YouTube as a Career: Is a Career as a YouTuber Good?

YouTube as a career sounds very lucrative and full of positive vibes. YouTube has made many YouTubers not only financially sound but has also helped them to build wealth and make a good living. Have you heard about Justin Bieber? He started his early stage career on YouTube and got viral. You might have also heard about PewDiePie, having over 3 billion subscribers. He has made over $21 million just because of his YouTube content. 

YouTube is full of great people, especially Khan Sir, who started from zero and earned millions of subscribers and billions of overall views. Besides this, Khan Sir is also a very reputed teacher, and his creative teaching style and extreme care towards poor students have helped him get a vast reach. 

YouTube as a Career Is a Career as a YouTuber Good


Hence, if you also want to become a great YouTuber, read my article on creating a YouTube channel and growing from zero subscribers to a top level. But before that, you must read this article to understand the pros and cons of a career as a YouTuber. It will help you understand how to start a YouTube career to get ideal results without compromising your studies and financial requirements.  

YouTube as a Career: Pros 

#1. Follow Passion

Career options that include 9 to 5 jobs may seem boring if you love working in a creative and comfortable zone. Not all jobs let you follow your passion; you might have to work with a diverse thing without being appreciated or other benefits. Even when you study, it's hard to start with a job as it requires at least 5 hours to start part-time. 

But when you create a YouTube channel, you have plenty of categories to choose from. If you love learning about history, you can create a YouTube channel telling your audience about historical activities. You can even become a writer, director, or entertainer in your favourite niche or category. It lets you earn money online with flexibility and helps you stay mentally healthy.  

#2.  Not requiring an Office Setup.

You don't have to worry about setting up your physical office. You can start and operate your YT channel from anywhere, even in your home's small bedroom. It is one of the advantages that most YouTubers like, creating content from their preferred place. Many entry-level YouTubers do the same, shooting from their kitchen and bedroom. 

However, you must try to create a great YouTube video script that hooks the viewers and helps them get complete knowledge. Also, you can do all video shoots for a month in a couple of days and schedule the content for the audience. It's a great idea if you do a 9-5 job and want to start a YouTube channel for a side hustle. 

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#3. Not Certification or Degree Needed

To do the job, you are required to have a certain age limit and educational qualification. But on YouTube, you do not need any certain degree or age limit. However, if you are a minor, you can use your parents' details after getting their permission. You also do not need to invest heavily to buy DSLR cameras or other costly equipment. 

Smartphones have high-quality cameras that can record videos at high pixels and FPS. People using YouTube constantly search for high-quality content to stay educated on the topic they love.  

#4. No Work Pressure

Nowadays, YouTube is a competitive platform where lakhs of YouTubers compete for the same content. You will have to develop interesting ideas and stories to describe the standard topic among the audience. However, once you learn who your audience is, what they want, and how you can create SEO-optimised YT videos, you will hardly see any work pressure. 

You do not need to worry about paid or sick leave; you can create content in advance and upload it on frequent days. However, you must have a list of interesting topics to keep creating content without problem.  

YouTube as a Career: Cons

Now, it's time to discuss some cons of starting a career as a YouTuber in India, the USA, or anywhere else in the world. Let's figure out these cons before you kick off your career in YouTube or video marketing.  

#1. Require Investment

You can start with your smartphone to gain some visibility. But if you want to make a huge audience base and loyal audience, you will have to create quality content. Here quality means not only the information you provide but also the clear and crisp audio sound and high-quality image you display. 

In short, you will have to make some initial investment to buy a value-for-money DSLR camera. However, if your smartphone camera is good, you can consider it until your channel doesn't start making money. But you must buy a microphone to maintain high quality and clear audio sound.  

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#2. Ideas can be Copied

Large brands have a dedicated team to keep an eye on content if it gets copied and takes action. But it will be very hard for you to discover the same and take action. You must not have to lose your momentum and keep working to grow your channel. 

Your channel will grow if you maintain consistency and keep making practical strategies. But you will also have to tackle the copied content.  

#3. Take Time to Build an Audience

Viral videos can make you popular, bring millions of views, and help you grow. But still, it's the thing of a dream that may not happen in the early stage of your youtube career. Hence, rather than dreaming of being viral, make sure to create quality content and maintain consistency. 

It takes time to get the first hundred subscribers, then the first thousands, and then the first ten thousand. Hence, be practical and respect the audience's time and value for your YouTube channel growth. 

#4. Consistency Needed

You can not succeed on YouTube by uploading one or two videos. You must maintain consistency and upload videos on a daily, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. However, it's good to post at least two to three videos when you start to get some visibility. 

Whether you upload a mobile review video or a tutorial for face makeup, it should offer value and clear information. Also, it's hard to keep creating similar content in the same niche; hence, choose a category you know most and are passionate about. 

#5. Have to Face Negative Comments

All viewers may not have the same thoughts about the content you produce. Some may like, but some can dislike it; many social media users keep leaving bad comments on the YouTubers. You must make yourself strong and mentally prepared to face such comments. 

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Many YouTubers lose their confidence and face mental issues when their efforts get disliked or face bad comments from some viewers. Hence, if you can not handle such things, you should not be considering making a career in YouTube.  


YouTube as a career looks very promising and an ideal way to make money online. However, it's not for everyone; if you can not tackle a bad comment, can not maintain consistency, and can not wait for a good result, it's not the thing for you. But if you work hard, understand your audience, create quality content, engage with the audience, and put effort into growing your brand. 

You will make money from your YouTube content and generate lots of other streams to make money. Hence, now I hope you have a creative idea on YouTube for a career in India, the US, and another country you live in. If you liked this article, please leave a comment and also share it with your friends. 

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