Amazon Affiliate Program Review: Make Money From Amazon Associates [2024]

Amazon is the leading eCommerce store that also runs its affiliate program to generate more sales. You might have already listed the Amazon affiliate program, also named Amazon Associates, if you are an affiliate marketer. It offers a simple sign-up process that has immediate approval and access to multiple types of affiliate links. And when someone buys amazon products from your affiliate link, you get a small percentage of commission.

But like many other people, you might also be thinking. How to sign up for Amazon Affiliate Marketing program? And how to start making money from amazon associates? So, if you are a blogger, have a small business, willing to have a side hassle to earn money online. You all can find this amazon affiliate marketing review article helpful. Here I will cover all the topics with an in-depth guide so that you can learn quickly. 

What is the Amazon affiliate program?

Amazon was established in 1996, and the founder and CEO of it is Jeff Bezos. Amazon affiliate program is one of the most effective affiliate programs globally and famous among marketers and customers. Amazon counts as the largest retailer in the entire world, and it makes around 40% of online sales in the US only.

And this affiliate giant allows marketers, businesses, and bloggers to help it grow and earn up to 10% affiliate commission. However, the commission may seem small, but a large population already knows about this platform. Because amazon keeps investing and advertising its platform by offering big Friday and festive deals. Also, it is free to sign up and start promoting products to earn a commission.  

How does the Amazon affiliate program work?

Amazon's associate account also works like another affiliate program. You need to create unique product links, use these links to the website, and drive traffic. So that to convert this traffic and get sales from these links to get a commission. Here is the step-by-step process you need to know to understand. 

  1. First, you need to sign up for an amazon associate to create your affiliate account.
  2. Once you sign up, then you get a unique associate number or ID.
  3. And when your application gets accepted, then you can create affiliate links.
  4. When you create links successfully, you can promote these on your youtube channel, blog, and social media. 
  5. And when someone makes sales using these links, you get commissions from every transaction made by each referral.  

How much can you earn from the amazon affiliate program?

Affiliate income depends upon the number of sales made through the affiliate links. So, if you drive more traffic and get a higher conversion rate, you will get a higher commission. However, if the traffic is less or the product is not ideal for the customer, there will be less conversion. However, if you put in the effort, you can earn around $100-$21,000 per month. Although affiliate commission can vary from 1% to 10% per sales, if you promote car accessories, products, tools, and machines, you can earn good money if you generally have fewer sales.  

What are the amazon affiliate program requirements?

Entering an amazon associate program is the best way to earn good money and monetize your content. However, there are some guidelines for affiliates of amazon that need to be followed. So, if you are willing to join an amazon affiliate program, you need to know these guidelines before you sign up. The central part of guidelines focused on ethical promotion to prevent its market from gaming systems which you can understand by seeing some of the crucial guidelines of it.  

  1. You need to disclose on your blog or the content that you may earn a commission if someone purchases from your link.
  2. You should also not use your affiliate links for email marketing, ebooks, and another channel of offline promotion. 
  3. You should also not disclose the prices of the products as the prices keep changing from time to time.
  4. The affiliate should not make any false or any written claims about the products you are recommending.
  5. It is also suggested that you should not use link shorteners for affiliate links. If you want to know more about the amazon associates guidelines, you can check out the given link.  

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How to join an amazon affiliate program

Most of you may be willing to join amazon associates to earn money online. Therefore, here are some steps which you should follow to sign up and set up an Amazon affiliate account.  

Step 1: Set up your blog website or Youtube channel

First of all, you need to create a website, blog, or youtube channel to produce nutritional content for the targeted audience. If you already have a website that gets tons of traffic. It is suitable for you because you already have potential users for amazon. Also, you should have a basic understanding of what your audience will love to purchase and why they should be purchasing that product. Once you find these products, you can write a review blog, listicles, or any other form of content to educate, engage and drive traffic to the product through the link.  

Step 2: Sign up for an amazon associate account 

Now you have created your bog website, so you can sign up to an amazon associate account to become one of their affiliates. You can search the amazon associate homepage and then click on sign up. If you already have signed up, you need to log in to the user id and password you created. 

Step 3: Add some basic details to complete your associate account

Once you sign up, you need to add basic details like name, phone number, and address. 

Step 4: Add the URL or name of the website.

You can promote amazon's affiliate products through social media pages, website, blog, app, and youtube channels. So, add the link to the platform you will be using. In most cases, you can add a youtube channel link and website link.  

Step 5: Choose the store ID

After entering the website's name, you also need to choose the store id and explain what type of products you will be promoting. Ideally, you can choose the store id as the name of your website or the youtube channel. 

Step 6: Now select how you will drive traffic to your affiliate site. 

While signing up for an amazon associate account, you also need to explain how you will be driving traffic to the site to get the conversion for the affiliate links. It also requires you to mention average traffic, how you build links and reasons to join amazon associates.  

Step 7: Select the mode of payment, whichever you prefer

After completing the steps mentioned above now, you will be required to choose the preferred payment method. Here you can add the debit or credit card details and tax ID (now or next time, whichever you think fit) and then click to proceed.  

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Advantages of being Amazon Associates Affiliate 

  1. You can enjoy some advantages if you join the amazon affiliate program as listed below. 
  2. Amazon gets billions of traffic and is also a well-known eCommerce platform popular among customers and marketers.
  3. As it is a popular site, therefore you can easily promote the products and get higher conversion.
  4. Amazon associates are free to join, and you can choose from billions of products across the various niches.
  5. Once you gain some profit, you can make a withdrawal directly from your bank account.
  6. It has good customer support and easy return policies that make it easier for the buyer to try the products you promote. 
  7. Amazon pays the commission even if your visitor does not buy the same product but buys another product with your same affiliate link.  

Disadvantages of Being Amazon Associate Affiliate 

There are some disadvantages of joining the Amazon associate program; here are some of them.

Amazon Associates offers comparatively low commission rates to its affiliates because it only gives 1% to 10% commission on the affiliate sales. Also, its bounty program offers $15 for business and $3 for prime referrals, and $5 for audible referrals. 


You can not send the affiliate links on emails; therefore, if you are using email marketing. Then you need to add the link to the blog and refer the visitor to your affiliate link on your blog. 


It is suitable for the websites and youtube channels that are already getting traffic because if you promote these links on your website with zero traffic, you will definitely not get a positive result. 


The last cookie is only 24 hours; therefore, if the buyer makes the purchase through the link after 24 hours, you won't get any commission. However, you can earn the commission for the same if the buyer has saved the product in carts, as affiliate links last for 89 days.  

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How to create amazon affiliate links for Amazon products? 

Now you may be wondering how to create amazon affiliate links for the selected product. Here are some easy steps you can take to get your amazon affiliate links. 

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon affiliate or associate account. 

It is the first step you need to take to get affiliate links to the desired product you will promote.  

Step 2: Now press on product linking on the banner to choose products link.

Now see where the top banner is mentioned and select product links. It is the second step that you need to do to create affiliate links. 

Step3: If you know the ASIN of the product, then you can add it to the search bar.

Once you come to the product link option, you need to add the ASIN number because it helps you get the affiliate link for a specific product. ASIN is the Amazon Standard Identification number that contains 10 characters. 

Step 4: Now click on the Go button to search the product and create a link.

It is the fourth step where you need to search for the desired product by hitting the Go button.  

Step 5: Now, you need to hit the get link on the right side.

At this step, you can click on the get link button to obtain an affiliate link for the Amazon affiliate product.  

Step 6: Use SiteStripe to get Amazon affiliate links.

It is the new feature that was added recently, and when you log in to your account, you can easily do the search as you do for shopping. But here, at the left corner, you get a SiteStripe option. You can create an affiliate link for the specific product or for the whole category. It is a simple way to get the affiliate link; therefore, you should use these features too.  

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How to promote Amazon affiliate links 

You have learned how to create an Amazon associate account and to create an amazon affiliate link. But still, many of you will be wondering how to promote these links to make money. Here we will know some key tactics you can use to make side to passive affiliate earning from amazon associates.  

Step 1: Choose your niche for your affiliate blog or YouTube channel

If you are willing to earn from amazon associates, then you should have niche-based sites. Also, choosing the amazon affiliate program to promote multiple niche products such as fashion, ebook, fashion products. Because it can confuse your targeted audience, they might not show their interest in grabbing these affiliate products. Therefore, it is better to choose one niche, weathertech, kitchen & home appliance, mobile, tools, or another niche relevant for your audience.  

Step 2: Start writing amazing and helpful blogs on your affiliate blog site. 

Now you have a blog and a niche, but you will not get any sales until you start writing. 

Reviews. Also, another type of content to educate the audience about the products. Writing a blog is one of the best ways to earn money from amazon associates. You can promote several products and put the affiliate's links here. However, many affiliates can feel confused when writing an effective and sales-generating post, so look below to understand it properly. 

Write about the best products and tips to buy products on amazon. 

Many affiliates consider blogging the best way to promote the affiliate products as they can get a higher rate of conversion and increased earnings. So, to take advantage of this, you can write about the best or top products to buy which you collect after doing deep research. Let's say if you are a college student-focused blogger. You can write about the best laptops for college students or top smartwatches to manage time and other types of influential blogs. You can also add buying tips to educate your audience but choose the products as the targeted audience and the niche.  

Review the products and latest launch

Whenever a new product launches, the people make so many searches for the comparison and review blogs. Therefore you can also write about the latest products that launch in your niche and develop fresh and relevant comparisons or view blogs. Here you may explain the key features, expected prices, and justification for the price segments.  

Write about special offers, discounts, and season sales. 

As amazon keeps introducing special offers and discounts on fantastic products. Therefore you can choose these products to promote to get a higher conversion rate and higher earnings for you. However, you need to check out the special offers to choose the products that can generate sales. 

Choose best sellers and promote in the form of an influential blog.

Bestseller products are products that people are actually linking and enjoying their purchases. Therefore, you can also check out the best seller products, write some essential knowledge to your audience, and add CTA to buy that affiliate product.  

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Step 3: Upload the review pictures of products on Social media like Facebook and Instagram  

You can share the links of blog articles on your social media handles and add affiliate links or direct links to your website. But remember, people do not want to buy things all the time. Therefore, you need to help them to use the products if they are facing any issues. You can upload the infographic or introduce any how-to article of your blogs to keep getting traffic. And when your site keeps getting traffic, then the conversion will also start happening.  

Step 4: Youtube is also a great way to promote the products, as we discussed above. 

Youtube is also a great platform where you can attract traffic and get sales for affiliate links. Here also you can share similar content but in the form of video, and you can generate a passive income. However, it would help if you mainly tried to provide high-quality and helpful content. So that your audience stays up to date and keeps enjoying the latest product if they need it.  

Step 5: Email marketing to generate leads for affiliate links

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote the products of amazon. And you must know that many affiliates who use email marketing only have a simple website, and they run their email marketing program through autopilot. So, if you want to promote the affiliate links, you can also use email marketing along with your blog.  

How to get paid from amazon associates?

Amazon associates paid directly in their bank accounts. When you earn the minimum withdrawal amount, then the payment will automatically get transferred. The affiliate can also get a check by mail or paid by amazon gift card vouchers.  

How to maximize profit with the amazon affiliate program?

If you want to maximize the profit from the Amazon affiliate program. You should target a micro or on one niche. And keep producing engaging and helpful content for your audience by discussing similar products and providing personal unbiased thoughts. You can also analyze which types of products you are selling more and what the people are liking. The best way to increase sales is to keep an eye on analytics.  

Is it worth joining the amazon affiliate program?

Amazon is the largest eCommerce site, and most of the people buy from this platform too. Many YouTubers, bloggers, and social media marketers are earning passive money from amazon associates. Therefore, if you have a potential audience and are serious about affiliate blogging, you can definitely try the amazon affiliate program. However, you will not get any lead or a few at the start, but as per the effort, you will keep getting a decent affiliate income.   


Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program or Amazon Associates Program is one of the best ways to earn a good income to make a living out of that. But it may take time as per the efforts you put into making your affiliate marketing blog and Youtube channel successful. However, if you know what your audience is demanding, linking, and will like to use. You can quickly start engaging with them and generating a good conversion on the affiliate links. So, set up your site or youtube channel, choose the niche and product and start producing helpful content for your audience. 

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