15 Ways To Get Views On YouTube: Tips & Best Practices [2024]

It is the right time to find out how to get many views on the YouTube channel. If you are a starting-level YouTuber and want to get more views on YouTube channels, then this is the post you need to read. Here I will share crucial tips from scratch to an advanced level so stay tuned with the key points. 


YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine or website site that gets over 2 million monthly users. That's huge because it possesses over one-third of an aggregate number of internet users. In use, around 74% of adults like to watch YouTube videos from different perspectives. And currently, so many young talents are willing to build their name and fame on YouTube, but they face many problems when just starting. So, in this article, I will share some of the crucial steps to get views on YouTube to build your audience base and monetize the channel with several sources.  

How To Get Views On Youtube

15 Best Ways To Get Views On YouTube 

1. Make A Descriptive Title And Do Comprehensive Keyword Research.

Using a descriptive title and doing comprehensive keyword research is a must to get more views on YouTube. As there are millions of video content out there, YouTubers target many keywords to get higher rankings in search results. So, if you are one of the creators, you need to plan the title and keyword of the videos while creating your video content. It will help you to understand the content and stand out from the competition.

You can use a keyword planner to do keyword research and set the targeted audience to know monthly searches. Here you can find popular keywords with low competition, and if you work on these keywords, you can start getting organic views. Getting a higher rank is not only what you need to look at, but you should also write a description keyword and add at least one keyword to it.  

2. Try To Provide High-Quality Video Content For The Audience.

Creating more and more video content is not the thing you need to focus on. However, you must find interesting, helpful topics that can help your YouTube audience and educate them. But here, I'm also talking about the quality of the video content, which means the proper lighting and sound clarity. Also, removing unnecessary clips, adding exciting elements, and many other illustrations that can describe your recorded content more effectively.

Also, your video format should be HD or Mp4 minimum so that users can experience good quality video. That visually appeals to their eyes and lets them identify the content you are talking about. Nowadays, most mobile devices come with high-quality cameras which you can use to create your YouTube videos.  

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3. Write Description And Metadata Carefully To Get Recommended By YouTube.

You can get many views on YouTube if you get recommended after the popular videos on your niche. Therefore you must understand who your competitor is, track their popular videos and identify whether you have a similar video to that or not. If you have, then you can add metadata accordingly. Also, it would help to keep the viewer engaged for more time to see more ads and CTA along with your content. The more time and effort they will spend on your channel, the more views, and growth you will see in your content and channel.

You can copy and paste the metadata of the previous video. However, you will still have to add some new things because watching the previous video you uploaded earlier may have created some questions. You can predict such questions and add them to the metadata to give value to the viewer. So, analyze the competitor, go to their most-viewed YouTube videos and check out metadata, frame your metadata accordingly and implement the same with your similar videos. 

4. Use Transcripts To Get a Higher Engagement Rate.

Many YouTubers get some views on their channel. However, they do not get much engagement rate even if they have uploaded high-quality information with high-quality video. It can be because your user wants to watch your video but does not understand some of the terms that you speak. So, to solve this issue, you can add transcripts in your videos so that you can get more watch time and engagement rate.

Also, as per the survey, it was proved that around 69% of mobile users watch their YouTube videos with sound off. And if your video does not have a transcript, then this user will not watch the video. Therefore, you can add a transcription of the video as well. It is also essential if your channel gets views from a global audience. So, if you ask how to increase the views on YouTube, then start using captions in your YouTube videos to enjoy the increased views on your channel. 

5. Make Attractive, Informative, Eye-Catching, And Custom Thumbnails.

Thumbnails are crucial because when the videos are recommended on a search result, it attracts users to click on them. If you do not understand how to create YouTube thumbnails, you can learn from YouTube or use free tools like Canva. 


In contrast, you can create a thumbnail for your latest video. It would help if you focused on creating a clean, attractive, descriptive, and authentic thumbnail. It can be time-taking, but it will support you stand out and increase your search rankings if the user clicks and watches your video. It would help if you tried to pick up a bright color and your image with a wired image or any other art to describe the video. And adding some attractive visuals with a short text to explain the content. It can take time to learn to create engaging and clickable YouTube video thumbnails, but you get many views on YouTube when you learn and master that. 

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6. Create a Playlist For a Similar Type Of Content And Get Multiplied Views

Your first target is to get the viewer on your channel and keep them there for a longer time. But you can do it only if your videos and channel are organized, which you can do by creating relevant playlists. If you make a playlist for a similar series of videos, then there are a few changes. The viewer will move to another channel regarding the same topic. 

You may be wondering how it can buy; you may have noticed that while watching videos of a playlist. The next video automatically starts playing when the first video gets finished. Also, it helps a lot for those viewers who are willing to watch the complete series. If there is any course content, tutorials, or another similar type of content. So, if your channel looks organized and has good playlists, then typically, your channel gets more views.

7. Be Unique And Stay Productive To Educate Your Audience.

Most of the time, new YouTubers start copying other posts and start creating their versions. But you need to avoid doing this because it is not a healthy strategy to take your channel to the next level. Therefore if you are working on the same keyword, let's say any how-to guide. You should conduct deep research and analyze what others have uploaded. After understanding what others have uploaded and the queries that people are still looking in that topic.

You can create highly comprehensive, attractive, engaging, and in-depth how-to videos to attract existing and new eyes around YouTube that can be the ideal audience for your channel. You can keep the new audience engaged till the end of the video by telling them you have some unique tips at the end or middle of the video.  

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8. Ask Your Viewer Or New Audience To Subscribe To Your Channel For Upcoming Updates.

It is also a great thing to do to get a lot of views on YouTube. However, it does not have a direct impact on current videos. However, when people subscribe, then they get a notification for the new videos you upload. With these notifications, your YouTube video gets fast views. If you want to monetize your channel from google Adsense, then you need at least 1000 subscribers. However, if you want more views on the channel, you also need a good subscriber base. As they can show their interest in watching your product content.

So, when you create your video, you should add CTAs to subscribe to your YouTube channel and hit the notification bell because it impacts your channel positively. However, most YouTubers face challenges to grow their community of subscribers, and they look to buy YouTube views and subscribers. It is not a good strategy because you need to earn your loyal subscribers by creating good content and promoting organically. However, you should also invest in some paid advertisements.  

9. Get Attention From Your Audience By Offering Suggestions, Content, And Other Exciting Activity.

Have you ever heard about giving away that most YouTubers come when they achieve certain milestones? You need to engage with your audience because it is essential as you're the main goal to build a loyal community. And it is possible if you create engaging, helpful, entertaining, and interactive videos. Also, reply to the comments, make videos on a demanded topic or add your subscriber's name at the beginning of the videos.

All these show you care for the audience to start showing their interest in your content. You can also come up with a Q&A or live video to talk directly with the audience. So, show interest in knowing how to increase views on YouTube. It would help if you worked on getting attention from your subscribers and viewers. 

10. Maintain Consistency And Upload Video On The Right Time Frame

Uploading your latest video content in the right time frame when your audience is online is the perfect time to get more views. And when they are online, they can easily see the notification and check out the video you posted. But if you upload the video in the middle of the night or, let's say early morning, then you would get low view counts. Therefore, you can schedule the videos you upload to maximize your chances of getting more views.

Along with this, you must maintain consistency, as the more videos you will upload consistently, the more visibility you will get. And the more visibility you will get, the more chances to attract new audiences, views, and subscribers will increase. So, it is another key that you need to focus on if you want to get views on the YouTube channel.  

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11. Use Social Media Channels To Promote Your Youtube Content. 

Social media is a great source that can help you to drive traffic to your channel. You all need to promote your channel and YouTube videos on all the popular social media platforms. But you should not directly go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok and start pasting your video's URL. It is not an excellent way to promote YouTube videos if you want to get more views. The reasons being every social media platform wants to keep their audience engaged with them as YouTube wants. Therefore, if you paste the link of your external videos, then there will be low impression and CTR. Hence you will get low views on the post and your YouTube videos.

Therefore, you can come up with short video clips or entire videos and upload them to these platforms as they want you to do the same. If you do this, there are higher chances of more vital impressions and higher CTR. Once you build up your social community base, you can directly update them to watch the latest videos you uploaded. You can use IGTV, which is also considered a competitor of YouTube and has the potential to let you get tons of views. So, here is the key

make a short video,

upload it on these platforms, and

paste the link for your YouTube videos.

So, when the audience wants to watch the complete video, they can directly reach out to the destination of your video. 

12. Make Videos Around Your Niche And Imitate Your Industry Best.

It would help if you constructed a loyal community for your channel which has a relevant interest in watching videos. Therefore, you should understand what your audience is and what they want from you. Once you analyze these, then you can start creating such kinds of helpful video content. It is also a great idea to check out the competitors' videos and search queries to understand the trend. For example, if you help people to understand and explore ways to make money online. Then, in that case, you will be providing information on how to earn money, reduce expenses, and investment schemes.

Or surveys, blogging, freelancing, and many other business ideas so that they can also start earning money. And they will show their interest in watching these terms only and if you upload something else let's say a fashion content such as the best shirt to go to a party. Then your audience will get confused, and some of them will leave your channel and never come back. Therefore, you must make content for your audience and help them by offering rich video content in the niche you have chosen.  

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13. Collaborate With Other Similar Channels To Get More Visibility

Guest appearance, covers, crossovers, and mash-ups are a great way to increase visibility and the audience base. People love to watch the combination of familiarity and unfamiliarity. If you consume videos on YouTube, then you might have seen this already. Whether you have an individual channel or a company's or brand's YouTube channel, you all should find a similar channel and come up with joint videos to share crucial thoughts.

Most popular YouTubers use this method to grow their brand, views, and subscribers base. So, if you still want to know how to get views on YouTube channels, then, in short, you must know that. You have to contact other YouTubers of your industries and come up with joint video content. When you work with many YouTubers and create several series, you need to create a separate playlist to watch the crossover videos continually.  

14. Use Cards To Promote Other Videos On Your Channel

Along with creating a playlist for a similar type of video, you should also use the card feature available on YouTube. The playlist cards and end screen are vital tools that help you to keep your viewer with you. Cards can be clicked, and they can appear in the middle of the videos. Therefore, if you think any videos can help your viewer understand that topic. You can add that video using the cards feature at the right time frame. Cards can also sell the merch and other things, but here you want to get more views; therefore, you should add the other similar video.

However, here you can add a complete playlist and the video of your choice, so it is up to you to use this feature. But the most important thing you need to consider is user experience, and you have to help them with your content but not spam. So, add only those videos or playlists that add some value, and your user naturally adopts that addition. Also, if you want to know how to get views on YouTube for free and get some visitors already. Then you can use the cards feature to help you multiply the current views on your channel. 

15. Enable Embedding So That Your Fans Can Spread Out Your Content 

Enabling embedding is also a great way because it allows your fans to spread the information you provided to a wide range of audiences. Many bloggers and marketers use YouTube videos to help their audience and write some good words about the channel. So, if you enable the embedding feature in YouTube, you can make sure a good amount of views on your channel.

So, to enable embedding, you need to go to YouTube studio and go to content. When you reach there you can tap on edit and choose toggle and embedding. It is a simple and yet effective way to get views on YouTube channels.  


So, here I discussed how you could get views on the YouTube channel by following 15 essential tips. If you desire to get views on YouTube fast, you need to create many high-quality, engaging, and helpful videos. It would help if you also did comprehensive keyword research to add SEO titles, descriptions, and tags to help videos get organic views.

In this article, we also learned that partnerships with other YouTubers could also push to get more views and visibility among the audience. We also discussed tons of other vital aspects that will surely help build your outstanding YouTube career. So, if you like this information, share your lovely voice in the comment and help your friend grow their channel. 

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