Josh App: How To Earn Money From Josh App? (2023)

Are you willing to make money by creating short videos on social media? Josh App can be the ideal platform for you because it allows you to create and share short videos. And by creating engaging short videos, you can also earn money. 

However, if you stay active on the Josh video app, you can increase followers. And with a vast number of followers, you can become a significant social media influencer on this platform. 

Hence, if you want to learn about the Josh app and "how to earn money from the Josh app." You should read this post, as I have covered everything about Josh's video-sharing app that you must know. 

Josh App: How To Earn Money From Josh App?

What Is Josh App?

Josh app is made in India and is a homegrown social media platform. It is a short video-creating platform to work just like TikTok and Moj. It was developed as a short video app and has become one of the most popular video-sharing apps. 

And currently, the Josh app has crossed over 100 million installs on the play store. Also, this app provides excellent features to shoot and create awesome short videos. 

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How To Earn Money From Josh App?

As with other social media platforms, you can make money if you have a decent number of followers on the Josh app. There are plenty of ways to make money from the Josh app. And if you want to learn how to earn money from the Josh app, your wait is over. Because here, we have covered some most promising ways to earn money from this app. 

#1. Brand Sponsorship

Brand sponsorship is one of the best ways to make money from the Josh app. When you build good followers on your Josh app profile. The brand will contact you via email or contact number. 

There they will discuss how to promote their product on your video shorts. And you can charge decent money to promote their product among your followers. 

#2. App Or Web Promotion

You can also promote apps or websites on your Josh video post. And you might have seen big influencers and celebrities who do the same and earn money. Most of the time, you will be promoting any app or eCommerce website. 

Hence, if you get such an offer from a brand, you should try to crack the deal. Because these brands pay you good money to promote their brand. 

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#3. Build Brand On Other Social Sites

The best thing about the Josh video app is asking your followers to follow you on other sites. You can bring your Josh app followers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

So, you can also bring lots of followers to other social media profiles. And when you have good followers, you can get the same online money-making opportunities on such platforms. 

#4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way you can earn money from the Josh app. In this, you can join affiliate marketing programs and choose the ideal product to promote. And whenever someone purchases the product through your link, you will get a commission. 

Hence, it is also a great way to earn money from the Josh app. So, you can choose the best affiliate program to promote the high commission product. 

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Who Made the Josh App?

Viren Gupta and Umang Bedi founded the Josh app. And this app comes under the ownership of Dailyhunt. However, Ver Se Innovation Pvt Ltd is the company that designed and developed this app for the Josh app project of Dailyhunt. 

Is Josh App Safe?

Josh app is owned by the leading company Dailyhunt, and it also has gained over 100 million installs on the play store. This platform has over 20 million celebrity influencers using this platform.

However, it is quite a safe video-sharing platform as it is Indian. For more information, you can check its privacy page.

Josh App: How To Earn Money From Josh App?

Is Josh App Fake?

Josh's video app has crossed 100 million installs, and over half a million people have reviewed it. Hence, it is not a fake app, as many leading brands are working on this platform. 

How To Use Josh App?

If you want to use the josh app, you can visit the Josh app website. However, you can choose Play Store or App Store to use the Josh app for easy use. 

It is a simple process to install and sign up for this app.

How To Increase Josh App Followers Free?

You have discovered "how to earn money from Josh app," but these ways will only work if you have followers. Hence, now you would be asking how you can increase followers on the Josh app. So, let us start discussing some crucial ways you can find lots of Josh App followers. 

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#1. Create And Upload Video Shorts Daily 

If you want 50k above followers on Josh app within a month. You must start creating quality content daily. You also need to upload your video shorts daily but maintain video quality. Because if you stay active and post content regularly. Josh App'sApp's algorithm will support and push your profile for visibility. 

#2. Create Funny, Engaging, Or Interesting Content

You can choose any topic to create video shorts for the audience. But you need to make sure your videos are funny, engaging, and enjoyable. If your content has one of these elements, more and more people will follow and engage with you. 

Also, do not compromise the quality of the content; if the video quality is terrible, people will leave your profile. And you will not get more followers for your Josh app profile. 

#3. Stay Active And Engage With Others Post Too

Do not only focus on publishing your content and expect huge returns. Because if you do not engage with others' posts your posts will not get much engagement. Hence, whenever you see something interesting, like or comment there. By doing this, your profile will get clicks and even followers. 

#4. Try To Create Video Shorts On Hot Or Trending Topics

If you create video shorts on hot topics, your post will get tremendous views. And huge views will bring lots of followers to your profile. If you work on trending topics, you will see your posts are getting much visibility. Hence, if you wanted to understand how to get Josh app followers. Remember this crucial tip, as it will help you grow your Josh app handle. 

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#5. Choose The Best Hashtags

Whenever you upload any video short on your Josh app profile. You must make sure you are using proper hashtags. These hashtags are powerful and help you spread your content. You can Google to find the most relevant hashtags for your posts. 

You can also use some hashtags from your competitor's post. But do not entirely copy as you are unique and can produce better content. 

#6. Share Post Link To Your Friends

You can also post links to your friend and other social media profiles. And if such people like your video shorts, they will love to follow you. So, you can soon generate a good number of followers for your Josh app profile. 

How To Delete Josh App?

If you want to delete the Josh app from your mobile app, press it. And when you press the Josh app, you will get a delete sign or icon to delete the app. I hope this is essential; you know how you can uninstall the Josh app. 

Can We Earn Money From The Josh App?

Yes, you all can earn from Josh App; it's a social media platform where you can build your audience and use various ways to earn money from this audience base. You can use the Josh app to earn money from affiliate marketing, sell your product & courses, and promote other brands.


Josh app is a short video-sharing app to build a vast audience. And if you want to get famous and want to make money from the josh app, you can consider this great app. But remember, you need to stay active on this platform and create a valuable post. 

So, I hope now you know how to earn money from the Josh app. And you also have learned how to increase followers on the Josh app. We also discuss many other things about the Josh video app. So, what's next? Go and create a profile on the josh app and use the tips to grow your audience.

So, you can also become a Josh app celebrity to make money online. However, you can read other posts on our blog as we keep sharing plenty of ways to make money online. 


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