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So, are you ready to learn about the review of Do you want to know about Rev transcription pay? Need to know about the rev transcription test? And also want to know, is a legit site or not? 

Is Legit?

Then, now you do not need to look anywhere because after doing in-depth research and reading tons of reviews and checking top websites, I come back with the best rev review blog. Thus, let's move to the blog without wasting any time, where we will learn by a step-by-step guide. 


It's harder to find a potential online income source that helps in generating a passive income, and nowadays, transcription is becoming one of the standard skillsets to make money online. And therefore, people are going to the freelance sites and digging those to get some regular and high-paying jobs. And when it comes to transcription job sites, most of us think about, but it is legit to work on and get paid on time.


This confusion stays in mind and wastes a lot of productive time, so in this article, we will look around almost all the topics required to know if you want to be a transcriptionist, captioner, and want to do subtitling on Rev.


What's Or what is is an online platform where it connects with the customers to provide transcription, translation, and captioning services with the help of its in-house and freelance experts. It has received the PC Mag's Editor's Choice Award for transcribing audio and video contents of its clients. This site has also been featured in Tech Crunch and The wall Streat journal. 

This website is famous for audio and video transcription work from home jobs. But Rev transcription pay is a bit less, and still, it is making and helping others make a good side hassle income in dollars. If you want to work on this platform, you have to take a small grammar and transcription test recognized as a Rev transcription test, and many people rate it as a bit harder. 


Thus, only the person who has impact able English listening and fast typing speed as well.   

How Does works?


The customers need to get a video or audio file transcription or caption. They submit their files to this platform, and the freelance transcribers or captioners choose one of those files and submit that after completing the work. Here the freelancers called Revvers claim, listen, caption, or transcribe and at last submit the work, then get the pay. 

It is how works, and it claims that it pays weekly via PayPal and also, it is the best freelancing job site that offers complete flexibility. You can as much as you want and wherever you want. It also says it has a wide range of people who stay at home and perform the required work, such as college students, retirees, and full-time freelance transcribers.


Appy to become a transcriptionist here.


Rev transcription pay: How Much Does Rev Pay To Transcribers?


When your application gets approved, you start getting from $.30 to $1.10 per audio or video minute for the transcriptionist.


And for the captioners, they pay $.54 to $1.10 per audio or video per minute. So, if I say we transcribe 20 minutes of audio or video file in an hour, then the average hourly pay range will fall from $8 to $15 per hour. says its average transcriptionist or captioners earn from $240 per month, whereas the top earners make about $1500 per month. Moreover, this is not great money to earn with side hassle, but if you have excellent typing and listing skills, you can make good money as a side hassle. 


The best thing to make money online is to not rely on only one source, so you can also opt for other transcription websites with it and go for other freelance skills. 


Besides this, if you are fluent in multiple languages, you might qualify as a translator or captioner. And in this rev review, you should know that as a translator, you will be making around $5 to $8 per video minute, so for translators, the pay range is a bit higher and significant as well because translators get paid from $0.5 top $.7 per word. 

But for translators, Rev hasn't clarified the top earner's income, and it is possible to make a good income with a dedication towards the work and skills. 

Rev Review: Is legit?


Is rev transcription legitimate? Do you also want to know whether is legit or not? 


If we consider Rev's association with the top brands with the high profiles mentioned on its website, it would seem a simple and 100 percent authentic website for online transcription jobs. Still, this question is unvoidable because some of its transcriptionists have a review. That also indicates its cons and many limitations for the transcriptionists and captioners. 


So, to better understand the reviews of, you can check out the below websites mentioned. And it is essential to check if you are willing to join this Rev's transcription or caption work from home community.  

Check the rev reviews on Reddit: here. 

Check Glassdoor for review here.


But read the summarized form of Rev's cons and pros as well that you will learn in most of the reviews on these review sites. In the glass door review, you can find many negative and positive reviews on Rev, but the business of this website is running excellent, and top freelancers prefer the same. Rev has 11000 followers on Facebook, and also they have staff and their pictures on this page. 

Aside from this, they have shared the exact address to keep the transparency. Also, if you work well and get good ratings of your work, then there will not be an issue in that, but if the transcriber is not well versed with their ability to meet transcription standards, their profile can be affected. 

Sometimes Rev becomes harsh with it most of the freelancers for many reasons, so if you want to work on this site, it is suitable for side hassle and pays a standard amount that can seem less but still good to make something if you are jobless. 


Thus, Rev is a legit site for getting Rev jobs (i.e., transcription, captions, and translation) and learn more about jobs reviews on Glassdoor and Reddit.


What are the advantages of working on

You are all set to adapt to work from a home culture with a desktop pc or laptop and broadband high-speed internet connection.


Complete flexibilities to choose working hours and get paid for each project that you complete. 


The payment gets cleared every week via PayPal.


What are the disadvantages of working on


It took time to complete a minute of transcription, and compared to it, the pay seems less.

Some of its audios are difficult to hear and understand. Also, the amount of work may vary throughout the day or week.

You also have to be aware of the projects because other freelancers will also try to get the same projects. 

Many people have complained about their inadequate and unfair freelancer supports to check the work you have done.


It would be best if you had the consistency to keep earning stable money with this platform, and your pay range depends on your test speed level. 


You mentioned the speed and got in your transcription test to keep your per audio minute pay higher.  

Rev Review: My opinion


After all the discussion, is a regiment website and an excellent place to start as a transcriptionist and captioner. It can also be a good source of income for good at typing and listening and have excellent googling skills.


Thus, Rev is a legit site, but its pay is less for an intermediate or top-level professional in transcription. However, if you want to work on this platform, then it will be a great thing. Still, if you are looking for another site, then you can check out our "6 Best Transcription Websites For Beginners?" because there I have mentioned top transcription sites to work these days.


So, in the end, if you have any suggestions or comments in mind, then share them below!

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