Scribie Review 2023: Does Scribie Transcription Jobs Pay Well & Legit?

Looking for a Scribie review and want to know whether you should join us on this transcription website to making money online or not?

If yes, then stay here. I will feel glad to discuss my review on the Scribie to help you make a good decision. In this Scribie review blog, we will discuss what Scribie is, how much it pays for transcription, and how much you can make. We will also go through the review of Scribie on different review websites like Glassdoor, indeed, and Reddit. So, if you want to gain this much information within a few minutes, then this is the content you're looking for. 

Is Legit

What Is Scribie?

Scribie is a San Francisco, California-based transcription service providing company. This transcription company was founded in 2008 by Rajiv Poddar. This company came into existence when Rajiv taught some issues in transcription work as a customer and transcriber we facing issues. Then he came up with a great tool called Scribie and started providing affordable transcription services by having bulk work. 

This transcription work becomes a bit easier with their auto-generated tool. Now, the freelancer can provide up to 99 percent accurate work and earn money. This company also works similarly to other transcription companies. They bring up clients and let their work to an independent contractor called transcribers.


Is Legit? 

You will not get scammed on any virtual platform, right? And therefore, it is common to ask, is legit or fake. So, let me explain to you rationally that Scribie is a California-based company. They have mentioned their company address with contact details on their website. Also, it is one of the oldest transcription sites as it was founded in 2018 and still providing a good amount of work to freelance transcribers. 

Along with this, the domain authority of Scribie is 52, which shows the trust score and a great thing that you should consider to check if you are willing to work online. Thus, Scribie is a legitimate website for everyone willing to work online and who wants to make money by transcribing.  

How Does Sribie Work?

Scribie also follows the standard rules that other transcription sites like Rev, Transcribeme, GoTtranscript, etc., follow.


First, it split the audio files.

At this stage, Scribie receives the audio files from their clients and is split into several parts, and generally, the duration of these audio files ranges near to 6 minutes. And these files get transcribed by different transcribers. 

Has automated transcription facility

The best thing about the Scribie is it has inbuilt automatic transcription software that automatically transcribes the file with just one click. All you need to click on the button that is mentioned there to get automated transcription. After this, the real work that you need to do comes into existence. Here you will require to complete real auto with the automated transcribed text and make the relevant changes. The reason being it is machine-generated transcription, and it produces only 60 to 90 percent accurate work. Therefore, you will have to check this manually. 

The next stage is the review process.

After transcribing the file, you need to move further with the next step, simply reviewing the transcribed files. In this process, the reviews of the platform check the quality of the work and overall correctness. Here they also analyze the timestamps and speaker labels of the transcription. 

Proofreading is the fourth step. 

A proofreader appointed on this transcription website collects all the original parts to compare the audio and transcribed text. In this Scribie review, you also need to learn that they will again look to the errors that may occur in the transcription. So, whichever work you do, you need to work carefully to keep earning good reviews and works. 

The last step they follow is quality checking.

They have persons assigned to check the quality of the transcribed work as per their quality standards. So, if they accept the final output, they send the transcribed work to their clients and if they see any error, then work again go with the proofreading process. Therefore this process can be a bit time taking, and you need to be patients sometimes. 


How Do I (You) Start With Scribie?

If you want to work with Scribie as a freelance transcriber. Then you will require to get accepted as a certified transcriber at Scribie. Here you will require to pass their small test, and below are the steps you will be following to pass the Scribie test. 

First, submit the application:

If you want to apply at Scribie on their transcription site, you will have to have a PayPal id to keep receiving the earnings. They also give an application number to track the progress and application status. 

Then confirm your email id.

After getting logged in using PayPal, you will get a confirmation mail from Scribie itself. And you will need to click on the confirmation link, and the email will get verified. 

Now, wait for the invitation.

After submitting your application, they will review it and come to you within a business day, and it can take a bit more time. Then, they send a message whether you get accepted or rejected, and if you get accepted, they pull your status to take a short test. 

You can create an account and take a short test.

The next step is to create and set up the account to take their short test. This will be an audio transcription test as you are applying to be a transcriber, and when you take the test, you will need to wait for the response, but also see below. 

You need to submit the test.

Once you get the invitation mail, there will be a link that will take you to the test section with many transcription files. Now you can choose any of them and start transcribing, and after transcribing the file, you can simply submit your work. When you are done with this process, then they review your test and see whether you meet with their standards or not. 

Get certified transcriber at Scribie.

After submitting the work, they give the review period. If you pass the test, then you earn a certified transcriber badge and become a certified transcriber. 


Key Highlights About Scribie For Freelancers

Scribie will pay for the test if you pass and meet their standards.
They will not pay if you get rejected.
You can see your mistakes in the work you submitted to them
The best thing about the test is you can have up to 10 attempts.
And at last, if you pass the given test, you can start working immediately, choosing one project at one time.  

So, How Much Does Scribie Pay Per Hour? Does Scribie Pay Well?

If we consider Scribie's official site, they have mentioned that they pay $5 to $25 per audio hour. Also, you will get $5 for every 3 hours of audio file transcription. Generally, payment depends upon many factors such as quality of the audio, difficulty level, and many other things. Therefore you should know that they will pay for the audio hours, you transcriber. In short, if you transcribe a one-hour audio file, then you can earn $5 to $25 for this transcription work. And one hour of audio transcription can take up to three to four hours, depending upon your transcription and typing skills. They will credit the amount once your work gets accepted and if you withdraw the money using PayPal. 

But you should make sure if you withdraw the payment of less than $30, they will charge a 2 percent fee. At Scribie, the potential record explains that their reviews and proofreaders earn $700 to $1000 per month as an average income. So, if you work well as a transcriber, you can get promoted as a reviewer or proofreader. They also have a referral scheme where if you bring a customer for them, they pay 5 percent of their spendings and 2.5 percent earnings of the freelancer using your link. 


Can I Get A Promotion On Scribie?

Scribie has a grading system that helps you to track your progress and grade your work. Here the transcribers get A+ for excellent transcription work that means they have provided the work. And you will get a D which is inadequate or equivalent to 1 if you provide low-quality transcription. Therefore, you must work patiently and wisely to keep getting good reviews, 

If you maintain good ratings, then you can reach a higher level or get promotions in the work profiles. 

So, when you get an average of above 3 in your 10 submitted reviews, then you can get promoted as a self-reviewer. The benefit of this position is that you will start getting paid for the transcription and reviewing your same work. You can also be a proofreader when you get promoted to proofreader. And to be a proofreader, you will require to maintain good reviews after becoming a reviewer. 

The essential thing to note is that you will not get any transcription work if you do not maintain 2.6 above ratings. So here, you will have only one option to earn, that is a referral.


What's The Scribie Review On Glassdoor?

At Glassdoor, Scribie has 2.4 out of 5 ratings that is surprising somehow. Most people appreciated Scribie in their Scribie review for outstanding work from an income source. They pay well, and transcribers get good support. Many of them recommended this platform for newbies willing to be transcribers at a reliable and legit place. But in the negative Scribie review, I saw people are advising others to stay aware of the reviewers who waste a lot of time and effort. Also, it pays less than other websites. But you should also understand Scribie was established in 2008 and still running its business successfully. 


What's The Scribie Review On, Indeed?

I also checked the Scribie reviews on indeed so that to get more clarification. Here as well, they have 2.3 ratings from 6 reviews. And most of the reviewers commented about their lower pay range and reviewing process. However, it can be a tremendous legit transcription website if you are good at typing and English by listening to audios and following their guidelines. You can also avail yourself of bonuses and promotions while working on this platform. 


What's The Scribie Review On Facebook?

The Facebook page of Scribe and below the average ratings have 2.1 out of 5 ratings only. The primary reason is most of the transcriber's complaints about horrible Scribie reviewers. However, sometimes transcribers can face a lot of issues in their work and need to rectify them over and over again. 


What Are The Pros Of Working On Scribie?

So, you may be looking for the advantages to work on Scribie, right? Then you should know if you are a beginner and looking for work from home-based jobs from a legit platform, then you should try this site. They have an automated transcription generator that helps a beginner a lot to ready the text format effectively. They also have a bonus scheme and give opportunities to all the applications to take the test up to 10 times. 


What Are The Cons Of Working On Scribie?

The cons of working on Scribe are you will have to face reviewers, and it feels tough to deal with them. Aside from this, they also have lower ratings on Glassdoor, Facebook, and indeed. 



So, what are my final thoughts, and would you like to know them? So many transcription sites are over there to work and get paid. However, Scribie can provide legit transcription work to you and lend you some money utilizing some side hassle. You can check this website and comment down below about your experience, but you need some particular words from my side. But, this is a great transcription website to kickstart your transcription journey and move further with another high-paying website like Rev.

You can also check out my review to learn more about this website. 


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