15 Graphic Design YouTube Channels to Learn Graphic Design for Free (2023)

If you are also from the industry of designing, then this article is only for you. I'm going to discuss some graphic design vlogs on youtube.

If you are a photographer, a logo designer, a freelance graphic designer, or even related to any designing industry. You should read this article and know which graphic design youtube channels can help you make your design more creative and effective. 

We will discuss the 15 top YouTube channels for graphic designers. Those will help you get new ideas for increasing your productivity and creativity. 

Along with this, you will know to understand a lot more things to boost your design skills. 

Especially if you are a beginner, you must read this article to know which industry is suitable for design. 

So let's discuss the best graphic design youtube channels also as given below.

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15 Best Graphic Design YouTube Channels

#1. Adobe Photoshop

It is the official YouTube channel of Adobe Photoshop, where anyone can learn new things, even beginner-level designers. On this channel, you can quickly get different tools of Adobe Photoshop to learn. 

The youtube tutorials on this fantastic graphic design youtube channel are easy to understand. Hence, it will be wise to choose this youtube channel to learn graphic designing using Adobe's graphic design software. 

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#2. Phlearn

A group of designers conducts Phlearns channels from other designing fields. Here you can quickly get topics in a vast amount with helpful resources. 

The videos of this channel are HD quality, and it will help you in graphic design learning very well.

#3. Will Paterson

Will Paterson is a very famous graphic designer and famous for his logo designs. On his channel, you can find tutorials on logo designing and various other design work as well. 

However, you can get tutorials about the use of Adobe Illustrator and brand identity designing techniques. Therefore, It is an excellent graphic design youtube channel to learn graphic designing.

#4. Swerve Tutorials

Swerve is another one of the best graphic design youtube channels, and Swerve owns it. He is a graphic designer from his professional background. On his channel, he teaches you the use of motion graphics and Adobe Illustrator through its tutorials. 

If you wish to be an ideal graphic designer, it is also an excellent graphic design youtube channel for you.

#5. Every Tuesday

Teela Cunningham owns this beautiful and unique graphic design youtube channel. If you want to learn and become perfect in using watercolor and text effects in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 

In that case, this channel will help you a lot with its simple and powerful video content. Here you will know to use tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, etc.

#6. PhotoGavin

Gavin Hoe runs this graphic design youtube channel, and he gives you glorious tutorials related to photography. 

If you are trying to learn photography, then this is a channel for you. On the channel, you will learn digital imaging and photo manipulation.

#7. Ch-Ch-Check It

It is the channel that contains tutorials regarding many graphic designing terms. Its content and videos are based on Minecraft, Photoshop, After Effects, and elementary HTML. So if you are from any designing field, you can get help from the content available in this channel. 

In this channel, you are also in graphic designing or web designing. It doesn't matter because this channel contains tools and tutorials for multiple fields. 

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#8. CreativeStation

This is one of the best design youtube channels, very creative channels where you will not get any traditional tutorials. As you will get speed videos on it and you will get mesmerized by it. 

These videos are very cool, and you will be a fan of this channel. Here you will learn new tutorials, but you will have fun too.

#9. Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake provides you with a great graphic design playlist and 100+ Adobe tutorials that can help you improve your graphic design skills. If you are an entry-level designer, then you must choose this channel to master your tools. 

You can get the tutorials of Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Dreamweaver. It is a beneficial channel from this list of best-designed youtube channels.

#10. Glyn Dewis

Glyn Dewis provides you the video tutorials on retouching photo and speed creation videos. Really if you visit this channel, you will be entertained and understand the uses of tools very clearly. 

You can remember it for a long time and will surely follow this best-designed youtube channel.

#11. Charli Marie

Charli Marie is also a graphic designer and runs their excellent design channel on youtube. She is based in London and produces helpful and exciting content. She provides content with career guidance and tutorials based on graphic designing. 

This is mainly for those people who are interested in freelance graphic designing. I will suggest that you visit at least once on these best-designed youtube channels.

So you can easily decide the path for yourself in the field of graphic design. These videos will be beneficial for you in your field, and you should watch them at once.

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#12. Yes I'm a Designer

"Yes, I'm a designer." Martin Perihiniak created this channel, and you can consider it the best-designed youtube channel. He is a versatile graphic designer and is also based in the UK. 

The channel contains a lot of helpful video tutorials with exciting techniques. Its content covers Photoshop and many other tools and techniques. You can watch tutorials on working with Illustrator, InDesign, product reviews, and introductory lessons on learning Photoshop. 

If you are also using this channel to learn new and effective ways to design your graphics. In that case, you can easily get motivated for your career as a graphic designer. 

Thus, it is also one of the best graphic design channels you should check and help your design skill. 

#13. Gigantic

Gigantic is also a graphic designer, and his real-world name is Michael Marco, and he is based in Montenegro. On his channel, you can get tutorials with minimal narration and soothing music. 

You also learn about Adobe Illustrator on this graphic design channel. So you can watch the videos and understand the basic concept of that video about the tools and techniques used in the video.

#14. The Simple Designers

This is a fabulous YouTube channel to learn to design. "The simple designer" is a channel where you can understand every concept very simply. Here you can get the content related to making images like medical icons, calendar icons, and beach scenes. 

Except this, you get to learn 2D design with quick-paced tutorials and icons, etc. So, if you are interested in 2D designing, it will also be an excellent graphic design channel to follow.  

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#15. Dan Gartman

Dan Gartman is a YouTube channel for designers to learn essential line art. On this channel, you will also find great tools and other ways to learn some unique techniques. When you have any queries about any tool, you can use this channel to clarify those. 

Here you get videos regarding high detail pencil and watercolor drawings in your design. So, on these best-designed youtube channels, your learning can be more effective than others.


You know how you can be more effective in your designing industry. I have given some sources to learn more ideas and easy ways to understand the methods of some tools of designing. 

Even some sources can give you career advice to understand where you have to go in your field. So, choose any of these fantastic and best-designed youtube channels to improve your graphic design skills. 

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