Amazon Affiliate Program Review 2024: An A To Z Guide For Affiliate Marketers

Amazon is one of the dominant and most popular affiliate marketing platforms. It is still the bread and butter for many affiliate marketers. They use this affiliate site to generate passive income because Amazon has a wide range of products. These contain almost everything people need, whether electronic or lifestyle products.

So, as an affiliate, should you be part of amazon's affiliate marketing campaign? If you want to know this, read this post as I will explain whether you should give a shot to this program, what works here, and how you can become Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Program Review

About Amazon: The Biggest E-commerce Site In The World

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, who is currently the CEO of Amazon. Its headquarter is based in Seattle, Washington, USA, and it has over one million employees worldwide to run its biggest e-commerce site successfully. Amazon makes billions of dollars every year from sales and ships millions of products all over the world. 

The company has retail, electronic, gaming, kitchen, web series, publishing, and much more of its audience's needs. Amazon's Prime members, or those who subscribe to its prime membership, have reached over 150 million worldwide. 

Amazon's Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon's Affiliate marketing program is also recognized as Amazon Associates. As an affiliate, you can earn money by referring to some of its products. Suppose you are a blogger, social media influencer, google ads expert, marketer, and YouTuber. In that case, you can become an amazon affiliate by signing up with them. Once you join their affiliate program, you can choose a relevant product for your audience. For example, if you have an audience who needs to find a coffee machine. 

In this case, you can go to the Amazon Associate Account and start checking the best coffee machines. Here, you can consider your audience's budget and expectations and then develop a list of coffee machines. And then, you can share this product's affiliate link with your audience. When they buy from the given link, they will receive a small commission that can transform into passive money if they drive higher converting volume. 

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Review 2023

Amazon is one of the most extensive affiliate networks and one of the people's most popular eCommerce stores. On this platform, there are so many products available in various categories. Suppose you have a blog or any other platform with a dedicated audience. In that case, you can run a profitable and successful affiliate marketing business. Whether your audience needs kids, groceries, tech, or any other product. 

You can find those best-selling and relevant products for your audience and start promoting them. Some of the popular categories at Amazon are Music, Apparel, Beauty Products, Baby Products, and Sports Accessories or equipment. Along with this, you can also promote software, books, toys, games, and much more with the help of Amazon Associates. 

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

Let's talk about Amazon affiliate commission rates, as most of you may be willing to know to decide whether this platform is good for you. Amazon offers a 10% commission on luxury goods and amazon coins, home improvement and furniture, and other similar items and provides an 8% commission. If you want to promote tech items like headphones, beauty products, musical instruments, or industrial goods. Then you will get a 6% commission on every sale. Moreover, it offers a 5.5% commission on outdoor tools and a 5% on music (digital and physical) and videos.

If you have a PC-related blog or YouTube channel, you can promote its PC and PC components to get a 2.5% commission. However, the affiliate commission rates can differ from country to country. Therefore, you should check the respective website of Amazon Associate to learn more about its commission rates in your country. The amazon affiliate commissions are less than other affiliate networks like ClickBank and ShareASale. 

But still, at this commission rate, you can make around $10-$100 every day. You need to have a trusted audience base, whether on YouTube, a blog, or your social media channel. You can also look for the Amazon Bounty offer because you can promote amazon's services here. And get $3 if the person clicks your link and selects a trial version. You can also earn $15 once the person chooses Amazon to start their business on Amazon. 

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Is Amazon Trustworthy For Buyers And Affiliates?

Most of you may already have bought something from Amazon to check the authenticity or grab the latest deals. Amazon is considered one of the rarest sites that allow customers to buy quality products. And help them make buying decisions by showing essential tags like Amazon's Choice, Best Seller, Easy Return, Verified Purchase, Money-Back Guarantee, and Amazon Prime. Also, whenever a seller joins their community or marketplace, they have to agree where they declare they will not use those products that are not 100% quality or genuine.

Most importantly, you can find the products or top brands of tech, clothing, or any industry. If you purchase from Amazon, you also get a 30 days money-back guarantee, and your purchase activity stays secure from this website. The best thing about Amazon's affiliate program is you get a commission for the sales through your link. 

In simple terms, if a buyer clicks on your affiliate link to buy a Bluetooth headphones, and with the Bluetooth headphone, he also purchases a wireless keyboard and mouse. So, in this commission, you will not get a commission for only the product you promoted but also for other sales (keyboard and mouse) performed by the buyer with your affiliate cookie. 

Amazon Affiliate Signup: Simple Steps To Become Amazon Affiliate 

So, do you need to know how to become an amazon affiliate? Let's have a deep look at this as well. Amazon Associate is one of the most extensive affiliate programs. It is free to join but requires a good audience base to promote its products. As we discussed, you need a YouTube Channel, social media groups (with followers), a well-established blog, and other ways to promote your products.

However, if you are a social media influencer willing to promote amazon's affiliate products. You will need at least 500 organic followers on your Instagram, Linked In, Facebook Page, or Twitter. 

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Steps To Become Amazon Affiliate (2023)

Step-1: First, set up your blog, YouTube channel, or social media page.

Step-2: Ensure your channel, blog, or social page is getting a sufficient amount of traffic.

Step-3: At this level, you should search in Google "Amazon Associates."

Step-4: Click on the link and join by entering some basic information.

Step-5: Provide information about your YouTube channel, blog, or social media page.

Step-6: Now, you may be asked to say something about the platform where you will be promoting products, so enter this short description as well.

Step-7: Enter your mobile number (connected with your Bank account) and verify it.

Step-8: Now add your bank details (to receive payments) and fill in tax information. 

Once you do this step, your account will be reviewed by the team of Amazon Associates. Still, you will have to generate at least 3 sales from your affiliate links. These purchases must be legit and organic. If you make personal sales, they will not be considered qualified leads. 

Also, you will have to complete your first 3 sales before the 180 days. Because if you fail to fulfill this requirement, then your account will get closed. However, Amazon allows everyone to create an associate account again. 

How To Get An Amazon Affiliate Link To Promote Products?

Most beginner-level marketers face a lot of problems in creating their affiliate links for marketing campaigns. Here we will discuss the same and understand how you can get your affiliate links to promote the relevant product in the relevant dimension. 

Step-1: First of all, you need to log in to your Amazon associate account.

Step-2: Now, find the best product for your audience; you can use keywords and ASIN/ISBN numbers to find, mainly if you already know.

Step-3: Now click on links; Amazon provides an option for links to choose various link types. You can use a text link or image link as per your choice.

Step-4: Once you choose the link, then copy that link and place it somewhere to use in your content. Nowadays, Site Strip is there to help you in generating your affiliate marketing links.

Step-5: If you are a blogger, then write an educational blog and then add an affiliate link that you have copied. If you have a YouTube channel, then you can copy text amazon's affiliate link and paste it into the description of your YouTube channel. 

Advantages Of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

There are several reasons or advantages to going with the amazon affiliate program. One of the significant advantages is that most people already know about this site. Moreover, it offers a competitive commission; however, when you start, the commission can seem low. But once you start driving thousands of leads every month, you can realize the actual earnings from amazon affiliates. 

Here you can get a 1% to 10% commission, depending upon the product category. This affiliate marketing program is present in 13 countries and 10 languages; therefore, most of you can easily access this program. Along with this, you can choose any product of your choice from its millions of products. 

Disadvantages Of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

The major drawback if the commission rates are low compared to other affiliate sites. If you are a beginner, you can face many problems in getting your first three sales. Sometimes you can get a higher conversion by working on other affiliate marketing programs like CJ Affiliates, ClickBank, ShareASale, and more.

However, if you have a vast audience, then working with amazon associates and providing significant value and return. 


So, in this blog, you learned about the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program; I hope you find this post very helpful and learn many things about amazon associates. If you are a YouTuber, blogger, or social media influencer, you may already work with the amazon affiliate program. 

However, if you have no affiliate account yet, you can create one for yourself by following the above steps. At last, please make a comment about this article to let me know whether you liked this post.

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