Yatra SBI Credit Card Benefits, Limitations, & Eligibility!

In India, you can find several credit cards that offer attractive cashback and other benefits. These credit cards provide fuel savings, insurance coverage, and much more. But still, credit card users face many challenges in finding a suitable option. 


Considering the same, I have come up with this article where we will review the Yatra SBI Credit Card. If you travel a lot and need to save some hard-earned money in your pocket. You should be reading this Yatra SBI Credit Card review article. Because in this article, I will give you a proper analysis of its benefits, limitations, eligibility, and other essential details.  

Yatra SBI Credit Card Is It The Best SBI Credit Card

Yatra SBI Credit Card

It's an SBI credit card that is suitable for budget-conscious travelers. The card has Rs 499 joining and renewal fees, excluding taxes. Also, the interest rate on this credit card is up to 3.5% per month. 


If you are a person who travels a lot and needs to save some money. You can consider it; here you can find categories like travel, merchandise, and other options. You can reach specific milestones and claim attractive rewards. 

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Who Owns Yatra SBI Credit Card?

State Bank of India is one of India's largest financial service providers. And it offers a variety of services for individuals to large corporate and government bodies. SBI has also launched several programs and products by venturing with other brands. 


Yatra SBI Credit Card is one of the products launched by SBI after co-branding with 


It's a credit card that provides travel-related benefits to its users. The card falls in the travel & fuel credit card category, where you can find lots of cashback and vouchers in the exact domains. 

Benefits of Yatra SBI Credit Card

Read the Yatra SBI Credit Card benefits below to know more about this card.

#1. It gives you joining gift vouchers worth over Rs 8,000.

#2. You can make payments globally using this credit card where outlets accept Visa and MasterCard.

#3. The card offers Rs 1000 off on domestic flight booking when the booking amount is at least Rs 5,000.

#4. On international flight ticket booking, you can claim a Rs 4,000 discount on a minimum of Rs 40,000 booking. 

#5. Here one reward point is equivalent to Rs 0.25, and you can redeem it on

#6. You get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all petrol pumps. 

#7. SBI provides 24x7 support for customers to replace their credit cards. 

#8. It provides complimentary air accident cover of up to Rs 50,00,000.

#9. You get six rewards points on the spend of Rs 100 each on grocery and dining.  

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Limitations of Yatra SBI Credit Card

You might also be interested in knowing about the limitations of this SBI credit card. So, look at the below-mentioned points and get some key insights.


#1. The Yatra SBI Credit Card is only suitable for those who travel a lot. If you do not travel much, there is no benefit to using this credit card. 

#2. If you overuse, it can increase your financial burden and affect your credit score.

#3. Your CIBIL score must be at least 700 or above.

#4. You get a maximum of 6 usages in any particular category in a calendar year.  

Yatra SBI Credit Card Charges

Now let's discuss the charges you require to pay while using this credit card.




Joining Fee or Annual Fee

Rs 499 + taxes


Renewal Fee


Rs 499 + taxes


Interest Charges


Up to 3.50% per month & up to 42% per year


Late Fees & Charges


No late fee for up to Rs 500 spent. 

Rs 400 for up to Rs 500 - Rs 1000

Rs 750 for up to Rs 1000 - Rs 10,000

Rs 950 for up to Rs 10,000-Rs 25,000

Rs 1,100 for up to Rs 25,000 - Rs 50,000. 

There is Rs 1,300 for amount over Rs 50,000


Charges For Advance Cash


2.5% on SBI and other domestic ATM transaction amounts.

3% on international ATM transaction amounts. 


Dishonor Charges


It's 2% of the transaction amount. 


More Details About Charges


Please visit here


Yatra SBI Credit Card Limit

It depends upon the credit score you have achieved. If your earnings are more and you have a good credit score, you can claim a high credit card limit. A healthy income source helps you make payments easier for the credit amounts.  

Eligibility To Apply For Yatra SBI Credit Card

You must meet some eligibility criteria before you apply for Yatra SBI Credit Card.


#1. Your age must be at least 21 years old but less than 70 years old. 

#2. You must not be a previous credit card or loan defaulter.

#3. You must be an Indian resident with a minimum monthly income of Rs 20,000. 

#4. You must demonstrate a stable credit history. 

#5. You must be a self-employed or salaried person.  

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What Documents Need To Apply For The Yatra SBI Credit Card?

While filling out the application form, you need to provide your identity, address, and income proof. Below is a list of some standard documents you can submit for the same. 


#1. PAN card,

#2. Adhaar card,

#3. Voter card,

#4. Driving license,

#5. Utility bill,

#6. Property registration,

#7. Bank statement, 

#8. Latest salary slip, and more.  

How To Apply For Yatra SBI Credit Card In Simple Steps

Let's discuss how you can apply for this SBI credit card to claim exciting benefits for you.


#1. You can click here to start your application or visit the SBI website in your browser.

#2. Once you reach the page, it will ask you to fill in basic details. 

#3. It will send a verification code, and if you are eligible, a new window will appear. 

#4. You need to fill out the new form and provide essential documents in the given tabs. 

#5. After filling out the complete form and uploading documents, you can click on submit.

#6. With this step, your form-filling process is finished, and you will get an application ID. 

#7. Using the application ID, you can track your application and see the status. 

Is It the Best SBI Credit Card?

It is one of India's best SBI credit cards as it comes with exciting advantages. You travel a lot and need to get some cashback and gift vouchers to minimize expenses. It's the card you can consider using for your traveling use. When you join and claim the credit card, you also get gift vouchers worth Rs 8,000. 

Along with this, the card also provides you Rs 50,00,00 air accidental cover. So, if you are a person who needs to travel frequently and is conscious of making budget-friendly travel. It can be one of the best credit cards to use and enjoy fantastic rewards.  

Yatra SBI Credit Card Benefits, Limitations, & Eligibility!


SBI credit cards are internationally accepted and used by thousands of people living in India. Whether you are self-employed or a salaried person, SBI's credit card is one of the suitable options for you. Because whenever you do a transaction using the Yatra SBI Credit card, you get reward points and gift vouchers. 


So, if you frequently travel, are conscious about your budget, and want to make some savings. You can consider applying for the same as it has a low joining and renewal fee. 

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