CastingWords Review 2024: Is CastingWords Good Platform for Freelancers?

Hey! Are you looking for a CastingWords review? Do you also want to make money just by typing the audio you listen to? Do you want to make money online using a trusted site? If yes, here is a solution, read my review and understand how you can start making money by typing online. 

Castingwords Review


If you are new to transcribing, you can look for the casting words. This transcription site can be an excellent tool for beginners as well as experienced persons. 

In this blog, we will discuss what CastingWords actually is, how it pays, how much money you can make, and the pros and cons of working on a Castingwords transcription site. So, let's continue to the blog and start extracting all of this information without any delay.

What Is CastingWords, Actually?

Castingwords is one of the oldest transcription companies because it was founded in 2005. Its headquarters is located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Rachel Pearson and Nathan McFarland founded this company. Their goal was to reach out to potential customers and provide a good source of income to the transcribers and freelancers. They have in-house employees, and CastingWords also hire freelancers to provide them transcription, editing, and captioning services.


Now Castingwords has become a global company and has customers and freelancers from all around the world. It also provides services in multi-languages. Therefore, this transcription company can be an excellent choice for freelancer transcribers, so let's jump into its working process, legitness, pros, cons, and review on the top site. 

How does CastingWords Work?

Castingwords also works like other freelancing websites. First, it hires freelancers and independent contractors to do transcription jobs for its clients.  

As a freelancer, you need to transcribe and edit the transcription files and also need to ensure your work meets the quality standards of the casting words QA team. 


If your application gets accepted, you can get plenty of CastingWords transcription jobs here. You can listen to audio or video files and type or write them into the doc or the relevant files. 

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During this process, you need to make sure that grammatical errors should not be there. Do cross-check and remove punctuation, capitalization, pronouns, spellings, and other grammar issues. You can often have some unique guidelines about the work, so you need to focus on that as well. 


While working on this site, you will be self-employed because you will be availing benefits of remote or work from home. To work on this platform, you will have to have a headphone, computer or laptop, and a stable internet connection. As most young people want to make money by working from their homes, it can be a great choice to get work. 


When you work on this transcription site, you can avail several benefits, including flexible timing. And at this platform, you will have only the obligation to transcribe the files with high quality and meet their QA guidelines. Also, submit their assignment on time to maintain a good review of your profile.

What are the CastingWords Transcription Jobs for Freelancers?

If you are willing to learn about CastingWords transcription jobs. Then you should know that it provides many kinds of work at their site, and after accepting your application, you can get elected to get that work. So, below are the types of jobs that you will find on casting words

  1. Transcribing audio and video files of clients.  

  2. Editing transcribed texts and rectifying errors.  

  3. Analyzing the quality of audio and video sent by clients   

  4. Giving grades to transcripts and edits made by editors. 

  5. Also, approving transcripts files and edits that are made. 

How to Apply at CastingWords to Become a Transcriber?

Castingwords is a transcription company that keeps hiring talented freelancers to provide them legit freelance work. It is simple to apply online for freelancers, and it is a quick process as well, so let's discuss it in detail. 

First, you need to go on their workshop page and hit the sign-up button to make your registration process a transcriber. 

Once you are done with the registration process, then you get redirected to the email verification page. After this email verification, you can log in back to the CastingWords site with the details you provided earlier. After the successful registration process, you get access to an account with work.  

The best thing about is that they do not ask for the transcription test, but you always have to follow the graded system. But in some cases, you may have to take a test depending upon your application status. 


And, if you do not provide quality transcription work, you will not get any pay. Also, the more quality work you produce, the more high-paying work you will keep getting. So, you can first check their guidelines and transcription structure and start practicing on audio and video. This will help you to hands-on in this transcription work profile and let you make more money.

How Much CastingWords Pay?

CastingWords pays to its transcribers anywhere from $0.15 to $1 per audio minute, depending upon the work type and accuracy. The pay range can vary from time to time because they rate your work from 0 to 9, and to get your pay, you must have got a 5 grade for your transcribed files. If you reach the 9th grade, you will start getting a high-paying transcription job on this site.

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But as a newbie, you will be making around $0.02 to$0.25 that also depends upon the audio length. The casting words also give a bonus to the freelancers who give good quality work. Here is the image that you can check for more understanding.

What are the Benefits of Working on CastingWords? 

  1. You get paid via PayPal, and you will feel glad that the PayPal transaction charges as well. So you are going to get net pay without deduction. 

  1. You just need to have $1 in your balance, and you can withdraw that amount easily. 

  1. They make the payment every Friday as per 10 Pacific Time, so to get payment on Friday, you can request to release the payment before Friday. 

  1.  Payment is good, and you can have a great side hassle at this platform.

  1. They have an active community on Facebook, and their support team is fantastic. 

  1. If you are a beginner, then you can start with this platform. 

  1. There are tons of freelance transcription jobs available to work upon.

What are the Disadvantages of Working on CastingWords? 

  1. Somehow, the pay range is a bit low, especially when you start working on this platform.

  1. There is no guarantee that you will get paid for your efforts.

  1. Some of the freelancers complain about their inconsistent editing process

  1. It will take time to be hands-on in using their freelancer dashboard.

Is CastingWords Real or Fake?

CastingWords is a real as well as one of the oldest transcription job websites that doesn't ask you to take a transcription test. Instead, your work is rated according to their QA guidelines that decides the pay you get from this site. 

Things to Know About CastingWords 

At casting words, you can return the assignment in some cases using their system. So, when you think that you will not deliver the work on the given deadline, you can simply return the work or task to casting words.


Here you have to maintain the timeline because failure to meet the deadline can cause your favorable profile. You can also lose the badge that you gain after putting in so much effort. 


If you want to get paid, make sure your transcribed file meets their quality assessment criteria of casting words and editors passing your work with a good grade.


Don't panic because it can take up to a month to review your transcribed file. Therefore you will have to go through several review processes. However, as a new freelancer, you may have to wait for a lengthy review process. 


If you want to get a bonus as well, you should keep producing high-quality transcription work. Whether you are transcribing the file or editing it, keep in mind your file will offer quality to the client.

CastingWords Review 2023: Conclusion

So, is casting words legit? After a lengthy discussion, it is simple to say that this transcription site, CastingWords, is genuine, and you can make good side hustle money. 

However, you can have problems getting a good review badge of your work and high-paying projects in the beginning. But as you gain some transcription tactics and learn how this transcription site works, you will also start making enough money and receiving a bonus for your work.


In my opinion, you can join this transcription site if you are willing to make money online and willing to earn money by typing. And willing to start your transcription freelance journey with a reliable 

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