15 Best Ways To Get Paid To Post Ads & Advertise (2023)

Do you want to get paid to advertise online and offline? Do you want to get paid to advertise your car in dollars? If you also want to make money online by posting ads, this article will help you. Because here, I have listed the best ways to get paid to post ads and advertise. 


You can even use these ways to generate profit for your online business. Hence, whether you want to get paid to advertise on your car, blog, or social channel. Stay here and keep discovering every element of this article.  

Get paid to post ads, Get paid to advertise.

Best Ways To Get Paid To Post Ads On Social Sites

There are many ways to earn money only by advertisement products and services. Also, you can promote your business by using your social networks. Here are some of the most popular social media networks to advertise and earn money. Here we will understand how you can make money to post ads or by advertising. 

#1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social sites where many people spend their time. That is why most big and small companies want to advertise their products and services on it. You can contact them once you meet the requirements. Also, you can use affiliate marketing links to make some money online from affiliate marketing. 


If you create a Facebook group, you also would have the option to send ads to your Facebook group who want these products to buy. Keep in mind that if you want to keep this earning continue, you must provide value and relevant things to your members. When you have a decent number of followers, you can get paid to post ads, generating decent revenue.  

#2. YouTube

Nowadays, YouTube sponsored ads are standard in youth; where we advertise products or services on our YouTube videos and get paid by sponsored ads. If you are not a YouTuber, then the best thing to start here is choosing a profitable niche of your channel and then uploading videos.

make money posting ads for companies
Profitable niches are those which are having an excellent chance to get views. Once you get enough views on your videos, you can post ads. You do sponsorship, but also you can use your channels for affiliate marketing and get commission on every purchase using your affiliate link.  

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#3. Twitter 

There are many chances to get an opportunity on Twitter and colossal competition. So, before that, you will need to fulfill requirements and increase followers and engagement with them. Once you get started, you just get paid to tweet about the products and services of the sponsored company. 


If you don't know how to get clients, then use other platforms to find such as sponsored tweets or paid per tweet. Here also you can keep earning by affiliate marketing. Hence, it is also one of the best ways to get paid to post ads on social sites.  

#4. Instagram

If you want to earn money from Instagram ads, you will need to grow your followers by more than 5k. After that, you can start posting sponsored ads and get paid to post ads. If you get started with ads on Instagram, you will earn around $450. Something else, you can post affiliate products and get your commission on every purchase through your link. 


Most bloggers, marketers, and students use Instagram to get paid to post ads and advertise affiliate products. You can also use the same and start making money online without experience. But yes, you will have to put your efforts into building an audience and earn money from them. 

#5. Pinterest

You need to make a good following and engage with them on Pinterest. Once you have completed this task, contact companies and information about your progress.


After that, you can do sponsorship and earn by advertising their products. Here you can do affiliate marketing, too, as they provide you to insert links and make them shorten. 

Best Ways To Get Paid To Advertisement By Car

You can register your car with companies who want a promotion or advertise their products. It is available in offline mode, too, if you can contact advertisers. 

get paid to advertise on your car

Otherwise, you can register online and find advertisers in your area. Here I am telling about only two platforms as given below where you can get paid to advertise on your car: 

#6. Free Car Media

It is another platform to register your car for advertising and earn $500 here. You need to sign up with it and complete the verification process correctly to get started with it.


There are some requirements, and one of them is that the minimum age must be above 21 years. After verification, you will get an email from them, and you will have a car ad magnet from it.  

#7. Wrapify

The first website on my list is Wrapify, where you can get clients to pay you to advertise their products and services. The first thing you need to do is use the Wrapify mobile app and join it. 


They will pair with advertisers if you fulfil requirements and targeted areas by companies. Once you start advertising, you get paid around $500 monthly. So, you can consider this platform to get paid to advertise using your car.  

Best Ways To Get Paid For Display Ads

We discussed how we could use our social media platforms and other websites for advertising our affiliate products or sponsored posts. Else, we will talk about some display ads to make money online. Some ads are displayed on your website, YouTube videos, or any social media platform with our contents. 


We often see ads on many websites, Facebook, and YouTube videos. So, you can also apply on some display advertising networks if you have your blog, vlog, or Facebook profile. 

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How Can You Apply For Display Ads On Any Network?

It is straightforward, and almost on every platform, it is similar to apply.


#1. The first thing to do is visit the platform and sign up. 


#2. After finishing signing up, you need to go with instructions. Look at requirements; if you have fulfilled it, go with filling in details of your website, YouTube channel, or your account of the relevant network. 


#3. After that, you will need to add the code to verify your account.


#4. Once you have the ad code, just put it on your profile. And it is done after careful monitoring from the Ad network such as Google Adsense; your profile will start earning by displaying ads.


Let's see what some popular display ads platforms are: 

get paid to post ads

#8. Google AdSense

It is one of the best display networks and is provided by Google. Most bloggers and YouTubers use this to make money online. It has a partnership with over 2 million advertisers worldwide. It is also helpful for mobile app developers to display ads on their applications. 

#9. Facebook Ads

It is a platform of Facebook, and it is also a very effective platform like Google AdSense. As you may know, Instagram is also the service of Facebook. So, there is no doubt about how extensive a network this is. 

#10. mMedia

This is also a good network for getting paid for display ads. It can be an excellent option for those new to digital advertising and origination who want to increase their business online.  

Best Ways To Get Paid To Advertise Through Your Own Blog And Vlog.

If you are a blogger or a blogger, it is easy to advertise products or promote them. Some different ways to get paid are advertising special offers on famous brands' products. 


Also, you can earn money from sponsorships or newsletters to make your users aware of getting benefits from offers and subscriptions. Here are three different ways you can check out to get paid to post ads: 

get paid to post ads

#11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the kind of program for companies to increase their sales. Here you promote and advertise their products using your networking. You can create blog posts to tell details about products and attach your affiliate link. 


When the viewer goes with your link and buys that product, you get a 10 to 20 percent commission on it. And, don't be worried because this money is a tiny amount from the company's profit and not charged anything extra on buyers. 

#12. Sponsored Posting

When other bloggers or vloggers do sponsorship with you, you post their content on your website or YouTube channel. So that they will get promoted on your platform too. For this, they pay you based on views. It is an easy and another way of making money via advertising them. 

#13. Email Marketing

If you are an owner of the website, it is easy to keep your users updated by email newsletters. You can make them aware of your new offers and subscription and engage them to buy them. Also, you can be aware of your new posts.  

Best Ways To Get Paid To Advertise As a Body Ambassador Or Model  

get paid to post ads

#14. Advertise Clothing And Accessories 

Accessories and clothing-based companies always find people can advertise their clothing by wearing it. It is the same as any modal or body ambassador. You have to get products and promote them on social accounts by wearing them. You can upload your photos with it and get paid by the brand that hired you.  

#15. Promote And Advertise By Skin 

Many companies pay you to make tattoos on your skin, such as your forehead, hand, etc., you can get paid to make a tattoo of their brand logo or tagline. 


So, in this article, you learned the best ways to get paid to advertise and post ads. We discussed how to get paid to post ads on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We also discussed how to get paid to post ads on blogs and YouTube. You also learned how you can get paid to advertise your car. At last, we discussed how you can get paid to make ads and promote a brand's clothing. 


Hence, I hope now you have understood how you can get paid to advertise and post ads in detail. If you keep wanting to learn about the best ways to make money online. We keep sharing personal finance, affiliate program review, and making money online-related posts. So, you can also become financially independent and start making money online or offline. 


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