Top 13 Highest Paying Jobs In India

Again, I'm with a new article, and it's about the highest paying jobs in India. If you also want to get a well-paid job with good career scope and search for India's best-paying jobs. It is a good guide you should be reading and learning about these options.


It can be difficult to explain every high-paying job in India; here, I will elucidate sector-wise our top listed highest paying jobs so you can get a proper understanding of the relevant domain.  

Highest paying jobs in India

(i). Mass Media Industry

If you want to work in the media sector, you may have one of the highest-paying jobs in India after completing your master's in mass communication. We have added two jobs in media and mass communication which are high-paying and future-ready jobs. 

#1. Reporter 

The reporter is the dream of lots of youngsters, and also it gives you lots of opportunities. Reporters have one primary duty to gather all the information about whatever is happening in the world and provide these through the channel or company where they work. The work is excellent and one of the highly paid jobs in India. If you love to gather information or cover a whole story about something, it can be a great field to build your career.  

#2. News Anchor 

Anchors are those who lead discussions and News & T.V. shows. Anjana Om Kashyap is one popular anchor of news channels, and Raghav jugal is also famous for anchoring reality shows. If you also have a dream to become an anchor like these personalities, you can consider doing a relevant degree program in it. If you want to join the media sector, then anchoring and reporting job roles are the highest paying jobs in India. 

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(II) Highest Paying Government Jobs 

If we look at the salary difference between the government sector and private sector. You will get paid well with govt jobs in India. Below are some best paying and decent government jobs in India to consider.  

#3. UPSC

UPSC is one of the most challenging exams in India and is also very reputed. It is organized to select the best candidates for government jobs such as IPS and IAS posts. You will need to appear in the civil services exam first, and if you are successfully clear with it, you will have one of the best jobs in India. Most youth who are good at study can prefer preparing for UPSC after their graduation examination.  


If you are interested in the educational or teaching field, becoming a lecturer would be one of the highest-paying jobs in India. To become a lecturer, you need to qualify the UGC NET examination. Then you will be eligible to apply for those highest paying jobs in any UGC-approved college. Most of the assistant professors and professors in colleges earn over Rs 1,00,000 a month.  

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(Iii) Commercial Sector 

If you work in the financial or commercial sector, it is good to start your own business. But if you do not have that good financial status, you may have one of the highest paying jobs in India after getting your certification in relevant fields or completing graduation. Here are the two best jobs in India to start your career in the finance sector.  

#5. Chartered Accountants

If you are a commerce student, you can apply for it with your bachelor's degree or postgraduate degree with 55% marks. Else you can qualify for the exam conducted by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). You will need to be qualified 12th with commerce. A chartered accountant is one of the highest paying jobs in India, where you can easily make more than Rs 50k to Rs1 lakh monthly. 

#6. Investment Banker

Business management is one of the highest paying jobs in India as you can earn around 24 to 30 lakhs annually. To become a business manager, you can pursue BBA or MBA as it is best for getting a big salary package. But anybody can become a business manager after graduation.  

(Iv) Entertainment Sector

The highest paying jobs in India are found in the entertainment sector. These are the best jobs in India after the 12th, but the condition is that you must have any skill with uniqueness. Let's see the highest-paying jobs in India in the entertainment sector.  

#7. Actor And Singer

To enter the entertainment sector, you never need any specific qualification. Only a high school qualification is enough, but one should also look for higher studies. You have to brush up on your skills in your profession, especially communication. If you are an actor, you must hold your expressions, communication, and voice art—also, little awareness about dance and modeling.

You have to practice a lot in singing as it is too difficult to become a singer. If you have excellent singing skills, you will have one of the highly paid jobs in India. Both the professions are almost similar.  

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#8. Choreographer 

A choreographer is who prepares the final presentation for T.V. shows and movies. It can be acting, dancing, and even singing preparation for the actors. They tell the performers steps and ways to present their activities. If you become a choreographer, you will also have lots of opportunities in Bollywood. Because of this reason, the entertainment sector is the provider of the highest-paying jobs in India. 

(v) Medical Industry

The medical industry is difficult to join as it needs proper qualifications. If you do well in your college, you can clear the competitive exams. After that, you will have one of the most highly paid jobs in India as well as you will be able to understand the value of your time. 

#9. Doctor And Physician

Doctors and physicians are the best jobs in India in the medical sector. Both should have the same qualification of MBBS. You are an MBBS qualified candidate; you can earn more than Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000 monthly.  

#10. Anesthesiologist 

To become an Anesthesiologist, you have to qualify for both M.D. and an MBBS. If you qualify, you will have one of the highly paid jobs in India with around a 1 lakh salary package. 

(VI) I.T. sector

Information technology is emerging very fast in India. It is one of the demanded sectors, it has the highest paying jobs in India, but you will need to have proper qualifications. Candidates pursue B. Tech, B.E., and BCA, specializing in the interested area. Most in-demand areas of the I.T. sector are below: 

#11. Data Analyst 

In this, the professional analyzes the data and works on them. It needs to be good in mathematics and use multiple data analytical applications. In the field, you can easily earn more than 50k rupees monthly. It is not only the highest paying job in India in the I.T. sector. We have also added some more jobs in the I.T. sectors below. 

#12. Web/Software Developer

As there are lots of organizations who want to grow fast, it is possible when they stay active on the internet too. That is why they prefer to publish their software or have their website get users from it. Here comes one of the highly paid jobs in India as a software developer or web designer. If you work well, you can earn more than Rs 40k per month. 


#13. Information/ Cyber Security

A cyber security specialist is one of the highest paying jobs in India, and also it has lots of opportunities. If you are an ethical hacker, you can be a part of the security system of your country. Also, it is one of the most highly paid jobs in India or anywhere else.  

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Top 10 highest paying jobs in India

Highest Paying Jobs In India: Conclusion 

So, today we all learned about the most highly paid jobs in India. So, you can see that we have many options to make a career in various sectors. But you need to keep in mind which job is your goal and then only choose your stream in college. I hope you understood the information about the highest-paying jobs given in this article. So, now you can pick any of these highest-paying jobs in India and start working hard and smart to succeed in achieving your goal. 

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