ClickBank Review 2023: Things to Know About ClickBank Affiliate Program!

Are you looking for a legit and unbiased ClickBank review? If you are an affiliate marketer or willing to make a career in affiliate marketing using a reliable platform. Then you may have heard about ClickBank. 


So, is ClickBank legit? Can you make real cash from its affiliate program? Does it pay well to its affiliates? These are the common questions you may be dealing with right now. 


So, stay on this blog and read it carefully because after reading this precious content, you will get all the essential information about this affiliate network. 

ClickBank Review 2023: Things to Know About ClickBank Affiliate Program!

Overview Of Clickbank

ClickBank is one of the oldest and most famous affiliate marketing networks, founded in 1998 in San Diego, California. If you want to make money from it, you can become an affiliate or vendor. 


It has over 200 million customers from 190 countries, and it is the 87th biggest seller on the internet in North America. You can find around 276 categories with 21562 listings of excellent products. 


It makes over 200 million as its annual revenue from sales. If you want to extract money from blogging and any other digital content. You can use some of its products to promote and get commissions. 

Is Clickbank Different From Other Affiliate Networks? 

Most people think ClickBank will also be the same as other affiliate networks. But there are many differences that you need to read in this affiliate site review.

Benefits of Using Clickbank Affiliate Program

1. Simple To Sign Up

The best thing about ClickBank is it offers a straightforward signup process. You can complete this process within a few minutes and do not need to deal with complex documentation.  

2. Free To Join

If you want to join this platform, you do not need to pay any single money. It is good for beginners willing to make money from affiliate marketing.  

3. Be The Vendor And Affiliate Both

When you sign up as an affiliate, you do not need to sign up again as a vendor to sell your product. Because ClickBank provides these two with a one-time process only and helps you to maximize potential earnings.  

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4. So Many Available Products 

You can choose thousands of products to promote and get a commission. You can choose so many conceivable niches and products from.  

5. Offer High Commission Rate

You can see many products at ClickBank that offer up to 75 percent commission. Also, they offer a fast payment facility, so you get commission faster when you make a sale. 

Disadvantages of Using Clickbank 

1. Offer Slow Customer Service 

ClickBank has slower customer support service that takes up to 7 days to respond to their customer.

2. Will Charge If You Do Not Make Sales 

The other thing I do not like about ClickBank is that it charges $1 per day if you do not make any sale under 90 days. After180 days it starts charging $5 and $50 after completing 360 days. 


This is the horrible thing with this website because as a beginner, it is tough to make sales, even making a first sale can take 3 to 6 months. If you have an idea, to begin with, a blog can take 6 months or even more to get traffic from google. 

3. Your Earnings Can Reduce

You will have a loss if someone refunds the product and claims the money back. And in that case, your commission will get deducted, and customers get paid for their money. Sometimes people may not be happy with the product. 


Still, some people just want to use the things for free as many affiliate marketers, reviewers, or other general people are willing to use kinds of stuff for free. 

What Payment Methods Are Available At ClickBank? 

ClickBank offers multiple ways of receiving your payments, as listed below.


Check And Direct Deposit: This is the default method that you will see while requesting the payment. If you choose to check, it's mailed to your listed address, but you must be in the US. Direct deposit also works for the US affiliates who can get their earned money within 1-2 business days. 


Wire Transfer: Don't worry if you are an international affiliate of ClickBank. If ClickBank can not support direct deposit to your country's bank account, you can use Wire Transfer. It generally takes up to 5 banking days to get payment in your account. 

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Payoneer: If you want to receive payment from ClickBank, you can also use Payoneer to get paid. It is free and allows you to create a free account in the US where ClickBank deposits your money. 


The cool thing here is you will not have to use only one method to get paid. You can shift to any method at any time of transaction. All you need to ensure is that the payment mode should be supported in your country. The minimum amount you need to withdraw the balance is $10 only, but I will suggest at least go for some hundreds of dollars to get good pay.  

Is Clickbank Legit or a Scam? 

Most people think ClickBank is not a legit site as there are so many junk products that do not add any worth to their buyers. Also, some products offer meager commission rates, which is not an acceptable deal for many of the affiliates. But this is just one side of this, and I want to tell you in this Affiliate network review that there are tons of unique programs you can join. 

They offer higher commission rates, they have value in their products, and people are buying those. Here you can find digital products that are launched by top entrepreneurs for the specific field. Also, it makes the payment on time. Therefore, this is one of the legit affiliate sites you can work with.  

Tips To Choose Right Affiliate Product From The Clickbank Store 

Choosing the right products to promote is extremely important because it affects the amount of commission and your aggregate revenue out of that. So, here are some essential keys that I am mentioning to help you out. 

1. Try To Try a Product By Yourself First

The first step you can do is select the best product you think can get a better commission and help your targeted audience. Then buy that product and use it personally to know the essentials of that. This will help you to describe the product in a better way. By doing this, you can show the authentic product to your audience to keep them engaged with you and maintain the trust level.  

2. Check The Review Of The Product

Before selecting any product, you must look at their reviews as well. You have to make sure that the reviews are given by the customer itself because there can be many biased reviews. You can also analyze the product review for the popular products to know more about them.  

3. Look For The Gravity Score

This is the score, which shows the number of affiliates who have sold that particular product within the last 12 weeks or 3 months. You should look for a product that has a higher gravity score because the more gravity scores, the more trustworthiness.  

4. It Takes Time To Start Generating Money 

If you need to make money from affiliate marketing, you may look to some online courses to make faster money. Therefore, you are reading this blog, but you should be aware of those courses that claim that you can start making money just a few days after taking that.  

5. Promote The Product Only Of Genuine Vendors

Here genuine vendors mean those vendors who have a virtual presence can find them virtually to know about their product and profile. You should prevent promoting those vendors' products who have a shadowy nature.  

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How To Sign Up For Clickbank?

If you are still with this ClickBank Affiliate Review, then you may be looking for the process of signing up with ClickBank. So, let's understand how you can sign up for the ClickBank affiliate site.


  1. First, type in Google and then go to this website.

  2. Once you open the website, then click on "Create Account."

  3. You will have to fill in your personal details, including your name, address, and contact details.

  4. Then provide bank details and accept their terms and conditions. 

  5. Set up your user or nickname and password.


Now you have created your ClickBank account successfully. Congratulations, because now your affiliate account is active, and you are ready to promote excellent products.  

What Terms Do You Need To Know Before Using Clickbank? 

Gravity shows how many affiliates have sold that particular product within 12 weeks, and higher gravity makes the product more trustable for the affiliates and the customers. 

  1. Initial$/Sale: It shows how much affiliates make as their initial sale, excluding rebills. 

  2. Avg%/Sale: This shows the average commission that every affiliate earns from each sale. 

  3. Avg%/Rebill: It represents the total average affiliate commission % for each sale, including rebill.

How To Promote Clickbank Products?

This ClickBank review is incomplete until I explain how you should promote the ClickBank promotion.  

1. Choose The Product That Matches Your Niche And The Requirements Of Your Audience

This is one of the crucial things you have to make sure of because if you promote the wrong product, you will not get any sales, and it will also reduce trustworthiness. So, if you have a tech niche, then promote tech products. 

If you have an audience that has an interest in gaming, then promote gaming products. But whichever product you choose, you should make sure that the product has a good gravity score. But do not entirely rely on this score only but also check whether you can promote for a reasonable conversion rate or not.  

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2. Put The Links Carefully In The Right Places Of The Content

If you use your blog to promote these products, you should place your affiliate link in the right places. This is important because your reader can quickly take action and get the product. You can use these links with a small call-to-action line. If you implement this technique, then you will surely start getting sales. 

3. You Can Use YouTube 

Most of the affiliates use email marketing, and paid marketing campaigns. Social media marketing and blogging to get sales from their affiliate links. But still, many of the affiliates are missing a valuable source of promotion which is producing quality video content on YouTube to promote content. And if you are still on this blog, you must create your YouTube channel. 

Check competitors' videos on identical products and come up with the best and most informative video content. To get sales from YouTube, you can upload your quality video, put an affiliate link, and wait until people come to watch and perform the desired action. 


So, I hope my ClickBank review helped you gain so much information about the ClickBank affiliate program. Now you know what you can do to make money out of it. So, if you want to get a pro tip, you should choose the product with a standard commission (approx $50 per sale). And try to get a least one sale using different sources (like email marketing, social media, blog, and YouTube). Because if you get one sale each day ($50*30=$1500), then you are going to rock in the affiliate marketing business. 

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