9 Most In-Demand Freelance Skills 2024

Most of you agree that freelancing is no longer considered a side hustle, as many professionals and students are making good money. It provides a full-time income opportunity just by sitting at home and own comfort.

There are over 57 million workers who have already opted to work from home and make money online from their comfort. This trend is also taking a massive push in India and other countries. Because it has the potential to provide a flexible lifestyle, a good earning stream, job satisfaction, and many other lucrative reasons.

However, freelancing can be considered a side hassle and full-time because it can give you the essentials you need. But to succeed in freelance work, you must have some fundamental skills that are in demand and offer good earning potential. Therefore, stay at this content to get the best out of the best information about in-demand freelance skills that will generate handsome pay every month. 

Most In-Demand Freelance Skills

Best In-Demand Freelance Skills

1. Content Writing

As a blogger and content writers, this skill is in demand because most businesses and SMEs are building their online presence; therefore, they need quality content to boost higher rankings in SERPs. And if you start, plenty of full-time and freelance jobs are available. Over 62 percent of companies hire talent from external sources to get blogs, articles, press releases, and other content.

If you are passionate about expressing views using text and can engage, educate and help these businesses with your writing skills, then this is the field you can look for. It does not require any educational qualification. Thousands of free resources are available from where you can learn this skill. You can choose HubSpot Academy's Content Marketing Course, which is free, and you can learn many things there. 

Guys, there are paid courses as well, but I'm not suggesting you as a beginner, but when you start earning, you can look for paid courses and go deeper in this field. 

2. Web Design

As per WebFX, over 90 percent of website visitors go to competitors' websites to get relevant information, product, or services if the website needs to be better designed. Therefore, companies, bloggers, entrepreneurs, startups, and all businesses understand the need for a user-friendly, simple, attractive, and competitive design for their brand's website.

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And these companies are spending thousands of dollars because they know every dollar spent on design help them to earn hundreds of dollar. Thus, if you love making designs and are ready to work for brands by gaining some technical skills, you can become a web designer. 

But to become a web designer, you must learn Photoshop hands-on to create compelling graphics, vectors, and design art. Aside from this, you will also have to learn about programming skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as you will be using these as a front-end developer. 

You can also choose from UI designing, UX designing, and UI and UX designing in web designing. With the help of this skill, you can earn up to $1000 or more every month.

3. Mobile App Development

Do you know that Android and iOS app development is an ever-growing field? AppAnnie's report published in 2019 showed that app stores got over 200 million downloads in one year. Collectively, users spent over $120 billion on apps and app purchases. On average, every user spends about 3 hours on their phone; now, businesses see this as a beautiful opportunity. 

Because they can directly cut the competition and directly engage with their audience. Thus, if you are interested in development, you can consider learning mobile application development because these professionals are in demand and getting good pay. As full-time or in-house mobile developers are costly for many companies and SMEs, they also hire freelance developers. 

To become a mobile application developer, you will learn Swift coding to develop iOS applications, Java, Kotlin, C++, and many other programming languages. You can start with one programming language, and after mastering one, you can look for a second language to get diverse projects. 

4. SEO

Every business uses digital ways to promote its marketable products, services, or content. They all need SEO or search engine optimization experts. Because these professionals can help them increase their search rankings, target the right audience, increase web traffic, sales, and many more things organically. 

Nowadays, these professionals are becoming crucial for companies because over 67 percent of people read the content that comes in the first five results in SERPs. If the companies do not rank higher, they will miss out on potential customers that can convert.

 To become an SEO professional, you can learn from Moz's SEO Learning Centre. As a beginner, this is an excellent course and free as well. Therefore you should look to this free SEO training course. 

5. Website Development

Most countries and IT industries need more skilled web developers who can develop competitive websites and web applications. You can feel shocked that over 1 million job positions were unfilled in 2020 web developers are high-paying and essential professionals for now.

 It will be the same for hundreds of years. Therefore, if you are searching for a professional and have the technical skills, you can opt to be a web developer. To become a front-end developer, you must learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, Python, PHP, Java, and dot Net to become a back-end developer. But if you are interested in both, you can learn about the front-end and back-end codings.

You can acquire this skill free from LinkedIn Learning and get certified. The best thing about web development is that you can also get a good amount during the internship as a fresher. And once you gain some experience, you can charge accordingly depending on the projects. 

But if we talk in general, then as a developer, you can make up to $75000 per annum. 

6. SMO

Social media has over 4 billion users globally, and each can be a potential brand customer. But this requires a proper strategy and marketing that a social media marketer knows. Most brands use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media channels to grow their brand and spread awareness. 

Therefore all these businesses need social media marketers. Generally, they hire both full-time and freelance social media marketing professionals. You can take courses on LinkedIn Learning and HubSpot AcademyAfter becoming a social media marketer, you can earn $5-$25 per hour more easily. 

7. Video Editing

Most of the students and freshers want to make their career in the media industry and want to work with a wide range of projects simultaneously. So, if you are also one of them and love to watch videos, then the video editing profession can be an ideal field. These days video editing professionals are becoming sought. 

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Because over 93 percent of companies see video marketing ads, short tutorials, and other video content as a brilliant opportunity to grow their business. Platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook get billions of traffic and have become an income source for most professionals. 

Therefore currently, video editors also earn good money. These professionals can make about $500 every month, even in a few weeks, just by working a few hours. It is one of the practical skills for school and college students who need a reliable side hassle skill. That can convert into a full-time profession as well as we mentioned above. You can learn to become a video editor from Youtube, as plenty of free tutorials are available.

And these tutorials are easy to understand, beginner-friendly, and have a variety of tools you can learn to use. Once you gain the skill to edit videos using Filmora, Premiere Pro, and Openshot, you can start freelancing or look for a job. 

8. Audio Transcription

According to Buffer's online stats, people watch over 85 percent of videos on Facebook without listening to the audio. If businesses do not use the caption to make the audience understand the video. They are surely going to miss a vast portion of their potential customer. 

Therefore, many companies are now offering transcription work to transcription sites, Scribie, GMR Transcriptionand many other transcription sites. Moreover, they are also looking for a freelance transcriber to work for them within their budget. Thus, if you want to make money typing audio in the text, you can gain this skill and start working on such projects. 

It does not need any educational qualification, but you should understand the languages used in transcription projects. With the help of this skill, you can earn around $5 to 35 dollars per hour, depending upon skill and speed. 

9. Bookkeeping

Over 60 percent of business owners need to learn how to maintain their financial transactions. Therefore they keep looking for skilled bookkeeping and accounting professionals, as shown in the small business report

These businesses hire full-time accounting professionals and are now looking for freelance accounting experts. Because they can offer their accounting services at an affordable fee to carry out their financial task. If you are willing to be an accounting professional, you can learn Tally. In that case, Busy, QuickBooks, Marg, and other leading accounting software.

Once you gain expertise and take a licensed accounting software, you can start your freelance accounting service providing business or apply it. You can earn $500 plus a month and even more if you gain experience and grab potential clients. 


Thus, these are the best In-Demand Freelance Skills in 2023 which will stay demanding in upcoming years. If you want to build a successful career path, you can gain one of the skills and start working on your specialization to get potential clients or jobs. If you are a student or college graduate, you must try one of the listed skills because these can give you a good side of hassle money.

So, comment on your favorite freelancing skill which you want to learn.

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