How To Promote Affiliate Products? 6 Techniques You Need [2024]

Affiliate marketing is one of the essential tools or approaches for businesses and marketers to engage more customers and make money to build a strong desire to succeed. Many brands have affiliate marketing programs where interested marketers can join and start promoting their products to get attractive commission rates on every sale. Many affiliates earn millions of dollars just by using affiliate marketing programs. 

But do you know how to promote affiliate products, or do you have any idea how to promote affiliate products without a blog? These are the common questions that most marketers struggle with but do not get a proper solution to. This post will explain the best way to promote affiliate products to get more sales and more engagements for your affiliate marketing business. 

So, are you excited to know how you can promote affiliate links with or without a blog to maximize your earning potential and get your first sale, even if you are new in this business?  

How To Promote Affiliate Products?


So, let's start discussing how to promote affiliate products, where we will learn about the crucial ways to promote these products.  

How To Promote Affiliate Products Without a Blog

Here we will discuss the best ways to promote affiliate products without a blog to understand some of the crucial ways. 

1.YouTube Video Reviews (e.g., How-To Or Review Videos): 

As an affiliate marketer, you must know that digital video content consumption is increasing, and people are getting more engaged with social, web, or live streams video content. You can see YouTube as a brilliant example because it gets billions of traffic every month. 

In a report, it was shown in that every person watches approx 84 minutes of video in a day, and now it has increased a lot. Therefore, if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, then you must start creating videos. 

For starting level, you can Create a YouTube Channel to review your affiliate products, and you can paste your affiliate link in the description box so that when your viewer will watch and get CTA from your side, they will feel free to purchase for them. Videos are more engaging, and people stay tuned with such mediums because they feel connected. 

If you are a regular user of YouTube, then you may have noticed that YouTubers suggest some of the products to buy and provide a link. This link is the affiliate link, and whenever people buy through their given link, they get a commission from that, and you also want to get it by creating valuable content for the audience.  

2. Email Marketing (Bulk Emailing):

Can you tell how many daily email users are out there in the world? Your answer could be 4 million, 10 million, or even 50 million, but you must understand that there are around 4 billion daily users of email. And this will reach 4.3 billion by 2023; therefore, it can be one of the best ways to promote your affiliate links. 

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Over 30 percent of email marketers use email to promote B2B products as it is one of the most effective tools to generate emails. You can also use this to promote affiliate products; you all need to collect relevant emails to send the emails to targeted people and a personalized written piece about affiliate products.

Your primary focus is to add an eye-catching title, understand paid off the person, and help them with your content and the product you recommend. Because the more helpful, personalized, and attractive email you send, the more people will open, read, feel engaged and buy the product from the given link.  

3. PPC (e.g., Google Ads & Quora Ads):

PPC or Pay Per Click is the paid way to promote affiliate products or links, and in this, you need to run paid search results or ads on web pages to get clicks for lead generation. Whenever a person clicks on your PPC ads, you get charged the decided money.

And the host of the platform (website) gets paid some of the portions of the ad's money. If you search for something on google, then most of the time, you may have noticed that ads or sponsored searches come across the top and bottom side of the SERPs.

This is a great way to target the relevant audience in less time to get high-converting leads for the affiliate products. So, if you want to run PPC campaigns, you will use Google Ads, Quora Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. 

The best thing about PPC is you can reach premium websites that have high-quality traffic related to the niche you are dealing with. However, if you want to run a PPC campaign, you need to have your website, but you can find some ways to use PPC without a website. 

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4. Social Media (i.e., Facebook & Instagram): 

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more can be a quick and great way to promote affiliate links to a massive audience. Do you know the half of adults look for their favorite brands to learn about their products and offers? It was shown in the report of GlobalWebIndex during their social media research. Here you can target to attract organic as well as paid traffic using social ads. 

It is one of the affordable ways to drive people or distribute your social content to the relevant audience to get higher conversion. Many marketers use SMM and get positive results, so you can also try social media platforms to promote your affiliate marketing products.  

How To Promote Affiliate Products With Blog

Most of the time, we need to promote affiliate products with a blog to get some advantage in the long term, let's know-how.  

5. Blog Website (e.g., Affiliate Blogs):

Blogging is a great way to promote affiliate products, and it has the potential to serve you in the long term. If you want to start your blog, you will have to choose the niche that can drive traffic, help you to earn a high commission, and generate a full-time living. A blog website can cost you initially, but it can help you make money from various sources. 

You can monetize your blog from Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and once your blog gets established, you can also get some paid promotion to do on your site. Therefore, if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you should also become a blogging community. You can hire someone to build a wordpress site or use a blogger to get your blogging site ready. 

If you do not want to write, then you can hire someone to write the articles. You can find many developers who develop a wordpress site just for Rs7000 to Rs12000 (including domain and hosting cost), and you can hire some writers who can write articles for you just by charging Rs200 to Rs300 for 1000 words. 

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Some writers charge good money, but you can hire a good writer or give internships to multiple candidates at the starting level. And if you want to reduce costs, then you can take the help of your brother or yourself to write as many good articles as you can. But as a standard, you need at least 70 articles on your site.

Because some of the content will start getting traffic at this stage, you will also understand setting up the site as per SEO standards. Do not worry because when you start getting sales and running ads, you will make good money. Many bloggers earn Rs35000 just from their google Adsense, and it gets doubled with the help of their affiliate products. If you promote software, hostings, or any B2B tools or courses, then you can make good money just by one sale.  

6. SEO (Use On-Page And Off-Page SEO Techniques):

SEO is one of the crucial techniques you need to do regularly because SEO can drive more organic traffic. It helps reduce costs and increase your site's visibility to the potential user of your content. You should SEO by considering long-term benefits and paid ads for short-term income. SEO helps you to take your earnings to the next level. For example, if Google Adsense pays $5 per thousand views and your site is getting 30000 views monthly, then you're earnings from ads will be $150.

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On the other hand, if your website is getting some traffic and you get 0.5% conversion where you get $5 per sale, your income from affiliate marketing will be around $750. that means your earning from blogging will be $900 ($750+$150), and with the help of SEO, you can boost your website's traffic to increase your monthly earning.

Let's take the same example and suppose with the help of SEO now your site is getting 60000 monthly visitors, and the conversion rate is the same as earlier. So, in this case, your earning will be just double means $1800 per month, and these increments in your earning will keep increasing as per your SEO efforts. 

I hope this concept is evident as I explained it with a simple example from my creative mind; you will also agree, right? But this is a severe fact that you must not ignore because, as per a report organic traffic can increase by over 50% traffic or even more if you do SEO for your site and its content. And you know the more traffic, the more leads, the more page views, and the more earning potential.  


If you are good at affiliate marketing and want to get sales to earn a commission. Then you should set up your blog, and use social media, PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, and YouTube to promote affiliate products among the relevant audience. And I hope now you have understood how to promote affiliate products without a website and website. 

So, Start using these techniques to become a successful affiliate marketer. If you are using one of these techniques already, comment down below and suggest other ways to promote affiliate links or products. 

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