GoTranscript Review 2023: Is GoTranscript Transcription Job Legit?

Want to make money from the audio transcription? Are you looking for a transcription website to find work-from-home freelance jobs

You are probably thinking of joining a good and reliable transcription job website that pays higher for your efforts. In this article, I have reviewed one of the leading transcription websites, GoTranscript, which is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was founded in 2005. From then to now, this transcription website has been running well and providing transcription services to leading clients. 


I have shared all the essential information you need to know about Go Transcript, such as their pay rate, selection procedure, and much more. Moreover, I have also given one of the most commonly asked questions, “Is GoTranscript Legit or Fake?” If you want to get an answer for this question, this GoTranscript review article will be very useful. 


GoTranscript provides work-from-home transcription jobs with flexible working hours. When the project gets completed and submitted, the freelancer gets the payment in US Dollars. Sounds interesting? Keep reading this GoTranscript Transcription Job Review to get a detailed overview of this transcription website.

At the end of the article, you will be able to decide if you should apply for GoTranscript transcription jobs. 

Is GoTranscript legit

What is a GoTranscript? 

Go transcript is a transcription website that was founded in Scotland in 2005. It majorly deals in audio and video transcription to give that work in text form. GoTranscript says it has transcribed over 144 million minutes of audio and video into the text with the help of its transcription and proofreading team. They have transcribers from all over the world, but most transcribers are residents of the UK and the US. However, they allow everyone to apply on their site by going to the go transcript application section.


Earlier, GoTranscript was recognized as SpeechtoText, but now it has changed its name to GoTranscript. It says it has clients like the University of Cambridge, Stanford University, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, and more. Aside from transcription jobs, freelancers can also apply for subtitling, translation, and captioning. 


GoTranscript has its AI-based transcription tool, but it still hires transcriptionists with good listening and typing speed. Machine-based or AI-based transcription does not give 100% accuracy because it requires a bit of research and apparent listening ability. After all, audio or video might be unclear.  

What Kind of Transcription Jobs Can You Do on GoTranscript? 

Go Transcript provides remote and transcription jobs such as audio and video transcription, subtitling and captioning, and transcript translation work. But the go transcriber, translator, and captioner must use the go transcription guidelines to continue working on it. Let's discuss these four jobs on this platform.  

#1. Audio And Video GoTranscript Transcription Job 

The transcribed form of audio and video file helps clients to get relevant information in text format. These files can be lengthy and can be divided into several small parts. These small projects include podcasts, speeches, sermons, seminars, and lectures. And the general transcription work comes with a lower pay rate. In contrast, the medical, financial, and legal transcription work brings up more money for the projects.   

#2. GoTranscript Translation Job

The translation task can include working with text, audio, or video file. The aim for the client is they want to target multiple audiences at same time that may have different native languages. The translator also works and helps English speakers translate that into academic, researched papers: games, apps, and any patents written in foreign languages.


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#3. GoTranscript Caption And Subtitling Jobs 

Usually, a video, whether a movie, tv-show or other video content, engages the viewer more when it contains written text. This work is exciting and enjoyable because you (the freelancer) subtitle and caption the video into text for the video. Sometimes it may be boring, but the best thing about it is it pays higher than the transcription. Most of the videos can be related to forex, software, legal and technical engineering.  

How To Become a Transcriptionist In The GoTranscript? 

So, if you want to be a transcriptionist at GoTranscript, you have to take a GoTranscript grammar and audio transcription test. But before then, it is essential to read the go through transcription test guideline that tells how you need to transcribe the files correctly. Here you can use clean verbatim or full verbatim transcription style using go transcript guidelines. 


And when you complete the test successfully and get accepted at this platform, you can have tons of transcription projects to work on and make money from transcribing audio files. 

But you need to make sure they have a rating system, so if you get poor ratings for your work, you can be removed by the go transcript. Thus it is essential to work carefully on this platform.


They provide 0 to 83 percent accuracy in the work. You will get 1/5, 83 to 88 percent will give you 2/5, and 88-92 percent accuracy will help you to secure 3/5 ratings. Aside from this, you will be secure if you deliver 92 to 96 percent accuracy or over 96 percent accuracy because it will provide a 4 and 5-star rating to you.  

How To Use GoTranscript as a Transcribe (Freelancer)?

If you want to use GoTranscript as a freelancer or transcriber, you should first read the guidelines of this platform.

Once you read it, you are ready to sign up using the previously discussed manner and create your account.

After creating your account, you can go to the test section and transcribe the test file

If you maintain the required accuracy in your work and get accepted. You will start getting transcription work and start making money online

How Much GoTranscript Pays? 

GoTranscript says its transcribers earn anywhere from $150 to $1215 per month. It depends upon their work done, and they get paid every Friday by Paypal and Payoneer. Aside from this, you also do not need to have a minimum withdrawal limit. Whatever you earn can be withdrawn every Friday. The best thing about GoTranscript is you will not have to pay a transaction or withdrawal fee to PayPal because GoTranscript itself.

GoTranscript Review 2023: Is GoTranscript Transcription Job Legit?

In short, if you become a transcriptionist on this platform, then you will be earning approx $2 per hour, while a seasoned freelancer can earn $13 per hour. The translators earn $17 per hour or $2k per month.  

Is GoTranscript Legit or Fake?

After all the discussion, let's discuss this point. The go transcript has thousands of transcribers and translators worldwide, and they have good transcription clients. Also, it provides payment on time to its freelancers. Thus, it is not a scam that someone can point out. However, it has lower pay that can be improved. You can make more if you provide higher accuracy, gain ratings and do more tasks in optimized time. It has a Facebook page created in 2011, and until now, it has over 11000 likes, and on Twitter, they have posted over 2400 tweets to date (of publishing this post). 

Glassdoor Ratings 

You can also check the glassdoor ratings for GoTranscript. It will show the satisfactory ratings from the employees of this company. However, I have found this company legit, and also a well-established platform.  

Is gotranscript legit


At Trustpilot, it has 4.4 star ratings that are green singles for those willing to work for the first time on the internet-based platform.

Is gotranscript legit


Indeed, this site has a 3.5-star rating and I mostly like the work-life balance and pay. 

Is gotranscript legit

GoTranscript Review: My Final Words 

GoTranscript is a reliable platform, and it is easy to start a transcription site for the fresher transcriber. And when you gain some experience, you can opt for other transcription sites such as rev, transcribe me, and more. I like the payment method of the go transcript because they release the payment every Friday. Still, the downside of this platform is if you get ratings below 3.7 in your first three transcription tasks, then you can get removed by them.


Thus, it is good to enhance transcription skills by taking a decent course from Udemy or any learning channel. Or YouTube, from where you can get tons of free transcription courses by the Youtubers on their Youtube channels.


Moreover, if you want to choose GoTranscript or any transcription website, then first understand the work and practice as per their guidelines.


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