12 Best Data Entry Jobs From Home (2023)

Hello friends! Today I have some information about an online data entry job from home. When we start searching for jobs, the data entry job sounds so easy. It is the first thing we like when looking for data entry jobs from home. Most freshers looking for a job want to do online data entry jobs from home. So, are you also finding the best data entry jobs that you can do from your home?

12 Legit Data Entry Jobs From Home

This blog can help you out, I did some research online about legit data entry jobs from home. And mentioned some of those platforms in below mentioned sections. These data entry websites do not ask you to pay any money and they are also very reliable. So, keep reading this blog and find some legit ways to make money from Data entry. 

12 Best Data Entry Jobs From Home: Platforms You Need to Know About!

1. Cass Information Systems

Cass information system hires candidates for data verification and data entry. But this post is location-based. This post is listed as “data verification clerk.” candidates get training within a few weeks. They can do this data entry job from home and have an A+ is a BBB rating. It is suitable for online data entry jobs from home. 

2. Ibotta

Ibotta has data entry jobs from home, but only for Colorado residents. If you are in this group, then be sure to keep tabs on their job page to see if they are hiring for data entry jobs from home. Ibotta has a ‘B’ BBB rating. It pays 10$ per hour. If you are not catching this one you can subscribe to that. It is a better option for part-time data entry jobs from home. 

3. The Smart Crowd

The Smart crowd offers a meager amount of money. But you should take a typing test to get hired and pass with reasonable accuracy. It is just good for extra money. The company offers part-time data entry jobs from home because there is typically not enough work to do full-time. 

4. Data Trace

A data race was known as red vision. They occasionally have posted data entry jobs from home. This is best to check their job postings because their website no longer lists openings. It is excellent for online data entry jobs from home.

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5. Amazon MTurk

Normally, the crowdsourcing division of amazon has no traditional data entry jobs. Instead, the mechanical Turk marketplace has mini-tasks that workers can do for pay. Workers get low pay, but it is for freshers, also. 

6. Clickworker

It is better if you want to do a data entry job. It is a crowdsourcing marketplace that contacts registered workers with data entry tasks and other work. These are gradual mini-tasks, and you get paid $1 per task. You can get registered with Clickworker and complete a skills assessment, and these jobs are based on online work or work from home. 

7. Capital Typing

It is an outsourcing company based in South Carolina. It provides virtual office services. In this option, data entry jobs from home have some work. In addition, the company hires candidates for transcription, online customer support, market research, translation, and secretarial services. The company hires home-based positions as an independent contractor. 

8. Axion Data Entry Services

The company hires independent contractors for long-time positions. You need to be registered with the company to be considered for a position. And you have to share the information about your previous data entry work. Usually, this company looks for candidates with a minimum 2 year experience, and typing rate must be 50 words per minute. Candidates get paid based on per piece. 

9. Quicktate or iDictate 

Both are partner transcription companies. These companies provide the transcription of voicemail and other audio content. They hire transcribers based on work-at-home. Quicktate allows audio files under five minutes, whereas iDictate accepts files over 5 minutes. The contractor gets paid on a per word basis. A successful quick taste transcriptionist can be hired by iDictate, and it transcribes an extensive range of documents. 

10. Scribie

The company hired freelance typists to transcribe work on Audio and video files. It provides work at home. It usually allows files under six minutes. Candidates get work based on a first-come on the scribe website. Gradually independent contractors get paid $5 to $25 per hour for audio transcribing. Here all works get five points rating. If a worker has a 2.75 rate, he/she can continue working as a transcriber. 

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11. SigTrack

It crowdsources the data entry employees to process voter registration and supplication signatures. Candidates get training after getting approval for their registration. For receiving work on SigTrack, independent contractors do optional prior experience. They need to provide legal residential proof of The United States. For accuracy, workers get paid based on the per piece, and the payment medium is PayPal. 

12. Working Solutions

Independent contractors get hired by the company for data entry work at home. They pay Workers per project and script working solutions every two weeks. The company hires candidates for call center and editing jobs. Companies hire contractors in the United States and around the world. 


So, these top 12 data entry websites are great for making an excellent part-time money. Therefore if you are looking for some side hassle income, try one of these websites. Also, if you have any doubts or suggestions or want a dedicated blog on a separate topic, you can suggest them in the comment box.

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