quality write up in a given format. 

But what are the best websites to get paid online? Which are the websites that allow writers to write and earn money online? You might be asking this question yourself. Worry not, I have compiled the list of the top 10 websites that pay you to write articles and stories. 


So, are you reading to know about these best sites that will pay to write articles online? 


Wait no further; scroll down below and start learning about them.

websites that pay for writing

Get Paid to Write: 10+ Websites That Pay for Your Writing (2023)

1. Funds for Writers 

Funds for Writers cover the writing niche and look for real and authentic articles that help writers get paid for their writing. If your article covers a particular market, setting up a profitable business, unique and extraordinary ways to make money through writing articles, blog posts, and other writing stuff. Then they are going to prefer your article because they look for the same. You can also write success stories that relate to the writing Niche and motivate and educate other writers. 


Writing Niche: The Niche of this blog is writing to submit the article.

Ideal Word Count: The ideal word count is 500 and 600.

Pay Range: Funds for Writers pay $50 per article.

Pay Modes: If your article gets accepted, they pay via check or Paypal. 

2. B Michelle Pippin

B Michelle Pippin is a marketing and business blog to publish your article and get paid for writing online. This blog website accepts articles related to marketing and money-making. If you have good grapes in English and use a great outline in your content, your article can be ideal for this website. You can write on money-making topics from online and social media platforms. You can also provide tips to save tax, enhance productivity, and much more. 


Writing Niche: The writing niche is making money online and marketing

Ideal Word Count: The word count can be ideal in accordance with business writing

Pay Range: They pay $50-$150 per article they accept. 

Pay Modes: To get the payment, you must have a PayPal account. 

3. Wow, Women on Writing

WOW, Women on Writing supports passionate female writers and helps them make money through their writing style. They always encourage women to get the opportunity to work as freelancers and get a better pay range. This website covers innovative business, freelancing, and training. It looks for detailed articles to help writers to grow their writing abilities. You need to know that they do not accept attachments, so your article or pitch should be in the text format anywhere in the email you send. You can also showcase your portfolio link to increase your chances of accepting your articles. 


Writing Niche: WoW women on writing focuses on women and writers to help them stand out. 

Ideal Word Count: The article's length can be about 3000 words.

Pay Range: They pay up to $150 for 3000 words feature articles.

Pay Modes: In the US, they pay via check, and internationally, they provide payment via PayPal. 

4. Strong Whispers

Strong Whispers is another great website that pays you $50 to $150 for online writing. You need to have the great writing ability to convey a valuable message to the readers of this website. Strong Whispers covers a wide range of articles related to lifestyle, environment, and social issues. You can contribute to this website in different niches. You can cover the article related to corporate greed to the innovative ideas that can change the word leadership to the sustainable development of the people. 


Writing Niche: This site covers articles related to lifestyle, environment, and many other articles that belong to social issues.

Ideal Word Count: There is no word upper word limit, so your article range can be about 1000 or any ideal length.

Pay Range: It pays them $50 to $150 per accepted article on the given email.

Pay Modes: Generally, they pay via PayPal when your article gets approved.  

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5. Godaddy Garage

The GoDaddy Garage can be a great platform if you are looking for a High paying writing site to work on part-time. They accept articles related to web design, freelancing, and business for their targeted audience, web professionals and small business owners. They also target freelancers, so your content may be for them. Most of the time, they keep getting thousands of articles. Therefore, it can be a time -consuming process. 


Writing Niche: Godaddy Garage accepts articles related to web design, business, and freelancing. 

Ideal Word Count: Your article must contain an ideal word count to educate the audience. 

Pay Range: If your article gets accepted, you can get paid up to $100, but it can be changed depending on other factors. 

Pay Modes: The payment method is nonspecified, but you can be informed when the article is accepted.  

6. Link-Able

Link-Able is one of the high-paying websites for writers and the best for authors with a high-profile understanding of writing. When your article is accepted, you can earn $100 to $750 per piece. This site includes the niches like business, finance, health, sport, tech, marketing, and more. Thus, you have a great opportunity to get better pay for writing. When you write about a specific Niche, this website can take you to the next level. But make sure you are a native English speaker or a writer with great command of English. When your profile is accepted, you can find a job and apply. After accepting your proposal, you can write the article, complete it, submit and get paid. 


Writing Niche: It covers a range of niches like finance, marketing, health, sports, etc.

Ideal Word Count: It can vary as per the article you choose.

Pay Range: Link-Able pays you around $100 to $750 per article. 

Pay Modes: The payment method is nonspecified, and you get informed at the time of acceptance of your profile.      

7. Code Tuts+

Code Tuts+ is another site that websites pay you to write. If you want to be a technical writer, this site is great because they pay $100 to $250 per article they accept. This website looks for content related to web development tutorials such as Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML. CSS and other technical topics. If you understand web development or have sound knowledge of one of these languages. This paid writing site can be the ideal platform to make money online. 

Writing Niche: They cover articles related to web development, for example, PHP, Python, JavaScript, etc.

Ideal Word Count: The article length can be short to medium, and even the in-depth long-form article.

Pay Range: Your article can get paid $100 for short articles with tips and short tutorials. And for a long-form article, they pay around $250 per accepted piece.

Pay Modes: You must have a PayPal account to get the payment for your writing. 

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8. MoneyPantry

If you love to write about money-related terminologies and tips, you can find this platform useful. MoneyPantry provides content related to earning money and saving money using different techniques to its reader. If you can write on these niches, you can make decent money using this website. Your article must be at least 700 words, and generally, they look for a 1000 to 2000 word article. You can also share your personal or someone else’s money-making experience to journey. If your article gets accepted, they can pay you from $30 to $150 per article, varying from article to article.


Writing Niche: This website delivers content related to money-making and saving money.

Ideal Word Count: The article length can be at least 700 words and 1000 to 2000 words for great exposure.

Pay Range: They can pay $30 to $150 per article you submit, and they accept.

Pay Modes: If you have a PayPal account, you can work with this site.  

9.  Write Naked 

If you have mastered writing short articles, generally from 450 to 600 words on writing, then this website is for you. Write Naked is a blog that provides valuable information about the art and craft of writing. Their articles can relate to literacy figures, the latest publishing trends, writing essential and vital tips that a writer can follow to succeed using their writing craft. They have a submission period divided into open and closed sections, and you can submit your article when they have an open reading period. You can earn $75 for each accepted piece on their site, so this site can also be a great platform to get paid higher for a well-written piece.


Writing Niche: Write Naked covers writing Niche, so to get accepted, you must write on writing Niche.

Ideal Word Count: Your article word course should be from 450 to 600, not more.

Pay Range: The payment is simple; they pay $75 for each article they accept.

Pay Modes: The payment method is unspecified, so you can check out write naked to learn more about it. 

10. Writers Weekly

Writers Weekly is another cool site that will pay you to write. This is not a blog; it is a magazine that helps readers make money using writing skills. If you can write about the things that help the reader get paid to write or tell them how they can make money, this publication can be an ideal match for your writing skills. This publication also accepts different markets and ideas that help in making money. When your article gets accepted, they pay $60 per piece of the article.


Writing Niche: This publication prints articles related to making money by writing.

Ideal Word count: Your article should include 600 words to get accepted.

Pay Range: The pay range can vary from $30 to $60 depending upon the article you provide.

Pay Modes: They clear the payment via Paypal securely. 

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Tips For Successful Pitching

Before you submit your article and write a pitch, you need to focus on many other things to make your words powerful so that the publishers can accept your article. Therefore here are some key things you can follow their guidelines and write an outstanding pitch.


First, visit the websites and read their article submission guidelines carefully. However, this can be boring but worth doing because it helps avoid making such errors and content types they do not accept. 


You must make sure your content is fresh and unique as well. Do proofread your content twice or thrice to remove the silly grammatical errors and structure the unclear content because such mistakes make a bad impression.


A well-written pitch matters greatly because paid markets need to be more competitive, and a bad pitching style can make their guidelines strict. So be sure to give ideas, creativity, information, and values to the audience you write for. You should also be friendly and show a positive gesture to make a positive impact, and your article will get accepted soon. 


So, you have many genuine websites where you get paid to write about anything that helps your readers. However, if you have good writing skills and follow simple writing styles, your articles will have a higher chance of getting accepted. Thus, if you have tried one of these websites, share your experience in the comment box. 

If not, go and try these websites and publications, waiting to see your outstanding and well-written piece. 

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