ShareASale Review 2024: Is It Best Affiliate Marketing Platform?

Are you an affiliate marketer, or have you been in this circle? If yes, then you may have listened and are familiar with ShareASale; it's one of the popular affiliate networks. Many marketers and merchants are working to gain massive commissions or profits.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fantastic affiliate marketing platform. Read this ShareASale review blog because we will share each detail you should know about this affiliate marketing program.  

So, let's start this excellent blog… 

ShareASale Review A Rational Review Of The Leading Affiliate Marketing Platform

What Is ShareASale?

ShareASale is a leading affiliate marketing platform based in Chicago and has been in this business for over 20 years. Their aim is to provide customers with the brands with the help of a well-structured affiliate marketing program. It was acquired by Awin or Affiliate Window in 2017, but ShareASale still exists as a separate brand. 

And still, have everything almost the same as earlies from layout to brand colors and URL. It grabs this affiliate marketing site for $35 M (USD 35 Million). This affiliate site has easy-to-use and impressive use of technology. Its service offers real-time tracking from clicks to segmentation to help its affiliates. There are over 3900 affiliate programs available, and all these cover a wide range of products that come in e-commerce.

You can utilize about 2000 merchant data feeds if you become an affiliate. It helps its users create videos to embed on several affiliate websites and offers coupons and deals to attract more customers. Its structure and insights look like a good site for affiliate marketers and merchants willing to sell ShareASale Products. 

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Now you may have some idea about ShareAShare too. Let's learn more about it by going through the sign-up, some common questions, features, and good and bad things. 

What's the process for ShareASale login or sign-up? 

Before you start working with ShareASale, you need to create an account by signing up. Therefore it is essential to know whether it is easier or harder to sign up. Many affiliate networks have a more complicated login procedure than it needs to be, so let's check it out with this affiliate network. 


Step 1: First, you need to go to their sign-up page and choose your username, password, and country you live in. 


Step 2: With ShareASale, you must use your live affiliate website to promote the products. So, choose your existing website and feel confident to promote the products there. Your domain name will be used to verify your account. Therefore, choosing the domain carefully (i.e., a live domain or website with traffic but should not have adult content) is essential. 


Step 3: Now, enter your email id; at this step, you can use professional email, which can be from your websites or any paid email. But it is also acceptable to start with Gmail, Yahoo, and other free email addresses. 


Step 4: You must also provide contact details like other affiliate sites. 


Step 5: Here, you need to choose your preferred payment method, but there is no Paypal option. And this is a horrible part of this affiliate marketing platform they should add on in the future. 


Step 6: Click on their terms and conditions to let them know you agree with their policies. If you want to read about them, you can also look at their terms and conditions. Once you agree on their T&C, they send a confirmation email to confirm your account. 


Now you need to wait for your affiliate account's approval. Generally, it approves the accounts within 24 hours.  

Is ShareASale easy to use?

Shares have a similar dashboard that you can be familiar with. If you have experice in using another affiliate marketplace like ClickBank, CJAffiliates, Amazon Associates, etc. The basic, like merchants and search for merchants, is similar to another affiliate network. You can browse many categories to find the correct category. 

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The attractive feature is as you can filter from thousands of merchants. It allows you to choose from 7 to 30-day EPC, Hit/ Click Commission, Joined Status, Power Rank, Cookie Length, and many more. A modified-search option is also available, which helps find the right product to promote.

 Here you can set search parameters like auto-approval, EPC greater than, two-tier program, or commission rate more significant than. If you need to find the program that gets automatically approved, you can find this easily. 

How to create an affiliate link with ShareASale?

Now you know that ShareASale keeps things simple so that every affiliate can access the things they need. But many of you may look at how you can get your affiliate link to promote their listed product and get paid, so let's see this to know more about it in detail.  

  1. Once you find the product to promote, click on the "Links" and "Get Link/Banner" from the top navigation bar.  

  2. Now simply click on "Get Links" from here, and get HTML code for images, links, and other things. 

  3. They have some other ways as well where you can create custom-made links; let's look below; 


  1. They have a custom link tool; you can shorten your affiliate links by using them.

  2. You can also see Make-A-Page; this option allows you to create product galleries. 

  3. You can also work with Products showcase to create banners from particular programs.  

Thus, ShareASale again gets higher marks, which is excellent for affiliates and merchants.  

How do the ShareASale Affiliates get paid? 

Now you are willing to know how you will be getting paid for your hard work to promote many ShareASale merchants.  

What's the pay time frame? 

ShareASale releases the payment every 20th of the month, based on the net 30 models. It means you get paid on July 20th for any sales you made up to June 20th. This is also a good thing about ShareASale. However, many affiliate networks pay every week.  

What are the payment methods ShareASale has?

As a ShareASale Affiliates, you should know about its payment methods. You can choose any payout method from direct bank deposit, mail check, or Payoneer transfer. If you want to get paid faster, you can choose direct deposit because it directly goes to your bank. It also avoids any handling fees that other methods utilize. But they do not have Paypal, and if you prefer to get your online payment via Paypal, you will have to compromise with it. 

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What's the minimum payout balance to withdraw?

You will need to make at least $50 to request them to withdraw your earned money. But I have seen many affiliates complain about reducing the minimum withdrawal limit to $10. But you think, as an affiliate, you will be doing something by earning $10, no right? So, if you are not earning a good amount, improve your strategy, gain skills, or choose another source of earning money online.  

Does ShareASale offer customer support?

You may often need clarification in using the dashboard, not getting an affiliate link, or facing issues with late payment. In these cases, you will have to look for ShareASale customer support; they also offer tutorials for every new and existing affiliate. They may have this facility, but many people have reported they need to completely rework their help center.  

What do I need to tell you in this ShareASale Review?

Well, I should also let you know some common reviews that people have shared.

Some of them reported their interface could be a lot smoother.

  1. Many affiliates have complained their payment has been delayed or not getting paid.

  2. I also observed that most people are complaining about the declined application. 

  3. Thus, this platform also has some common issues you might face in other affiliate networks. 

So, what are the advantages of joining ShareASale? 

  1. Signing up and approving for this leading marketing site is way easier the other affiliate marketplaces.

  2. It is part of Awin; therefore, you can look at this site for a long-term earning perspective.

  3. They also have pay-for-call and two-tier programs.

  4. You can find the exact program you want to earn money with.

  5. You can use multiple tools to make an effective affiliate marketing campaign. 

  6. They have a variety of merchant portfolios, which rungs so many programs.    

What is the disadvantage of working with ShareASale?

  1. You may feel the merchant dashboard is quite messy and minimalist

  2. Their customer service dashboard needs to be updated. 

What is the ShareASale Affiliate Commission Rate?

The ShareASale Commission rate is on an average 20% but can vary from product and merchant. But there are some fantastic ShareASale Products that you can promote and earn up to $300 per sale. Also, you can choose a variety of programs you think fit and start earning good commissions out of them. 



Thus, I tried to give you comprehensive information about this affiliate marketplace in this ShareASale. I hope now you have understood a lot more about this excellent platform and can decide whether you should work with it. But if you are a newbie or a pro-level marketer, you should take advantage of every opportunity.

I recommend you try this website if you have a live blog website and want to earn good cash. You can also check out my other blogs to help you know more about various ways of making money online. 

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