Ads Review 2024: Is TranscribeMe Real Platform to Make Money?

Do you want to make money by doing transcription jobs online? Have you heard about the Transcribeme to get an online transcription job? If you are already searching for best transcription job websites for beginners or pros, you might have heard about TranscribeMe. But Is TranscribeMe a legit transcription website or a big scam? 

If you want to know the answers to all of your questions and want to know more about transcribing transcription site, reading this article will be very helpful. 

is TramscribeMe legit

What Is

TranscribeMe was founded in 2011 to offer the transcription service providing a website and has physical offices. Its headquarter is located in San Francisco, California, and its offices are located in Auckland, Singapore, and New Zealand. It hires in-house and freelance professionals to complete its transcription projects. 

If you join this platform and complete transcription jobs, you get paid according to its pay rate. The website accepts transcription applications from beginners as well as experienced professionals. Therefore, you can try this freelance transcription job website and check if you can make money with it. 

How Does Work?

Stage-1. At, the clients submit their audio or video field to get the text version. 

Stage-2. Its team split the audio or video content into small or short pieces for you. Generally, you get the audio and video files in a few minute lengths.

Stage-3. The file is available at the transcribing work hub, and you can choose any available files and start working on that. 

Stage-4. When you complete the file transcription, you need to submit it to transcribe and get paid if the moderators accept your work.

Stage-5. The QA team of TranscribeMe checks out the transcribed file you and others submit, and while checking the file, they edit and make the correction.

Stage-6. After adding proper time stamps and speaker IDs to the final version of the text, they do the final assessment.

Stage-7. When all the processes happen, the client receives the file, and everything gets well, then payment gets cleared to you. 

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What Are Transcribeme Transcription Job Requirements?

We have discussed above that a fresher can also apply, but they also meet the basic eligibility criteria set by this transcription job website. TranscribeMe requires very basic requirements, so let's discuss that as well.

1. The applicant should have completed their higher school diploma and be fluent in English. 

2. Your grammar and punctuation skills should be impeccable.

3. The candidate must have excellent listening skills and typing speed.

4. Your listening should not be distracted by background noises.

5. You just need a computer or a laptop with high-speed internet connectivity.

6. You should use headphones to listen to the audio properly and clearly. 

How to Apply on

This TranscribeMe review will also discuss how you can apply to this transcription website to earn money online. Applying to this transcription website is absolutely free, so check out the below mentioned steps so you can easily apply to be a transcriber on this leading website.

1. First, you need to register online at TranscribeMe and go further by completing the application form.

2. You should fill out the application form using the chrome browser and provide a valid email id. 

3. Then you will get an email to confirm the application you submitted.

4. After confirmation of the email, you get a short explanation video that provides an overview of TranscribeMe. 

5. In the video tutorial, you understand the style they follow to transcribe the audio files they have. 

6. After the tutorial, you can look for the transcribe transcription test to start working as a transcriber.

7. You have 12 days to complete the transcription test; after completion, you must submit the test.

8. If you pass the test, you can start working on this website and get money to type the audios you listen to.

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Pros of TranscribeMe Transcription Job

The accuracy measurement of is quite generous because the editors can correct up to 30 percent of your work. That means you just need 70 percent accuracy in your transcribed file; if the accuracy is less than this, the file gets rejected. But to be very honest, you and all will agree that maintaining 70 percent accuracy will take a lot of work to maintain. However, transcription is a challenging task; therefore, your English grammar should be good.

Tools to Use for the Transcribeme Transcription Job

You should use for automatic transcription and a reliable audio-to-text tool to save time on typing. I do not recommend relying on these websites because the transcribed file can contain several errors. Although by doing this, you can save some tup and enhance accuracy. You can use Grammarly to check grammar; the free version is also sufficient.

Still, if you are professional, go with the premium version of Grammarly. You should also use a good and standard headset to listen to the audio properly.

However, a food padel is also an excellent tool because you can control the pause and playtime using your feet rather than your fingers. Many professional transcribers use a foot pedal to increase speed and efficiency. 

How Much Does Pay Its Transcribers?

TranscribeMe pays hourly, meaning this transcription website pays for the 60 minutes of transcribed work. Therefore, this website has listed that they pay $15 to $22 per audio hour, so if you transcribe a 60 minutes file, they pay $15 to $22

This website is excellent for a beginner because if you take 3 to 4 hours to transcribe a 60 minutes file, you can earn $5 per hour (up to $22 in total). What great money for starting, and as per the time, you can master the accuracy, style they follow, and consistent audio and video file type. If you keep working consistently, you can make even more than the base income because consistent transcribers earn more than the base level. 

Some projects can help you earn $22 to $60 per audio hour and even $100 per audio hour for of their projects. This website has the potential to provide a well-paid earning opportunity to you.

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How Does TranscribeMe Pay?

Once you complete $20 earnings in your account, you can withdraw that via Paypal, and they only have PayPal to release the payment. So, if your country supports Paypal as a payment gateway, you can work on this transcription site. 

What Does Transcribeme's Review Say?

TranscribeMe is a legit transcription website with favorable ratings on Indeed, Glassdoor, and Reddit. I have added a screenshot of this website's review on this platform, which you can check below. But before that, you should know the following, including pros and cons. 

Pros Of Working On TranscribeMe

  1. It is an excellent transcription site for beginners and freshers.

  2. They require 70 percent accuracy, which can be changed, so check

  3. is a 100 percent legit transcription website that pays timely to its freelancers.

  4. It has advanced opportunities because after gaining some experience, you can be a QA reviewer, and they earn more. 

Cons On Working On TranscribeMe

  1. You can make, on average, $4 to $5 per hour, which can be low for many transcribers.

  2. Some audio and video files can be challenging and also include background noise.

  3. You can not auto-correct the files you transcribe on

TranscribeMe Review on Reddit

TranscribeMe Review on Reddit

TranscribeMe Review on Indeed Review

TranscribeMe Review on Indeed Review

TranscribeMe Review on Glassdoor

TranscribeMe Review on Glassdoor

TranscribeMe Review: Conclusion

After all the discussion, it is clear that TranscribeMe is a legit site that pays to type online by listening to audio. If you are an absolute beginner, you can apply to the website, and if you get accepted, you can start earning money. If you like the information and like my efforts, please comment below and share it with your friends.

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1. Is it Easy to Join TranscribeMe as a Transcriber?

Registering as a freelance transcriber at TranscribeMe is comparatively easier than GMR Transcription and other transcription websites. 

2. Is TranscribeMe Better Than

Both transcription websites are well known and pay well to their transcribers. However, if you are an experienced freelancer, you should prefer because its pay is higher than TranscribeMe. 

3. How Long Does it Take to Complete 15 Minutes of Audio Transcription Work?

To complete 15 minutes of audio transcription can take 1 hour if it's of good quality. If the audio quality is poor, it may take more than an hour. 

4. Is TranscribeMe Real or Fake?

Yes, TranscribeMe is a real transcription website for finding work-from-home jobs. 

5. Is It Worth Working on TranscribeMe?

You get good pay for your effort while transcribing audio files. If you have free time and are looking for a part-time work-from-home job with flexibility, working as a transcriber at TranscribeMe can be a good deal.

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