10 Best Ways Of Investing Money To Get Maximum Returns (2023)

Want to understand more about the best way of investing money to get a max return? Most people, especially the young generation, keep looking for the best options for investing money as a beginner. They all want to get the highest return in a few months or a couple of years. 

So, if you are one of them, you need to know the best ways to invest money in the right investment option. In that case, this crucial post will guide you in the right way a lot. 

Because it encompasses a list of the best places to invest money in India, the USA, and all of the worlds you live in. Hence, do not miss out on this chance and read this crucial post to invest your hard-earned money in a more secure place. 

best way to invest money in India

Top 10 Best Ways Of Investing Money 

#1. Equity Mutual Funds

Equity mutual funds are the best mutual funds of today based on current market standards. If you wish to invest money in this mutual fund, you need to contact the related fund manager. There you will have to open your mutual fund account and choose the ideal investment option.

For the healthy flow of this investment option Securities and Exchange Board of India issued the regulation. And that says at least a 65% portion of the entire budget you have decided to invest under equity mutual funds will be invested in equity and other similar instruments. Also, these funds can be managed actively and passively under the regulations of Sebi. 

The amount of profit in the short and long term depends upon the ability of the fund manager who deals with your fund assets. However, these are pretty secure investment options with higher returns than fixed deposits. Hence, if you want to understand where to invest money, you can select this investment option.  

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#2. Fixed Bank Deposit

It is one of the most popular, most secure, and best ways to invest money in India and worldwide. Most beginner-level investors do not forget to invest some portion of their entire asset in investing in fixed bank deposits. In this investment option, you can quickly get up to a 6.5% compounded interest rate. 

However, you must also know that the DICGC rule has secured up to Rs5,00,000 in India, including principal amount and interest value. Although, you can invest in crores of rupees under a fixed deposit investment scheme. The earned interest rate is taxable under the tax slab of India.

Hence you may also be required to pay tax on earned interest.  However, if you live outside India then you can check your country's rules and regulations on fixed deposits. 

#3. Real Estate Property

best ways to invest money

In recent years the real estate industry has not seen satisfactory trends, but currently, this sector is booming. Hence, if you need a more secure and stable way to invest money in India and elsewhere. 

Then investing money in real estate property can be a great choice. If you purchase a house, apartment flat, or land, you can earn rental income and enjoy the capital gain. 

Thus, for less risky and high return investment options, you can look for real estate investment. 

Although it is the best place to invest money but still requires attractive initial spending. Also, the value of property ranges from place to place; it also has a positive relationship with infrastructure and development. In short, the value of real estate property will be more when it is surrounded by excellent infrastructure.  

#4. Gold And Silver

If you need another best investment option, you can consider investing in gold and silver. Investment in gold and silver is the preferable option in India because of the value for both increases in the festive season. And investors earn a decent margin on their investment; even though these are the investment options that carry continuous growth. 

Also, it is a less risky investment option than any equity mutual fund. The people ask where to invest money; they can invest their cash to buy gold and silver coins and jewelry. However, when you purchase such an asset, you may be required to pay up to 14% extra making charges. 

You can also buy gold coins from banks and financial institutions. But their goal may cost you more than the market price because these coins are pure. You can also consider paper gold because it is more cost-effective than other options, and you can trade in it in the stock market.  

#5. Equity Shares

Equity shares are the best investment option to invest money in India and all over the world. If you invest your money in the fair share or stock, these options can be the most profitable investment options. But make sure there is not any guarantee to get a high return, even a tiny profit. 

You have to connect with a reliable broker and use your trade brain to maximize wealth. Generally, earning profit from the share market can be more than any inflation rate and other investment schemes. If you need to maximize current wealth rather than placing assets in a safe place, you can choose equity shares of the right company to invest your money in. 

It is a risky investment option but comes with a high return; hence, you can diversify your portfolio to reduce the loss ratio. But for this, you need your Demat and trading account to be opened by the right stockbroker.  

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#6. Debt Mutual Funds

Many people need to earn more money than their savings bank's interest. So, if you are also a person who thinks the same, you can consider investing in debt mutual funds. These funds are best for getting a steady rate of return on your principal amount. These funds are riskier than fixed deposits but less risky than equity mutual funds and equity trading. 

Thus, people who are looking for something in between of both investment options. They can choose debt mutual funds as the best way to invest money in India. When you invest money in debt mutual funds, the fund manager can invest your assets in corporate bonds, T-bills, and government securities. 

Therefore, people who are already investing in share market and equity mutual funds can diversify their portfolios by investing in debt funds.  

#7. Public Provident Fund

PPF is the best long-term investment scheme regulated by government bodies. Thus, you can invest your hard-earned money in public provident funds to secure principal amounts and get benefits in the long run. In general, the tenure for this investment scheme is of 15 years, and it is a tax-free investment option. 

Therefore, on maturity, you are not required to pay tax to the government. Also, a government reviews the interest rate on PPF every quarterly to make essential changes. Thus, PPF is the best place to invest money if you want to secure your future.  

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#8. Senior Citizen's Saving Scheme

Many of us worry a lot about the post-retirement life, hence asking where to invest money to get benefits after retirement. So, to help these people, the government has launched this excellent investment and fund-saving scheme. 

Under the senior citizen's saving scheme, you can invest up to 15,00,000 rupees. You can also open multiple SCSS or senior citizens' saving scheme accounts. And the earned investment rate is taxable and considered your taxable income. 

However, under section 80 TTB, you can claim up to an Rs50,000 deduction. Thus, it is also a tax-saving investment scheme that most professionals consider.  

#9. National Pension Scheme

NPS is the best long-term investment option for your secure post-retirement life. If you find long-term and the best way of investing money, then the National Pension Scheme should be the primary choice. This scheme is managed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority. 

And earlier the minimum investment amount used to be Rs6,000 but now it has reduced to Rs1000, so most people can take advantage of it. Hence, if you need stable earnings from your investment scheme, you can invest in NPS. Because under this scheme, your money is invested in FD, government securities, equity, liquid funds, and bonds.  

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#10. Cryptocurrency

where to invest money

If you need an idea for the best way of investing money to get maximum profit. In that case, cryptocurrency investment is also a preferable choice because, in recent years, these currencies have made many people wealthy. But still, these are perilous investment options, and it is neither legal or illegal in India to trade in them. 

However, the earned profit through cryptocurrencies is taxable under capital gains. Also, government bodies are analyzing these currencies with close eyes. Hence, if you want to know where to invest money for the highest return, investing in cryptocurrencies can be the best option. 

Although, if you are an experienced investor only, you should prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. And if you are a beginner, consider investing in FD, equity mutual funds, equity shares, NPS, and SCSS.  


So, here we discussed the best way of investing money and learned where to invest money for a high return. We also analyzed the risk level and profitability. And as a beginner, you can consider investing in NPS, PPF, FD, and other investment options we discussed. 

But we would not recommend you to invest in cryptocurrencies as a complete beginner. Because it requires a lot of research abilities and experience in the investment market with dealing in many stocks. 

So, first, secure your good portion of assets, then build small returns, and finally move to create wealth. We hope you love this crucial article to understand the best investment options for a high return. 

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