How To Become A WordPress Developer? [2024]

In today's post, you will understand how to become a WordPress developer. As you know, it is an occupation which is growing day by day. The youth is taking an interest in the field of WordPress development. However, a lot of people and students are puzzled about how they can become WordPress developers. 

Do you want to learn what a wordpress developer does and what its types are? The most important thing is the path which we have to pursue or learn. In today's article, all queries will be clear from your mind by reading it. So let's start with what is a WordPress developer with a brief introduction. 

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What Is A Wordpress Developer? 

First, I should tell you what a WordPress developer is so you can feel familiar. 


WordPress is a platform that is free and refers to the content management system. It is mainly written in the PHP language, and it uses SQL and MariaDB databases.


WordPress development is an occupation in which we work with WordPress to create plugins and themes for websites. The WordPress developer also develops the WordPress websites using these themes. Many WordPress developers work as in-house professionals and freelancers. The responsibilities of a WordPress developer are discussed in the section below.  

What Does A Wordpress Developer Do? 

#1. This occupation can be called WordPress website developer too.


#2. They are responsible for the frontend and backend development of WordPress sites.


#3. They keep creating and maintaining custom themes and plugins.


#4. WordPress developers also build wireframes for WordPress websites for the clients.


#5. Make the improvements for better service and experience of users.


#6. Debugging codes and fixing them to make the website more advanced.


#7. Redesign the WordPress sites to repair their SEO and conversion rate. 

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What Are The Types Of WordPress Developers? 

There are a total of 3 types of WordPress developers. These are given below: 

#1. Core Development: 

The WordPress developer who creates and edits WordPress sites they call WordPress core developers. You can understand them as a WordPress website developer or WordPress web developer. As we discussed in the beginning, WordPress is free and used to create WordPress websites. It is an open-source platform that powers over 30 percent of the world's entire website.  

#2. WordPress Theme Development: 

The WordPress developer can be hired to create custom themes for the WordPress website. So, whoever creates the theme for the WordPress website they call WordPress theme Developer. They can sell their themes with clients, share them publicly for free use, or a company can hire them for this job. 

#3. WordPress Plugin Development: 

In a professional WordPress website, developers who create custom plugins and maintain them are WordPress plugin developers. Now it is the same as the theme developer. The company can hire a WordPress plugin developer, freelance, or publicly provide it for free use. 

How To Become A WordPress Developer? 

#1. Learn About Web Fundamentals (Basic Coding Skills Like HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL) 

If you assume to be a wordpress developer, you must know what knowledge you should have. As a first step, you must learn the principles of web fundamentals and the basics of it. It requires mastering code basics such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. PHP is a must to learn in a WordPress development career. Including these, you should have some database skills, so you should start with MySQL.


These languages are imperative to learn and master to be influential developers. These skills will help you find mistakes, correct them and extend the functional interface of your platform. In this way, you will understand and perform amazingly with your wordpress development project. 

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#2. Learn About WordPress In Details 

After an essential move to learn and collect details about WordPress and its uses with these sources- 

#1. WordPress Codex: 

It is the online manual that developers write for WordPress. Here you get everything regarding WordPress, from Basics terms of creating a website to its technical aspects. 

#1.1. Envato Tuts+: 

This is the same as Codex, but it provides visual materials too. Here you have everything in learning materials such as tutorials (based on the tricks), courses, and e-books. 

#1.2. WordPress Developer Resources:

The website contains a list of developer resources that help you in your career. You will get references for code and handbooks to resolve some issues and use some additional features in it. Here you can learn from the beginning, and It helps you to be more advanced. 

#1.3. Know The Code: 

If you want a visual learning platform, this one is an e-learning platform with training videos. It provides you a total of 3 paths of learning. The first way of learning is based on plugin development, and else both are regarded by theme development. It's for becoming advanced WordPress developers. 

#2. Choose An Area Of Specialization.  

You must have to choose one, either core software, plugins, or themes. You should have all skills, but you must have to master at least one area. If you select one of these three, it will help you be perfect in that field. Then if you want to master the second or third field of specialization, you can do it. 

#3. Set Up Your Development Environment For Website Testing. 

It is the essential thing that you should set up when you start your wordpress development career. It is not needed only to grow fast, even to get productive results in a limited time. Make an environment in which your plugin and theme files are together with WordPress core files. It will help you to make changes and test immediately on the browser. This is how you can cooperate with your developer team and catch any errors at the time, such as security trouble or themes and plugins mashups. 

#4. Join a Community Of WordPress Developers And Stay Active. 

Many communities of WordPress developers participate together in community events and discussions to improve the WordPress content management system. The events are such as conference, channel, WordCamp conference, etc. Being active in the community can help you to troubleshoot the issues and understand some new things. You can be aware of new products and your network. 

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#5. Set Up Your WordPress Developer Portfolio. 

Now you want to do a job or freelance with your wordpress development skill. The portfolio is a must if you want to be hired by a good company or freelancer. It represents the skills to the audience or the ideal employer. Yah! You create your portfolio for your present skills, and it's quality attractively. 


It keeps chances high to be hired as an employee or a freelancer. For example, you can show that you have worked on a project based on a commercial theme. 

#6. Make Your Resume 

Once you have done your portfolio, you need to make a resume that should be technical. In this, you can share crucial information about programming skills. 


You need to share your experiences, education, training, and projects, etc. In the professional resume, you need to keep in mind that experience comes before your education. It has a positive effect on HR. If you don't have any experience, then no need to be scared or puzzled. Just keep your resume easy to read and understand. Providing the latest education is an excellent way to attract an audience on any platform.  


I have introduced the WordPress developer occupation with the steps you can follow to become and be successful in this field. Also, I have cleared what are the responsibilities of a WordPress developer and their types. And now, I hope it is helpful for you to clear all doubts about your career in WordPress development. So, comment down if you have understood how to become a WordPress developer. 

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