Where to Invest Money to Get Good Return? [2023]

Investors want to invest in such a way that they get the highest return as soon as possible with little or no financial risk. Investment is subject to market risk, and if you want to get a sky-high return on investment, you expose yourself in front of little or high risk. 

Where to Invest Money to Get Good Return

Therefore, most investors always look for "where to invest money to get good returns" so they can double their money in a few months or years. If you are also one of those investors looking for the best places to invest your hard-earned money, this article has covered it for you. I have mentioned some handpicked short-term & long-term investment options that may fit well according to your risk appetite. 

Where to Invest Money to Get Good Return? [2023]

1. Direct Equity

Direct equity is one of the best investment options as it can deliver higher returns compared to all other investment options that you make to cope with inflation and get better returns. However, investing in the stock market is not a cup of tea for every investor because it's a volatile asset class and does not guarantee high returns. 

Another disadvantage of direct equity is that one can face challenges while deciding entry and exit points. Furthermore, the risk of losing your principal money is also very high compared to other asset classes. Thankfully, nowadays, many stock brokerage platforms have started offering advanced orders like Stop Loss to control the losses. 

2. High Yield Savings Accounts

If searching for "where to invest money safely," you must consider high-yield savings accounts offered by brokerage firms. They provide a higher rate of interest compared to traditional banks. Investing in a high-yield savings account can be a great short-term investment that will provide a good return with zero or little risk. 

Many online banks also offer high-yield savings accounts to their customers. You can do little research from your side to find some trusted online HYS accounts. 

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3. Gold and Gold Jewelry

Investing in gold, gold jewelry, and coins is a safe and promising investment option. Many investors prefer gold due to its rising market value and ability to provide safe returns. Gold can be the top investment if you are looking for a safe investment for long-term purposes.

If you are willing to invest in it for the short term, you should avoid it because it can see price swings like stocks and be risky in the short run. But it's a great investment option if you want to buy and sell it after one or two years. 

4. Real Estate & Properties

For decades, real estate has been one of the best investment options offering its investors a steady source of income. However, there might be price fluctuation depending on market conditions and the location where you buy the properties. If you have money and want to invest it in a secure place, it's best to discover a suitable real estate property and buy it. 

You can invest your money in both commercial and residential properties, as both can provide a good return in the long term. 

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5. Government Bonds

If you are searching for where to invest money safely, invest in government bonds. Government bonds are loans taken by government entities for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 30 years. In exchange, you earn a fixed percentage of interest on the invested money. Since government bonds are backed by the central government, they are highly secure and offer a steady source of income. 

These are also suitable investments when the stock market is not performing well or will be hit by a recession. Remember, government bonds offer a decent interest to their investors. If you invest 100% of your savings, you will suffer to get a higher return. Hence, you must consider government bonds to diversify your investment portfolio or minimize the risk by choosing this comparatively secure investment. 

6. Index Funds

Index funds are a kind of mutual fund that holds the stocks in a particular market. These mutual funds are great for long-term investment. They are also cost-effective due to lower fund management fees charged by the fund manager. Moreover, these are less volatile than direct equities or equity mutual funds. 

Instilling some of your savings in index funds can be a great idea if you are a young investor and can bear the little risk of investing in high-return stock funds. 

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7. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange-traded funds or ETFs are like mutual funds, where they pool the investor's money into various investment options to give a diversified investment portfolio and comparatively higher return by exposing little risk. Investors can easily buy ETFs just like stocks that they buy in the stock market. 

This investment option is suitable for the long-term horizon. If you are an investor who can not buy shortlisted mutual funds due to their minimum investment criteria, you can consider ETFs. The minimum investment criteria are less in ETFs compared to mutual funds. 

8. Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are similar to government bonds; the only difference is that you give a loan to listed companies, not the government. Investing in corporate bonds is risky compared to government bonds. Due to a higher-risk portfolio, these bonds offer a higher return to investors. 

Corporate bonds are a top investment for investors willing to get a high but fixed return on their investment. 


Remember, no completely risk-free investment can offer you sky-high returns; even the safe investment mentioned in this list contains little risks like inflation and recession. Therefore, you can invest in multiple investments mentioned above to keep the investment portfolio diversified and balanced. I hope you have understood where to invest money to get a good return. 

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1. Where to invest money safely?

If you want to invest money safely in India or elsewhere, you can consider certificates of deposit, treasury bonds, corporate bonds, government bonds, bank fixed deposits, high-yield savings accounts, and gold investments. 

2. Where to invest money in India?

You can invest in public provident funds, national pension schemes, fixed deposits, mutual funds, index funds, real estate, and direct equities in India. 

3. Where to invest money for the short term?

For short-term investment, you can consider a high-yield savings account, fixed deposits, liquid funds, short-term corporate bonds, and treasury bills. 

4. Where to invest money for retirement?

If you are willing to invest money for retirement, you must choose a national pension scheme, employee's provident fund, public provident fund, fixed deposit, unit-linked insurance plans, real estate, gold, and direct equity.

5. What is the best investment in India?

Direct equities, government bonds, real estate, and exchange-traded funds are some of the best investments in India.

6. How to Grow My Rs 10,000 Savings?

To grow your Rs 10,000 savings, you can invest in mutual funds, high-yield savings accounts, ETFs, and corporate bonds. 

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