How To Become A LIC Agent? Paisekiyukti (2023)

If you are a young, energetic personality and willing to start the venture. You might be willing to know how to become a LIC agent online. Also, it's a perfect topic in which you can easily make money by working independently.


This article will learn about LIC and how you can become a LIC agent without any struggle. Also, I have mentioned some benefits you will avail of when you become a LIC agent in India.


Here you have accurate information on the skills required to become a LIC agent in India and how much you will be able to earn. So, let's start today's knowledge piece and learn how to become a LIC agent in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, or anywhere in India.

How To Become a LIC Agent

What Is LIC?

LIC stands for life insurance corporation of India, which the government of India funded on 1st September of 1956. The Ministry of finance is its owner, and the headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is an insurance and investment corporate firm operated by government bodies.


It is one of the most profitable government corporations well known in India. It has good reach in villages to cities and states of our country. Recently, the government also announced to issue IPOs for LIC to raise funds. So, people can also invest in this giant insurance-providing corporation and increase its current scale.   

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Benefits Of Becoming LIC Agent In India

There are lots of advantages to becoming a LIC agent in India. If you have multiple benefits, you will join LIC, no doubt. Let's see below why you should join LIC: 

1. Training

LIC always provides candidates world-class and unique training to the candidates. The trainers are also from the qualified staff of this organization. Conclusion this training is practical and does not need previous experience in the marketing industry. 

2. Finance

Here you get enough financial independence you need and get some rewards and services from LIC India. There is not any specific salary, and you enjoy immense earning opportunities. 

3. Rewards

This is how you guide people to get life insurance and help them achieve some achievement in becoming successful financially. Also, you get some advance rewards whenever you reach a milestone set by LIC. 

4. Strong Team

After getting appointed, you get an excellent opportunity to work with a well-structured and trained staff. Also, it's a well-known profession with low risk and high profitability. 

5. Independence Of Working

As a LIC agent, you never work according to your boss's order as anywhere else. Here you find clients or clients contact you for some guidance. You make your own money through it, and your clients also get benefits. So, you work under the officer but in your strategy. 

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How Much Can You Earn As a LIC Agent?

LIC or Life Insurance Corporation does not set any salary package. You earn commission on the LIC policy you sell to ideal people. However, you do excellent work and do not compromise with hard work.


As a LIC agent, you can easily make Rs 35,000 to Rs70,000 per month. If you wish to live a good life in India, it's a good earning. As per the reports, the top earners earn up to 3 crores as LIC agents. Hence, you can assume how profitable it can be if you become a LIC agent. 

How To Become A LIC Agent?  

Here are some steps to become a LIC agent is a straightforward process that can be done offline without any struggle, as explained below: 

1. Contact LIC Development Officer.

The first step is to contact a nearby LIC office development officer and submit your essential documents. 

2. Interview

After that, your interview will be conducted by the branch office, which you need to pass. Here the LIC team will check your personality and verify documents. 

3. Training

Once you have completed this interview, you will be going for 25-hour training. It is world-class training to introduce you to the various topics from the insurance business industry. 

4. Examination

After completing your training, you need to get a minimum of 35% marks on the pre-requirement test. IRDAI conducts this exam to evaluate your knowledge about LIC policies and basic etiquette.   

5. Get Appointed

If you pass your pre-recruitment exam, you will be eligible to work as a LIC agent, and you will receive your appointment letter and ID card. 

6. Start Working

Now you will be able to work as a LIC agent in the team under the development offer of your LIC office. So, this is how you can become a LIC agent in Delhi, Mumbai, and all over India. 

How To Become a LIC Agency: Eligibility Criteria 

You must have some basic things to become LIC in India. Look at mentioned points given below to understand: 

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1. Education

To become a LIC agent, you need to be qualified 10th class from any recognized board. 

2. Basic Identity Documents

You need your 10th class certificate as proof that you have completed your 10th Standard education. Also, you need some documents to prove your residency in the area and citizenship of India, such as an Aadhar card, voter id card, and driving license. 

3. Age

Anyone can become a LIC agent with a minimum age of 18-years. If you are not an adult, you can't become a LIC agent.   

How To Become LIC Agent: Conclusion

Here we have shared complete information about how to become a LIC agent in India. Also, I have mentioned the advantages of becoming a LIC agent and how much you can earn independently.


I hope you got something useful and if you are 10th passed you have one more option as a career. Although, if you have any queries in "how to become a LIC agent in India." You can comment down; we will surely try to answer your query.


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