Get Paid For Typing: Legit Sites That Pay For Type Online (2023)

If you wish to get paid for typing online, making money online can be a great idea. Many companies pay for typing online, and by contacting such companies, you can earn money by typing. 

It is a straightforward and uncomplicated way to make money online and pay via PayPal. Now you would be worried about knowing more about such websites. Hence, read here to get more detail about such a website where you can do money typing online. I will introduce you to sites where you can get typing jobs and make money with typing.


What Are The Pre-Requirements To Get Paid For Typing Jobs?

Let’s discuss the common pre-requirements to find an online typing job. If you have fulfilled these pre-requirements, getting hired and doing type for money is elementary.

#1. Computer/Laptop/Smartphone:

If you have a smartphone, laptop, or computer, you can make money by typing online. However, it would be better if you had a laptop or desktop for convenience.

#2. Headphone: 

Most platforms provide you typing jobs as audio transcribers where they pay for typing audios. One set of headphones will be helpful to listen to audio clearly and earn money by typing words.

#3. Internet Connection:

All the typing jobs are available online, and you make money online, not offline. If you are willing to work online, you must have a good internet connection. So, you can work effectively and type for money.

#4. Typing Speed:

Also, you should have a fast typing speed; having 20-25 WPM speed is fine. Because most of these sites give you a chance to earn more if your typing speed is good. Also, you can have more pay for typing fast.

#5. Payment Method: 

You should have the valid payment method which is required. So, you will be able to get paid for typing tasks.

Computer, internet connection, bank & PayPal account, headphones, and fast typing speed: These are the things you need for earning money by typing text and audio. 

How To Get Paid For Typing?

Here is how you can do work if you are interested in online typing jobs. I have explained in 4 points below and provided sites for relevant typing jobs: 

#1. Get Paid For Typing Lyrics:

If you are looking for typing jobs and want to make money online, you can type song lyrics. Below is a site that can provide you with this kind of task.

#1.1. Welocalize

Welocalize is the company that hires candidates for typing lyrics from song audios. The average pay for typing is $4 for each audio song. It is easy to get hired if you know any second language because they also give you translation typing work. If you know Spanish, French, or German, you will have a higher chance of getting a typing job. 

And you will be able to type lyrics in a second language. If you work effectively, your hourly pay for typing can be high. Hence, you must consider this excellent site to make money online by typing. 

#2. Get Paid For Typing Captchas:

You can also type for the captcha to make money online for extra cash. We have already written one separate article discussing how to get paid for typing captcha. You can also read that article and consider the below site mentioned.

#2.1. Kolotibablo

It is the platform where you get paid for typing captcha in Dollars. You get $1 pay for typing 1,000 captchas here, which is ideal for a student. On the site, you get rated based on your accurate performance. A high rating means more pay for typing captchas online for this site.

#3. Get Paid For Typing Handwritten Documents:

Now, let’s look at the third way you can make money by typing online. Here you will be mainly typing the handwritten notes in digital format.

#3.1. Axion Data Entry Services

They provide you with work for transcribing scanned handwritten documents. You earn money by typing based on per unit of documents. They ask for a $10 per year fee from the candidate who applies here. So that no one comes to request who doesn’t have the required skills. Here you also can make money by typing audio files. If you can invest this initial fee, you can consider this platform and start typing text & audio to make money. 

#3.2. DionData Solutions

It is also the same as axion data entry services that also pay well. Their pay for typing handwritten documents is based on per unit. If you have a fast typing speed, you can earn money by typing. Thus, you can also try this site to get paid for typing. 

Get Paid For Typing: Legit Sites That Pay For Type Online

#3.3. Sigtrack 

This is seasonal for election time, where you can make money online. They provide you with typing jobs for adding voter registration-related information into databases. Also, you will need to check signatures if you work for them. For working for them, your typing accuracy should be around 98%. However, you should first try other sites, which we discussed here. 

#3.4. Southwestern Fundraising

They work for helping kids of schools and NGOs and help them by selling magazine subscriptions. People fill forms, and the company hires candidates to add accurate details in databases. Because there are no ads for hiring people, you will need to visit their contact page and contact them.

#4. Get Paid For Typing Audios:

The 4th way of typing for money is to transcribe audio files. Here you will need headphones, and if you have a foot pedal, you will be able to earn money by typing fast. Let’s see which are the top sites where you can earn money by typing:

#4.1. AccuTran Global

This site is based in Canada, and they have created a group of people who make money with typing skills. If you want to join them, you will have to attend a test to test your typing speed and accuracy. You will be passed if you have 60 words/minutes and have a command of language. If you pass the test, you will make money by typing. You can easily earn by typing around $45 to $50 every hour a day.

#4.2. Hollywood Transcription

Hollywood Transcription provides typing services to the Hollywood entertainment industry, such as caption, translation transcription. Here you have to type some script from future movie scans or trailers. Yes! It is the platform where you require a foot pedal for an efficient typing experience. 

How Much Can I Get Paid For Typing?

If we talk about typing jobs and discuss how much money we can make. Then the first thing we will need to understand is that every platform pays different amounts. Also, your earning by typing is dependent on your typing speed. You can work fast and make more money if you have fast typing. Also, if you type for live captions and do translation, you can earn money by typing them. 

But the overall thing is that it is not for those who want to work as a full-timer. These typing jobs are suitable for making extra money by typing only. The minimum payment is $0.5 to $1 on almost every website. 


Hence, in this article, you learned how to get paid for typing. We discussed some trusted websites that pay for typing online. And if you are a student, need part-time work, or are willing to make extra money online. You all can consider these sites and use your typing skills to earn money. 

However, if you wish to make passive money, you should read my article. Because there, I have shared the best ways to make passive money online. And by implementing such ideas, you can make a good living. 


Hence, good luck; I hope you liked this fantastic post and will check out our other articles as well. 


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