Skimlinks Review 2024: Should You Join Skimlinks Affiliate Program?

Bloggers have plenty of ways to make money online, and affiliate marketing is one of the primary sources of their earnings. However, if you are an entry-level blogger, you will face several challenges to joining an affiliate marketing program.

Because most of the affiliate networks ask for a proven record before you join their community. And we all know that before joining any reputed and trusted affiliate network, you can't build your affiliate marketing portfolio. 

skimlinks affiliate program

Thankfully, a leading affiliate network Skimlinks allows even a more prominent blogger to join their program. By joining the Skimlinks affiliate program, you can add the code snipped and automated the affiliate marketing processes. 

And whenever visitors of your website purchase the products via your affiliate link, you earn a good commission. Hence, read this excellent Skimlinks review to understand the Skimlinks affiliate program for bloggers. 

What Is The Skimlinks?

Skimlinks is an affiliate network with thousands of affiliate partners working with it. It has a diversified list of affiliate products that you can promote once you get enrolled in its Skimlinks affiliate program. This company does all the hard work for you and even automates all the affiliate marketing processes. 

However, if you want to present the best product to your audience, you can do some manual tasks. It will make affiliate links by itself without any manual efforts. You also do not require approval for every different program. 

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What Is Skimlinks Affiliate Program?

Skimlinks affiliate program is an affiliate marketing program for bloggers and marketers. But in this affiliate program, you do not need to get approval to promote the product every time. Also, it automates the linking process once you link the code snippet with your website. 

Therefore, many bloggers love this platform because it also has reasonable commission rates. However, you need to pay 25% of your earnings, and you earn 75% of the entire commission. 

What Is Skimlinks Pricing?

There is not any Skimlinks pricing to join its affiliate program. In short, it is 100% free to join the Skimlinks affiliate program. Even a new or beginner blogger can join its affiliate program to face the risk-free hassle. And from day one of joining this affiliate network, you can start promoting the products to get a commission. 

However, Skimlinks charges 25% of the commission you earn from the sales you generate. Hence, every time you will get 75% of the commission on every sale you generate. 

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How Does Skimlinks Work For Merchants?

Skimlinks has partnered with the 50 plus affiliate networks. And if you are a merchant willing to work with Skimlinks. Then you do not have a direct option to join the Skimlinks like publishers join its Skimlinks affiliate program. 

And still, if you want to partner with this platform. In that case, you can join the CJ Affiliate, Impact, or other networks that are partnered with this platform. So, whenever the publisher writes about your product, this network converts the link into an affiliate link, and you get the sales. 

How Does Skimlinks Work For Publishers, Bloggers, Or Marketers?

Once the blogger is done with the Skimlinks affiliate program's primary setup, they write about the product services listed on the Skimlinks. It automatically converts the given link into the affiliate link.

And whenever the visitor purchases the product, the publisher or blogger gets given commission after deducting 25% of the sales commission. 

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Is Skimlinks Legit?

Yes, Skimlinks is a legit affiliate network, and its Skimlinks affiliate program is also legit. Hence, if you need to start a level affiliate program to join, in that case, you can consider this platform. 

Because it has partnered with thousands of merchants and over 50 affiliate networks. Below are the Skimlinks reviews on various review platforms, so you can understand it is legit. 

Skimlinks Review On Glassdoor

At Glassdoor, this network has obtained 3.8-star ratings out of 5. However, the favorable ratings were for the exciting technology and easy-to-use interface. 

Skimlinks Review On Glassdoor

Skimlinks Review On Trustpilot

On Trustpilot, it has received only 2-star ratings out of 5 stars. And one of the common complaints I found was about customer support. Also, many publishers have payment delay issues as per their review.

Skimlinks Review On Trustpilot

Although, many publishers still claim they earn well from this affiliate network. However, if you need a try, then you can consider this Skimlinks affiliate program. 

Advantages Of Joining Skimlinks Affiliate Program

We have discussed many more things about this affiliate network, so let's sum up some pros of its affiliate program.

#1. The sign-up process is straightforward, and even beginners can join for free.

#2. There is not any requirement to get approval for every product to promote. 

#3. This network has partnered with over 25,000 merchants from over 50 affiliate programs.

#4. It will automate the affiliate linking process for monetizing your account.

#5. The UX design of the sign is better than other affiliate networks.

#6. Also, the commission rates are attractive to get as a publisher. 

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Disadvantages Of Joining Skimlinks Affiliate Program

Like other affiliate programs, it also has some cons to be discussed seriously. So, let's also have a look at the disadvantages of joining this platform. 

#1. It will make a significant cut down of 25% from every commission you earn from sales. 

#2. It follows the 90 days payment cycle for every publisher.

#3. The customer or publisher support is not satisfied at all.

Which One Is Better From Skimlinks Vs. Viglink?

Both are similar affiliate networks for the publishers. However, in the Viglink affiliate program, you may require approval for some affiliate programs to join. But in Skimlinks, you do not need such requirements. 

However, by functioning, both the platforms are similar. Hence, if you do not need the approval to promote the product, you may prefer Skimlinks. 


So, in this Skimlinks review, we discussed its Skimlinks affiliate program. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of joining Skimlinks. We discussed whether this platform is legit or fake, and we also tried to understand how Skimlinks works. 

Thus, now you have some idea about this affiliate network, and you can decide whether you should join it or not. 

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