Latest Appen Review 2024: Is Appen Legitimate?

When I was fresher and was not getting a decent paying job to earn money. I decided to try genuine job sites that offer some legitimate work from home. Therefore, I did much research on youtube and other places and heard about Appen inc or Appen. 

As per many youtube channels here, the candidates can find data entry jobs and earn decent pay. I also tried this and observed some vital elements of this online earning platform. 


Here in this Appen review article, we will have a deep discussion on it. And I will also put some key things which I have observed with this money-making platform. At the end of the article, you will have a sound understanding of Appen, is Appen legitimate, pros and cons of Appen. 

Appen review

Appen Review: Intro Of Appen Inc 

Appen is a limited and listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange. It is the data collection company that collects data from the users for the companies. So, these companies can make machine learning programs more like a human. 

Appen hires contractors and employees to complete such small tasks. These small tasks include speaking phrases, doing social media searches, and more. Generally, they offer small paid tasks which you can complete from your smartphones and laptops. 

Yet, the pay for these tasks is not very good but is still an excellent option to earn cash. This money-making site can be ideal for young ones willing to earn some cash and who do not have a job. While using this site, you can also use SurveyJunkie paid survey site to increase your earnings. 

What's The Working Method Of Appen? 

Appen is the data collection platform that receives spoken, search evaluation, and many other forms. It uses this information to make AI more like the human mind to observe the tone and humanity. 

These days, technologies are innovative, but they are still imperfect when making decisions based on various factors. As robots and algorithms can not feel and think like humans. And by collecting such information, Appen Inc uses this information to help its clients with this data.  

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Is Appen A Legitimate Site To Earn Money? 

Appen is a listed company, and it is not a scam at all. However, many people are cheating people by asking for money. But you must know that Appen does not ask for money and any other personal details like bank or credit cards. 

Thus, you can be protected from those who ask for the money and claim to be from Appen. If someone is doing the same, then you should know they are trying to scam. Hence you need to complain to relevant authorities and stop the conversation by blocking those. 


Appen is a legitimate company established in 1996, and it has HO in Sydney, Australia. In documents, it has over 400 thousand employees who work from their homes. Appen works in more than 129 countries, and it has secured its place in the list of Flexjobs top 100 companies which provide work from home jobs. 

So, from the discussion, it is clear that Appen is a legitimate company and provides real work from home jobs.  

Appen Reviews On Different Sites 

In this Appen review, we also need to check out reviews by the employees of Appen working remote. 


There are around 3,400 reviews on Glassdoor, and around 178 reviews indicate that they have flexible working time and offer part-time work. It has 4 out of 5-star ratings, and its negative ratings are primarily about low pay and no other benefits. 


I also checked Appen's review on Indeed. Indeed, it has 3.5-star ratings out of 5. people have given positive feedback with flexible work time, work from home, and easy cash. But also have given negative feedback about no benefit, low pay, and no job security. 


However, Trustpilot Appen has poor reviews because it has only two stars out of 5, 86 people. Most people have commented that there is no job security and it is a waste of time.  

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Is appen legitimate

Appen Review: Benefits Of Working On Appen  

Enjoy flexible working hours: you will have your working hours if you get hired as a contractor. It would be your choice whether you work for 5 hours or 40 hours in a week. You do not require to log in at specific times for specific hours. 


Work from your comfort: working on Appen does not require traveling from one place to another. Also, you do not need to have office gear, and you can work in your pajamas. 


Get paid in US dollars: If you want to earn in US dollars and work on various tasks. Then considering Appen can be an ideal choice where you can earn $4 to $15 per hour.  

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Appen Review: Cons Of Working On Appen 

There is no benefit: At Appen, you get hired as a freelance contractor and only get hourly pay. Here you do not get any benefit as an employee gets from the company they work with. 


You need to be responsible for taxes: most companies pay taxes for their employees. But if you work as an independent contractor, you need to take care of your taxes. Hence if you work, you must keep a record of the working hours you spend here on Appen. 


Low pay rate: most of the reviews I checked contain that Appen pays less than the work required to be paid. However, the pay is as low as $2 per hour; hence, if you think the minimum pay fits your efforts, you can consider this site.  

Appen Review: Should I Work On Appen? 

So, in this Appen review, we learned what Appen is, how it works, and whether Appen is legitimate. We also learned the benefits and disadvantages of working with Appen and the pay it pays to its contractors. However, if you are jobless and willing to have an easy income stream, then considering this money-making site can be a wise choice.


Moreover, if you want to keep learning about money-making ideas, affiliate marketing, and other ways to earn money online. Then keep staying tuned with Paisekiyukti, as here I keep sharing content about money-making.  

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