GMR Transcription Review [2024]: Does GMR Transcription Pay Well?

After reviewing Rev, GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, and Castingwords, this time is to review GMR transcription, right? GMR Transcription is also a transcription job website that offers transcription work for beginners. 

Therefore, if you are looking for transcription work-from-home jobs and are a beginner too. Then this transcription website can be an ideal choice for you, so to know more, let's start this GMR Transcription review blog. 

GMR Transcription Review: Is GMR Transcription Legit?

What's GMR transcription?

GMR transcription is a US-based transcription company founded in 2004 by Ajay Prasad. He established this company to serve quality transcription services with the help of native freelance transcribers. It has high-profile clients that belong to non-profit organizations, universities, legal agencies, and government institutions. 

GRM transcription doubled its income by putting in manual Transcription rather than opting for AI-based transcription services. The company has offices in Newyork, Chicago, Miami, Georgina, and many other places. If you are willing to make money online by typing audio files in text format. If and also have a good command of English, then you may go for this company.

If you speak and type fluent Spanish and French, you can also apply for Spanish and french transcription work. The best thing about this transcription website is they always look for energetic and talented transcribers. They provide various transcribing opportunities, including general, medical, and certified transcription opportunities. 

Is GMR transcription Legit?

Like other transcription websites, it is obvious to ask whether GMR transcription is legit or not, right? But if we go deep into the company's profile, we will see it was founded in 2004, and still, it is running with massive growth in its revenue. They serve their transcription services to writers, NGOs, Government Agencies, and many other institutions. And to ensure the quality of Transcription, they hire only native transcribers from the US and Canada. 

However, you can have limitations and may not apply if you do not belong to these countries. But because of it, we can not say it is not a legit transcription site. We will discuss whether GMR is legit or not by discussing its reviews on Indeed, Glassdoor, and Reddit by its freelancers. We will also discuss the GMR transcription employee reviews. In short, GMR transcription is a legit company that gives a chance to new transcribers. 

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What are the Job Responsibilities if you Get Hired in GMR Transcription?

At GMR transcription, you can enjoy flexibility because you can set your own hours to transcribe the files. However, they praise those freelance transcribers who transcribe at least 4 hours of audio in a week. And this is an achievable goal with this site because they have a lot of work to offer you. 

It has a solid grading system that will grade your work and provide feedback to grow your transcribing skills, proficiency, and experience. At GMR transcription, you can see the listed transcription work available to get transcribed with the pay rate and due date. 

These jobs also contain essential information that must be followed during transcription work. When you get hired, you will be responsible for choosing the work to transcribe perfectly and submit on time.

What're the GMR Transcription Requirements?

#1. This transcription website welcomes new transcribers, but they all need to meet the application requirements. You can check on its website or look below.

#2. You must be a resident of the US or Canada because GRM looks for transcribers belonging to native English countries.

#3. Since you will work from home, it is required to have the below-listed equipment.

#4. A computer or a laptop with an antivirus to keep the transcription files safe.

#5. You also need a high-speed internet connection; a stable connection is more than enough. 

#6. Having MS office is also essential because you will type the audio files in doc format.

#7. You can use a foot pedal; this is a great tool to transcribe.

#8. A high-quality headset or headphones is also necessary because some audio can contain unclear audio.

#9. You must pass the transcription test and clear the probationary period to get accepted.

#10. The best thing about this process is you do not need to pay any charges for testing and registration. 

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What's the GMR Transcription Test?

#1. Taking the GMR transcription test is essential to the complete application process. And they promise that they provide transcribed files with 99 percent accuracy; therefore, you have to be the best in Transcription, as they will hire the best transcribers.

#2. For the GMR transcription test, they will email you an audio file in zip format. If you do not know how to extract them, you can right-click on the mouse and then click on extract all, and this will get extracted. 

#3. It includes instructions about formatting, GMR transcription guidelines, and a sample transcript to give some ideas. You should know that they are strict and, therefore, first read the guidelines carefully and follow their transcription style. 

#4. Your audio transcription test may be unclear or impossible to decipher at some points. They do this to ensure you are a highly qualified applicant. If you clear the test, your account will be for probationary status, and there, you will have to transcribe the two hours of unpaid transcription work. 

#5. This is essential because they might be looking for genuine and good-quality transcription work. In two hours of audio Transcription, they can analyze your skill set for transcription work. 

#6. If we talk in general, then two hours of audio file may take up to 8 hours and even a few more if you are an absolute beginner in transcription. Therefore if you do not want to work for free for this much hours, then this site might not be a good choice. 

#7. However, if you want to continue with this site by completing the probationary period. In such a case, GMR Transcription can be a great deal for you. But you should reason because it will be a waste of time if you do not meet their standards. 

#8. Therefore, if you can employ your time and meet their strict guidelines, you should pursue them with them. Or, if you can not do it, you can try other transcription sites like Rev, GoTranscript, and TranscribeMe. 

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How Much Does GMR Transcription Pay?

GMR Transcription states that their transcribers earn anywhere from $1000 to $3000 per month, depending on their time and work type. Transcriptionists get to pay more for complex and urgent work, and general transcription files can be a bit lower. So, they pay you $0.7 to $1.25 per audio minute if you work on complex audio files. You can expect around $0.7 per audio minute for a general file.

What does the GMR Transcription Review Say About It?

GMR has a good review on review sites like Glassdoor, Reddit, and Indeed. Let's discuss its major points, mainly the pros and cons. 

#1. Glassdoor

GMR Transcription has 4.6 ratings out of 5 on Glassdoor, which is a good review. And the most common thing in GMR Transcription reviews is that they pay good money for TranscriptionTranscription. And the negative thing about this transcription website is they are too strict, and some audio files can be complicated to hear.

#2. Indeed

It has 4.3 ratings out of 5 on Indeed, which is also a great point about this transcription company. And if we learn about its pros, they have listed it as flexible work from home, and they pay timely. Sounds great, but the con is the work opportunities are inconsistent, and many times, there are temporary jobs only.

#3. Reddit

On Reddit, I saw, and you can also analyze. Most of the people are saying this company is legit and pays good money for TranscriptionTranscription. But the horrible part of GMR transcription reviews on Reddit is that two hours of free or unpaid transcription work. 

But still, if you feel confident enough, you can opt for this website to get transcription work from home.

Why do I Personally Like GMR Transcription?

#1. The things I like are listed below in a summarized manner, and you can check them out.

#2. GMR transcription is a legit transcription job site that hires beginners as well.

#3. Their pay rate is balanced and reasonable because you get $0.7 to $1.25 per audio minute.

#4. It releases the payment timely, which is another excellent thing. 

What I Personally do not like about GMR Transcription?

#1. They accept applications only from the US and Canada and do not include transcribers of other countries. 

#2. They have a too strict set of rules or guidelines that you need to maintain.

#3. Two hours of audio TranscriptionTranscription to clear up the probationary status, and sometimes it seems unfair. However, still, a good transcriber completes two hours of file in 4 to 6 hours. 

What're My Final Words

So, after a long talk, let's summarise, GMR transcription is a great site to find transcription jobs. It only works for US and Canada-based freelancers. Therefore, if you belong to another country, you should look to the other transcription sites like Rev and Gotranscript. You can also read my Gotranscript, Rev, and Castingwords review. However, as per GMR, its transcribers and translators earn $1000 to $3000 per month. Therefore, if you can do two hours of audio transcription for free to get a good return, you should look at this site. 

If you want to add something to the blog, you can comment down below! Best of luck with your GMR transcription test. I hope you become the next GMR transcriptionist to get accepted at another legit transcription website.


1. What is GMR Transcription?

GMR Transcription is a reputable transcription service provider that offers freelance opportunities for transcribers to convert audio or video content into written text.

2. How can I earn money as a freelancer with GMR Transcription?

As a freelancer with GMR Transcription, you can earn money by transcribing audio or video files provided by the platform. You'll receive compensation based on the length and complexity of the transcription tasks you complete.

3. Is prior transcription experience required to work with GMR Transcription?

While prior transcription experience is beneficial, GMR transcription welcomes freelancers at various skill levels. They provide guidelines and resources to help you improve your transcription skills.

4. What are the benefits of choosing GMR Transcription as a side hustle?

GMR Transcription offers several benefits as a side hustle, including flexible working hours, the ability to work from home, and the opportunity to earn extra income while leveraging your transcription skills.

5. How do I join GMR Transcription as a freelancer?

To join GMR transcription as a freelancer, you can visit their website and navigate to the "Freelance Opportunities" or "Join Our Team" section. There, you will find information on how to apply and submit your transcription samples.

6. What types of transcription projects can I expect with GMR Transcription?

GMR transcription offers a variety of transcription projects, including general transcription, medical transcription, legal transcription, academic transcription, and more. You can choose projects based on your expertise and interest.

7. How does GMR Transcription ensure the quality of transcriptions?

GMR Transcription has a quality control team that reviews and edits transcriptions before delivering them to clients. They also provide feedback and support to freelancers to help maintain high-quality standards.

8. How much can I earn as a freelancer with GMR Transcription?

Earnings with GMR Transcription as a freelancer vary based on factors such as project complexity, length, and transcription speed. While specific earnings can vary, GMR transcription typically offers competitive compensation.

9. Can I work with GMR Transcription alongside my other freelance projects?

Yes, GMR Transcription allows freelancers to work on a flexible schedule, making it possible to balance their other freelance projects or commitments.

10. How do I contact GMR Transcription for support or further inquiries?

GMR Transcription provides customer support for freelancers. You can reach out to their support team via email, phone, or through their online contact form for any assistance or inquiries.

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