10 Weird Ways To Make Money Online (2023)

Plenty of weird ways can let you make tons of cash in real life. You may also hear it earlier but might not have considered looking at one of them for any reason. But don't worry; here in this article, you will learn about the top 10 weird ways to make money. Believe it or not, you will surely love these methods as they are easy and best for making extra cash. 


If you are eager to learn these best weird ways to make money online, start reading this excellent information. Here I will also share some crucial tips that will give you some extra advantages. So, are you ready and motivated, like me, to know about all these methods?



Top 10 Weird Ways To Make Money

1. Get Paid For Playing Video Games

If you love to play video games, your ultimate dream might be to become a pro video gamer. But nowadays, the gaming industry is evolving, and many popular gamers earn thousands of dollars just for playing a wide range of video games. So, how can gamin about helping you to make mon 

Let me know if you can make videos while you play games and upload these videos on social sites like Facebook or any other platform. But if you want to take it to the ultimate level, you can use Youtube and twitch. Tv. Many YouTubers have their gaming channels and earn from youtube ads, promotional content, and tons of other ways. 

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You can also be a game tester when you have become a good gamer and have essential information about the game. Don't shock when you meet with a game tester who tells you he earns $50,659 annually. You can also look for big e-sports tournaments because, as a good gamer, you have better chances of winning such tournaments.  

2. Earn Money For Testing Food Like Chocolate

Nothing is better than a professional paying you to test various food items. And this is one of the fantastic, weird ways of making money, especially if you are a complete foodie. Many food and research companies hire food testers to get views about food products. By working in this profession, you can get a chance to earn money by testing ice creams, chocolates, variety of other tasty stuff you can think about. 

Once you become a food tester, you will be responsible for tasting the food product and answering the questionnaire. While tasting different food products, you can be given a palette cleaner to get the original taste of your new product. This job is fascinating and suitable for foodies who want to try many delicious food items from their favorite food factory. This process takes around one or two hours or more if the food testing activity occurs in focus groups.

However, you might not consider this a full-time opportunity because most prominent organizations hire these candidates to launch new or update existing food products. But it is still an excellent option to look for side hassle as you can easily make $5 to $60 per food taste activity.  

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3. Sell Your Beautiful Hairs

Have beautiful hair and are willing to get some extra cash? If yes, you have opportunities to sell your hair because several people out there want a solution for their baldness. Unfortunately, there is no specific solution for this; therefore, wigs are becoming an essential and in-demand cure for these problems. 

In recent years demand for shiny, healthy, and clean hair with around 6-inch sizes has increased and is currently increasing. Thus, if you own shiny, glossy, long, and beautiful hair, you can sell them to the wig seller. But make sure to get the best price for precious for your hair.

Because many wig sellers pay up to $250 for your hair. This is a great tool that you can use to make money quickly and is suitable for side hustlers.  

4. Sell Your Study Notes

By selling, you can make some extra cash for college or study notes, can most o,f students use this technique to meet their college or study expenses. You can look to several companies like StudySoup who will buy your notes. It pays up to $500 per course, and till now, it has released a payment worth $65000. 

Thus, it can be a reliable site where you can go and sell your notes and make good money to meet current financial requirements. But before you sell something, you will need to make an account by mentioning bio, biopic, graduation year, GPA, and other essential details. Once you register here, you will send them notes, and they will run their QA process to check the quality of the notes.


It will also check out the whole text, copyright, and other essential information. They pay $35 for each subscription generated and $2 for every unlocked. Once you get your sales, you can transfer your balance directly to a bank account or PayPal.  

5. Earn Money From Print On Demand Business

This is another weird but exciting way of earning. Here, you just need to upload your designs on POD marketplaces like Etsy, Redbubble, Amazon Merch, and other sites. If people love that design, they buy, and you get a profit. It is a new way of making or getting popular these days because many students and candidates are willing to work for a few hours and day and are willing to get decent pay.


Therefore this business model can be the right choice for these candidates. You can make a T-shirt, cover, jewelry, poster, or any other design. And simply upload it to these sites by adding product descriptions, tags, and titles. Many professionals make Shopify stores and start selling their products with higher margins.

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Thus, if you are interested in making money with this method, you can look for this. But make sure you know to use software like Canva, Photoshop, or other design tools to make designs for your art and craft.  

6. Get Paid For Selling Photos

Do you love to click awesome pictures? Are you ready to sell photos and earn good cash from that? If yes, you can sell the pictures you capture from your descent smartphone. There are various websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and others websites that pay for selling photos.


Adobe Stock pays a 33 percent commission if someone buys your pictures. If you have uploaded a short video, you can get a 35 percent commission. Once your account gets $25 royalties, you can get paid via Paypal or Skrill. This is an excellent thing for new or existing photographers and selfie lovers.


You can either click your pictures or of nature, but they should be of decent quality that companies can use in their projects. You can check and utilize many other sites to get good pay for your pictures.  

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7. Watch Videos Or Tv Shows To Make Cash

This head may be misleading, but this is also a weird way of making money online. You all need to join a focus group or participate in surveys they provide. And by watching their videos and expressing your views about the latest or related shows. For this purpose, you can also set up your blog and review different tv shows or videos to get paid. 


If you own your blog, you can monetize that from Google Adsense and other ad networks like This is an excellent idea for those interested in the entertainment industry. So, try this method to get some extra pocket money, especially if you are a college or school student who needs a good side hassle.  

8. Make Money From Beekeeping

Why should you not be a beekeeper if you can make a passive income by selling honey? This can be dangerous as you will be working around bees. But think about the good money and yet unique way to make money. These days need to have several beekeepers because they can save these bees as they lose their lives. So, you can save them, help them to live, and get some honey for earning.


What's wrong with this money-making method? It's a good business that needs only a monthly inspection. However, you need to bear some initial investment and will also have to know some essentials about Beekeeping. Also, this is a time taking process that can take over one season to start getting sweet honey. But once you start getting honey, you are all set to make passive income from it and recover your initial investment. 

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9. Post Social Posts For Companies And Get Paid

Do you know many companies pay you to post social media content? Social media is becoming one of the leading sources of potential traffic and audience. Therefore, companies must take advantage of this opportunity and hire social media managers. 


If you know how to post and use social media like Facebook, then you can be the right choice for them. It is one of the best ways for students to make money online because they might already know this and run social media campaigns. And you may still need clarification why these companies pay money for this much easier task. 


The answer is that they may have much to do, and a full-time professional can be expensive. Therefore, if you can offer this service to these organizations, you can quickly get one of the jobs and make a good amount monthly.  

10. Get Paid For Listening To Music

Are you really going to be paid for listening and reviewing music? Yes, this is true; thousands of unsigned bands need recognition from the general people and valuable reviews for their sound. But when you start reviewing these audios or music, you will be making less money. 


But when you gain some trust by writing trustworthy reviews, it will increase your ratings and the possibility of getting high-paying review tasks. After gaining good ratings, you can make good cash to meet your college or school needs.  


Thus, these are the top 10 weird ways to make money, and we hope you have gained so much information from this article. Moreover, if you want a weird bonus way of making money online.


Then blogging also comes in this criteria. Because earlier, around 5 or 10 years back, people needed to be made aware of this term, this concept became familiar and less weird.


So, if you want to increase your earning potential, you can use one of these ideas to get some good side hassle options. Thus, if you want to keep reading such excellent content, subscribe to our newsletter and read other posts. 

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