How To Become A Successful YouTuber In 2024

Do you also aim to build your loyal YouTube fans or community so that you can live your current job? You are not only the person willing to make your brand and build your audience. Some of them even invest in some paid techniques to start generating income from YouTube. 

So, do you know how you can succeed on YouTube? If you also ask how to become a successful YouTuber, stay tuned with this article because here I will share some crucial but easy steps that will help you start getting success on YouTube. 

Today you will learn some of the crucial tips that most YouTubers use, especially those getting millions of views on their single videos. 

How To Be Successful On Youtube?  

1. Set Your Goals Or Define Your Success

Setting up a precise, achievable, short, and long goal is extremely important to define before starting the YouTube channel. Here defining goals doesn't mean setting the monetary goal you want to earn from Youtube. But it should be how many subscribers you want to get within a month, after a few months and a year.

Also, what will be the key sources from where you will monetize your content. Along with this, you should ask yourself what the ideal length of each video is starting and what would be the percentage of information you offer, give a call to action, and many more. If you do not have more information, you can set goals for getting more subscribers and sources of your earnings. 

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2. What's The Goal Of Your Channel

We already have discussed something about goals, but again, it can be confusing, right? The goal for your channel is also determined to help you to become a successful YouTuber. In this step, you need to identify on which topic you will create the videos.

It can be money-making, blogging, affiliate marketing, review, government job, and much more. During this step, you also need to define the type of video, whether it will be about tips, how-to, complete guide, and any other form of video. While setting these objectives, you need to consider your audience first rather than the search competition.

Also, always try to produce the best quality content with clear audio so that viewers can easily understand what you are talking about. There are many f videos on YouTube that get millions of views; some get viral, but some do not get even a single view.

Therefore, your goal for the channel should also include that you will always try to provide relevant, authentic, and to-the-point information and not mix other things in it. 

3. Outline And Frame a Road Map

Now, you have an idea about the niche and also have set goals for your YouTube channel. So, your third step will be outlining to create a video, set up essential equipment, and make videos.

It will help if you create a checklist so that before and after, you can check whether the content you created for your YouTube audience met the predefined standards or not. You can also write down a YouTube Video script or hire someone to write it down for you.

However, writing a YouTube script is not tough if you already have an idea of what you will talk about. Before uploading your high-quality videos on your YouTube channel, you should gather some recorded videos to maintain consistency. It also helps you to understand whether the series of videos you are making is going in the right direction or not.

At stage three, your focus should be setting up equipment such as a mic, tripod, smartphone, or camera for video recording with a topic and script list. 

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4. Learn About YouTube SEO

Knowing about SEO can be a bonus because it will help you grow your presence on YouTube faster. In Youtube SEO, you should know what kind of videos people like to watch, which topics related to your niche are getting shares, likes, comments, and other things.

Moreover, you should also know the search volume on the search term on which you will make the video and what keywords you will include or add in your video's descriptions, title, and tags to help YouTube understand your video correctly.

For example, if you create a video on how to buy a laptop under Rs30,000, your primary keyword will be how to buy a laptop under Rs30,000, and you will search some other keywords that have good search volume and low competition.

Once you find these, you can use these keywords in your video's title, description, and tags. If you keep doing this honestly, then soon, your video will have evergreen traffic. 

5. Complete Your Channel And Profile

Before you start uploading your videos and SEO on your YouTube channel, you must complete your profile first. And do you know most of the people who ask how to become a successful YouTuber fast mostly do not complete their profile?

They do not add proper background images that give a feel to the viewer; he is on a professional page or let them know about the niche you are targeting. Therefore, you should first add a logo, background image, and a description to give short, clear, and essential knowledge about your channel and its content.

For background images, you can use pexels and other stock photo sites to find copyright-free images. Also, to create a background banner and logo, you can use Canva, a free online tool with several free templates to use. 

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6. Be Consistent On This Platform

If you also want to be a successful YouTuber, you need to be consistent and keep producing high-quality content and uploading those in predefined time schedules.

If you maintain consistency, YouTube will slowly start pushing your videos, and you will see an upward trend in your channel's subscribers, views, and watch time. But if you also give up like many other new YouTubers and do not maintain consistency, you will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

As a result, you will keep asking how to become successful on YouTube or how you succeeded. And most of the people, articles, videos, and many other resources will keep saying to be consistent.

But consistency is not only about timely uploading videos on your channel, but it is also about only uploading those videos that relate to your niche, channel, and audience's interest. 

7. Be Real And Don't Imitate Others

I have seen many beginner-level YouTubers imitate many famous YouTubers. I do not mean here from them but the tone and the content they post. But buddy, we all have a unique ability to show or express the same things.

So why not try our innate and natural tone, creativity, and original content because it will give more worth to the viewer, and even new viewers will show their interest in your channel. If you are making a video for your subscribers, you will feel more motivated, energetic, and transparent in terms of providing valuable information to them.

So, if you want to know how to become a successful YouTuber, keep this step in your mind because if you are honest, you will get accurate and loyal subscribers who trust you and your content. 

8. Grow Your Loyal Audience With The Proper Collaboration

Collaboration with other YouTubers who work around the same niche offer creative and informative content can be worth growing the YouTube channel. By doing this, you both can grow your channel and help you target the right audience more effectively.

If you use YouTube, you may have seen many YouTubers conduct a video call with other YouTubers and share their thoughts on some topics. You can also do the same but try to find a YouTuber who has a similar audience who can help you grow your channel, and you can help them in return.

It is the best thing for your audience because people want to see your next guest every weekend or whichever day you fix to do this activity. 

9. You Are Not Going To Be Rich Suddenly On YouTube

We all know YouTube can give so many ways to make money, especially from google ads. But you need to agree that all these take time and depend on how much effort you put to grow your channel and build a personal brand.

Sometimes it can be frustrating because you need to obtain at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. It is easy to do, but it is not easy too; if you are serious about developing your career with YouTube, you need to achieve this milestone as soon as possible.

You upload one video every day or one video every two days by maintaining good quality to entertain the audience with your latest videos. Your priority should be to make a video that people love to watch and learn to come again to ask to upload the following video as soon as possible. 

10. Protect Yourself From Digital Self-Loathing

It is common, and every YouTuber has to face negative comments, whether from your competitor or a regular user. However, you can also enjoy positive comments, likes, and shares.

Still, you often have to face unexpected comments, which can harm your creativity and confidence to keep growing as a YouTuber. Suppose if you are a fashion blogger and share tips about clothing and other fashion-related things.

And here, you can get some comments that can affect your mental health. Therefore, to stay away from such things and keep focusing on the content you produce, you can read only the first few comments and not get back again to that video's comment. 

11. There Are No Shortcuts, So Engage With The Audience

There are no shortcuts; your channel can take 6 months to 1.5 years to let you earn money. However, if you start engaging with your audience, you can achieve your monetization goal in the early stages. So, you need not write a title that is better than the video or over promise to the viewer.

However, you should write a keyword-oriented, catchy and straightforward title so that viewers can easily understand the video. And you can make a video in a way so that readers think the video was much better than the title.

When you start doing this, viewers will make comments with their honest thoughts and share your video. Therefore, you should create high-quality videos for your YouTube channel and try to engage with your audience.

In starting, you can ask the question, answer that in between and ask for a recommendation. And in the following video, you can also mention some of your subscribers so that they can feel engaged with you and your channel. 

How To Succeed On YouTube: Pro Tips 

Here are some tips which will help you to become a successful YouTuber. 

  1. Set clear and achievable goals as we discussed above and keep analyzing whether it is working or not. 

  2. Give a strong introduction about you, your channel, and the content you are going to share. But do not take much time in giving an introduction. 

  3. Edit YouTube videos to cut unnecessary parts, improve audio quality and add some attractive effects. 

  4. Ask yourself whether your content has matched the checklist or not, is there anything to add? If yes, then add or make part two of that video to provide complete information. 

  5. You should be visible to your viewer, so try to get natural lighting; you can use cheap webcam accessories or stand near the window to get natural light. 

  6. Your video's audio should be clear and attractive, so use audio editing software as well. There are many free tools available to edit audio professionals. It is essential to do with all your videos because if audio clarity is not good, the visitor will skip the video or your channel. 


So, in this blog, we discussed how to become a successful YouTuber. And to sum up, you need to create high-quality video content, set goals, maintain consistency, focus on your audience first, then you and grow your channel by collaborating with other YouTubers.

I hope now it is clear, and you will not need to ask how to succeed on YouTube. 

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