7 Best Typing Jobs For Students In India [2023]

This article is all about the best typing jobs for students in India, which help the student to get data entry jobs working from home. Here we will discuss the jobs you can do online by typing and making some money. Also, we will talk about how to get an online typing job conveniently. So, if you want to know the Best typing jobs from home in India, you must stay here.   

7 Best Typing Jobs For Students In India

List Of The Best Typing Jobs For Students In India

Here are some of the best online typing jobs for students, which any student can do and make money online easily. So, let’s start discussing all these typing jobs online.  

1. Transcriptionist

One of the best typing jobs in India is working as a transcriptionist. To become a transcriptionist, you need effective listening and typing skills. You are not allowed to make any errors in this profession as your work can be rejected because of it.

Also, you must have excellent knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. You are responsible for transcribing the audio files into written form and making accurately detailed documents in the profession.  

There are many sites like Rev, Scribie, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript. You can check out these sites when you clear the transcription test. You can work there and earn money online by typing. However, check out unbiased Rev review, TranscribeMe review, and other transcription sites review to get more understanding.  

2. An Online Customer Support Representative

The next in our list of best typing jobs from home in India is working in the customer support field. In online customer support, representatives have multiple duties solved through chat or email with clients. Your responsibilities include answering the questions asked by customers. 

You also provide them helpful information they want to know about and solve the queries by making them understand the products or services. Also, you have to get information from the customers and excel it.  

3. Caption Editor

When you work as a caption editor, you must have excellent and accurate listening skills. You listen to the sound, whatever communication is happening in the programs, serials, or shows. Then you change them into written form. This caption can be used on the screen, shown to the audience

Most caption editors use steganography to make their work easy, and caption editors’ jobs are the best typing jobs for students in India. It helps you improve your listening skills and typing skills. You can even consider it the best side hustle job and earn money online.  

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4. Freelance Translator

When you work as a freelance translator, you work independently and find clients on online platforms such as Upwork, freelancer, and fever. But keep it in mind that you get the task from your clients to translate documents into the second language you know and clients want in.

It requires only fluency in any two languages, such as English and Spanish. The translated copy must be similar to the original tone, meaning, and words. You would be responsible for maintaining its similarity. If you have proper knowledge of slang, phrases, and cultural words, it would be great for you to work as a freelance translator. Let’s see what other online typing jobs you can consider for students.

5. Virtual Assistant

The following online typing job for students in India is a virtual assistant job. Virtual assistant’s post is for helping clients to manage their data to excel accurately on the computer and manage activities. You can become a virtual assistant by enrolling yourself in online training.  

But you need excellent knowledge of digital tools as you work online only. It can be possible that your client would be in a different state or country. Also, if you have good typing speed and accuracy, you have more chances to get a job. Also, you must have proficiency in writing and knowledge of grammar. Working as a virtual assistant is the best typing job for students who want to work with professionals personally.  

6. Micro Jobs

It is one of the best online typing jobs for students and workers who want to make extra money. They can take small tasks that take around 10 to 20 minutes to be completed. It can include transcribing small audio files into written form, providing a review of the product or service, and something else that can be completed in just a small duration. This is good for students to get money for pocket money.  

7. Captcha Entries

Most people know about captchas, and some companies pay you to solve it on their behalf. Most of the sites asked visitors to solve captchas because they didn’t want access to artificial intelligence. 

So, companies need people who can do this work, and you no need any particular skill to work in captcha entry. You can easily earn around $400 to $600 per month starting, making it the best typing job for students. 

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How Much Can You Earn Money By Typing Online?

When you start to ponder about earning by joining one of the best typing jobs from home in India. You can’t identify the perfect amount as it is varied everywhere. It depends on multiple factors such as work duration, per hour income, your service quality, the number and series of orders, and many more.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t get an idea about earning the best typing jobs online. Most people in the field earn $10 to $30 per hour. And when we talk about monthly, you can think of $5000 as the average income in one of these best typing jobs online. But it takes experience and time to start earning decent money from typing online.  

How To Get Best Typing Jobs For Students In India?

Here is an effective strategy that can be used to find excellent online typing jobs from home. Let’s see what the steps are:

1. Check Typing Speed

Whenever a company publishes a requirement for the data entry jobs from home. They always mention the typing speed they want from candidates. So, you should know whether you have enough typing speed or not, which is needed to get a typing job. Also, you should have great accuracy while typing. 

Many online resources measure your typing speed, such as typing master. So, to get the best typing jobs from home in India or anywhere else, you need to work on typing speed first.  

2. Build Resume

If you wish to get the best typing jobs for students in India with good pay. You need excellent and accurate typing speed; you have to build your resume and update your information. It is compulsory to get online typing jobs for students and professionals. 

Keep in mind that your resume must be according to the role you are applying for. Also, never forget to mention your additional skills and achievements.  

3. Start Finding The Best Typing Jobs

Now you know your working ability, and you have successfully created your resume. It is time for searching online Best typing jobs for students in India or wherever you live. You can use job searching applications such as work India indeed, Upwork, freelancer, LinkedIn, Fiverr, clickworker, and flex jobs.  

4. Apply And Negotiate

When you get suitable online typing jobs from a home post on the job searching platforms, apply through it and wait for responses. Always research the organization where you are planning to go for an interview. It helps you to understand whether it is legit and legal or not. 

Also, always communicate informally and share accurate information, like a resume, in an interview. If you follow accuracy in your details, you can get one of the best typing jobs from home in India or wherever you live.   

Best Typing Jobs For Students In India: Conclusion

Here we talked about the Best typing jobs for students in India. We discussed the average salary earned by doing online typing jobs from home. Also, I explained how you could get the best typing jobs from home. I hope it was helpful and you got what you were looking for.

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