What are the Best Transcription Job Websites for Beginners? (2024)

Many people have opted to start working from home after the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you also want to start earning money by sitting at home? Are you a beginner and want to earn money from transcription jobs

This blog will help you begin your transcription journey to make online money by working from home. This blog will give you complete information about transcription and its best transcription job websites from where you can get transcription work.

What is an Audio Transcription Job?

Transcription refers to the written format of existing audio or video clips. That can be a podcast, interview, phone call, video, or any other kind of hearable form. In short, it is also a work that transcribes the audio files in text format to understand the clip properly. 

Many companies like Google, Amazon, The New York Times, and other companies require their audio files in written form. Many professionals are doing this and earning thousands of dollars. Asides from these, many firms are also offering transcription services. 

6 Best Transcription Job Websites For Beginners

What are the Best Transcription Job Websites for Beginners? 

1. TranscribeMe

If you are looking for transcription job websites, then you may probably have heard about This is one of the popular transcription sites which pays $15 to $22 per audio hour. This is a decent amount if you want to do some side hassle to make some extra cash, but you can also take this for your full-time career. Many transcribers earn approximately $2200 per month; if you work continuously, you may earn an average of $250 per month.

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It is a beginner-friendly transcription website, and if you are a newbie, you should try this website to get some extra cash in your pocket. The best thing about this transcription site is that all the projects are divided into 1 to 2 minutes of audio clips. And when you apply on their site, then they reply to you within 12 business days. The application process is also simple as you can register and take the exam and then send it for review. So, you should try this website to transcribe files to earn money.  

2. GMR Transcription

This transcription site is one of the most high-paying transcription websites. If you are a beginner who has strong listening and writing ability, then you can apply as a transcriber. The only eligibility is you must be a resident of the US, and if you belong to other countries, it will not approve your application for a transcriptionist. Thus, it is an excellent website for US residents to earn some great money by working for a few hours. After completing the test, you can be paid after completing 2 hours' worth of work. 

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The second eligibility benchmarkis you have to complete 4 hours of transcription work every month, and the best thing about this is they have a tremendous amount of work available, so you will quickly meet up this quota. Once you complete the job, your fund will transfer via PayPal or directly to your bank account monthly. So, if you are a US resident, you must check out this website.  

3. GoTranscript

GoTranscript does not offer strict requirements as any candidate may apply by taking a simple grammar test and an audio test with the transcript guidelines. If you do not have any experience, you can also be eligible because it requires only good listening and writing in English. This is one of the best transcription websites because they give 6 hours to complete 10 minutes longer files. Therefore, a slow typer can also work here. Aside from this, they do not ask you to meet any reserved quota every month. 

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When you apply, you will have to prove your identity with an SMS verification check and a real-time photo. But when you go for the audio test, you will have to suffer from poor audio quality, and because of this reason, my personal experience is not good with this transcription job site. If you feel fit, it can be an excellent transcription site as they pay up to $0.6 per audio minute. The payment mode is weekly via PayPal and Payoneer, so if your country supports these payment gateways, you can prefer this site for sure.

4. Daily Transcription 

Daily transcription has clients like Bank of America, The New York Times, HBO, and other well-known organizations that trust this website to transcribe their audio files. But only US and Canadian residents can apply on this transcription site. If you belong to these two countries, you can even use it if you do not have any previous experience in transcribing. When you apply to this website, you have to take a transcription test and a skill assessment test. 

And when your training period gets complete, you will choose a suitable file to transcribe. There is a lot of work, so you will be busy doing transcription. Daily Transcription pays $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute, which is a good pay range, and you can make decent online money with this transcription site. Every week they send your check to clear up your balance payment. 

5. Rev

Rev is my favorite transcription website. As they pay from $0.30 to $1.10 per audio minute, you can withdraw your payment every week via PayPal. There are many transcription jobs or jobs available, and you can apply there without any experience. They have over 60000 freelance transcriptions and 100000 global clients like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and other renowned organizations.

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If you want to apply, you need a bit of fast typing, a good internet connection, and a laptop or PC. Once you get accepted, you can choose any project from the hundreds of available tasks that get posted every day. You will be transcribing the recorded interview, focus group lectures, and so on, so you will not feel bored and enjoy working there. 

6. CastingWords

If you do not want to take any test to apply for a transcription site, then casting words is the website that is for you. By filling out a simple form, you can use it as a transcriptionist. Once you get accepted by them, you can choose various projects to work on, and there are many works available. 

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CastingWords pay $0.85 to $1 per audio minute, but they also provide a bonus in some audio files. The bonus depends upon the grade of the work. It releases the payment weekly based via Paypal. And a beginner-level transcriber can also apply at this platform as they do not experience any experience level.


You have understood what transcription is and got the best transcription websites for beginners and professionals who want to make part-time cash with these transcription sites. Moreover, if you are a student and have a good understanding of English or another available language, you should try one of these websites. When you get done with that, please comment below and share it with them to help them make money online with transcription websites.


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