8 Awesome & Best Ways To Money Making Games

Do you want to make money playing games online? Nowadays, making money from playing the game is possible, and there are various methods to generate some cash. However, what you expect from this area is up to you, whether you want to make passive income or just some side money. Here I have covered both, which means you will learn passive money-making ideas playing games and the list of best money-making games apps.


Thus, if you are a passionate gamer or willing to earn some easy cash this way, stick to this fantastic post. As I am writing it after detailed and time-consuming research to help you to solve both your needs.  

make money playing games

How To Make Passive Money Playing Games

First, let's cover some highly potential and career-oriented fields where you can earn money playing games. However, these ways of making money are crowded. Most passionate gamers leave these because they need to put in much effort here. But maintain consistency and keep doing your best. You will surely achieve success in this field and earn passive money through playing games.  

#1. Earn Money By Live Stream

The live stream is a great way to play your favorite game and entertain your audience. When you build a loyal audience for your channel, you can monetize those with ads, subscriptions, and donations. Many gamers earn thousands of dollars from live streaming and donations. You can use Twitch and YouTube to build your streaming community and monetize them later. 


But to start earning, you need thousands of viewers who watch your streams regularly. As the market is crowded hence, you will face so many challenges to find a sustainable audience. But if you start uploading quality streams and play those games that no one plays, you will start building a loyal audience. 


To start streaming online on Youtube and Twitch, you can get a decent PC and at least 3-4 games that your viewers want to watch. You also need to have a fun personality to make some entertaining commentary while playing the game. Streaming also requires a stable internet connection so that you can keep your stream smooth. 

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So, if you have the game, good PC, internet connection, and fun personality. You can indeed make money playing games online on YouTube and twitch.  


Thus, you can also make money by playing games to provide tutorials and guides.  

#2. Host Game Podcast And Youtube Channel

Hosting your podcast or Youtube channel is a great way to earn money from playing games. Newbies always keep looking for game guides, reviews, tips to win online PvP games. Thus, if you create such types of videos and streams, you can build a community of those looking for the same. 


But you can remember that there are already many channels that have a good subscriber base. Hence you should read the game guidelines first and come up with a full-fledged detailed video so that it helps the audience. You do not need to be an expert, but you need to explain the things in simple ways and help your subscribers be good gamers in that game. Thus, when you complete this milestone, you all need to play money-making games online and give a comprehensive review or guide to your audience.   


If we talk about it, then you need good research and gaming skills. It is better if you know some basic video editing skills and willingness to put maximum effort into making the video content outstanding.  

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#3. Game Journalism Or Game Review Blogs

If you are a fancy and creative writer, you should try game journalism or a game review blog. You can start your game review blog or work as a freelance content writer. As a freelance game review writer, you can earn per article and charge $10- $40 per 1000 words article. But if you own your game review blog, you can earn through Adsense, Affiliate marketing, subscription, and promotional posts. 


Game journalism is also a challenging task, and many people are already working on it. Hence if you want to be the same, you will need to do extensive research and build a portfolio. And once you have a portfolio, then you can start freelance writing for a short time. And take your blog as a long term earning model because a blog can take up to 1 year to start getting traffic.  


There are four ways by using it you can surely make some passive income by playing games. Now let's know about the gaming apps by which you can earn some side money. 

5 Best Money-Making Games Apps Pay For Playing Games 

There are many legit money-making games available on the play store and the internet. But we must also recognize that there are many fake money-making games as well. Hence to protect you from those fake applications, I decided to give you the list of the five best money-making games apps. With these game applications, you can make on an average $20-$50 per month. It can be more or less depending upon your efforts and the time you spend playing these games.     

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#2. Mistplay

Mistplay is a game application that launched in 2017 as a paid gaming platform. It has a loyalty program that is specially built for gamers. With an Android-based application, every gamer enthusiast can earn some extra money. Here you can choose the desired game application and get paid for using, playing, and testing that game. Mistplay pays around $5 for every 1500 points, and you can join this platform for free. However, to join this money-making game application, you need to be a resident of the US and Canada. 

#2. Gamehag

Many times, you may see that you do not get paid for the games you play. But at Gamehag, you can earn money just by playing those games. And it is paid to its game-playing members by the soul gems, which can be transferred to your amazon gift voucher, Master card, or Visa. If you go for babysitting or dog sitting, you can play games on this platform and build some cash to buy online things. Generally, Gamehag pays $1 to $3 for 500 soul gems, so if you make approximately 100 soul gems, you can earn $20 to $60 per month.  

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#3. Idle-Empire

Idle-Empire is another game application that has less competition, and you can earn money by playing games. Every game you play has different requirements and pay as per the task requirements. If you want to have fun and enjoy exciting games, then this application can work for you. Here, you can get paid $3 for 30,000 points, which are pretty minor but still a legit way to make money. The best part of this game application is that you can instantly transfer the balance to your PayPal account.  

#4. iRazoo

iRazoo is also a great platform where you can earn money by playing games and surveys. It was developed in 2007, and from that time, it has become a popular application. This money-making game app allows you to watch videos, play games, do surveys and earn money. It also has a referral and earn program and earned money you can transfer via Paypal and gift cards. Here the 12,000 points mean around $20, and it can be credited into your PayPal account. However, to withdraw your money, you need to earn at least 3000 through this money-making games app. If you are looking for money-making games in India, the USA, and anywhere in the world just for side cash, this application can be an ideal app.  

#5. Toluna

Toluna is available on the Android and iOS play store, and it is a popular survey application. Here you get various opportunities to earn money by paid surveys. And the earned cash from this site you can redeem as gift cards or cash. Although the earnings wouldn't be so good, still you can use it just for entertainment and investing your free time.  


Here you learned how to earn real money-making by playing games. Here we discussed some passive money-making ideas which you can achieve by playing games online. And then, we also learned some side cash using money-making games apps. 


I hope you have enjoyed this post, and now it's up to you how you want to take your gaming career to the next level. 


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