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Cash-back apps are the applications that can automate your saving process. You get cash back whenever you spend your hard-earned money using the best cashback apps. Most people use such applications as spending money on a dinner date can be exciting. 

But when it comes to spending money on groceries, electricity bills, and other utility expenses. Hence, getting small cashbacks and vouchers can be excellent to save expenses. 


Hence, in today’s article, we will discuss some best cashback apps for bill payment, purchasing groceries, and for amazon. So, read this crucial post if you want to learn more about famous and best apps for cashback.  

best cash back apps

List Of Best Cash Back Apps In 2022 

#1. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is one of the leading and best cashback apps for groceries and bill payments. However, this app is particularly great if you want a cashback app for purchasing groceries. Because whenever you purchase groceries, you need to snap the photos and get rewards. 

You get reward points that you can redeem as gift card vouchers on every snapped photo. Also, you have a 14-day limit to snap the photo after purchasing groceries. Hence, it is one of the best apps for cashback whether you live in India, Canada, Australia, or anywhere.

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#2. RetailMeNot

If you are searching for an original app for cashback generated from the website. RetailMeNot is the ideal cashback application for you. It is an application that finds coupons for you, but you can also get online offers.

You can even claim a cashback on the receipt you have received after purchasing products. However, it is the best cashback app if you want to use it in a grocery shop, but from another perspective as well, you can use this app. 

#3. is another excellent application to get cashback for your purchase. And on this site, you need to link your shop loyalty card. And whenever you select the ideal coupon, your discount will automatically apply when you purchase groceries. However, if you haven’t linked your store loyalty card because you do not have that, you can upload the image of the bill you have got for your purchase. 

best cash back apps for groceries

With the approval of your receipt, your cashback will automatically get applied. However, in recent days, people have reported technical errors while uploading an image of a receipt. You can check whether the error has been fixed or not because after approval, your cashback comes in the PayPal account. 

#4. MyPoints

MyPoints is also an application where you can claim cashback. However, this platform also allows you to get paid surveys and other microtasks to make extra money. You can earn up to 40% cashback for your purchase; that’s amazing if you get it. If you purchase products from Target, OldNavy, and other similar sites. This application will be ideal to use for getting cashback. 

It currently has more than 10 million users, and it has paid over $250 million, which shows its credibility and legitness. You can claim your rewards as gift cards and also as PayPal cash. Also, this application would be suitable if you wish to use it as a cashback app for bill payment and grocery. 

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#5. Dosh

Dosh App is another cashback app that also covers hotels. Hence, you have dinner or lunch in hotels and want to save some money from there. You can consider using Dosh; linking your credit or debit card required. Once you link your ideal card, you can benefit from getting cashback.

Also, the rewards can be transferred into PayPal and bank as well. If you use your credit card most of the time for the hotel and other expenses. Using the Dosh cash back app can be a fair deal for you. 


#6. Belly

You want to get exciting benefits like a free personal training session in a local gym. You can consider using Belly as your best cashback and reward app. Because it is the virtual loyalty card where many local businesses provide exciting offers. 

best cash back apps for amazon

So, they can keep the current customers retained and keep making money. And if you are also a customer of such stores, you can save some money. However, you will have to check whether this application is available for your country code or not. 

#7. CoinOut

CoinOut is a cashback and excellent application requiring no financial information. You need to scan the electricity, gas, or grocery bill and claim your cash back. Also, it does not require you to shop at a specific store to find offers. 

Hence, if you wish to get some small cashback for every purchase. You can consider this one of the best cashback apps as well.  

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#8. Earny

The application asks you to link your email address with this app. So, whenever you get a receipt for your purchase on your email. It can find out the best refund offers for you without requiring any effort. 

Earny says they can help its users get up to 20 percent cashback. Hence, you can select this application to earn money online and get cashback. 

#9. GetUpside

This cashback app is a versatile application for getting rewards. It provides offers for grocery stores, hotels, restaurants and is even available for gas stations. Hence, it can be your all-in-one and best cashback app if it meets your requirements. 

The best thing about this excellent cashback and reward application is that it supports gas stations. But the number of gas stations is very limited to the specified area. 

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#10. TopCashBack

TopCashback is one of those apps for cashback that can offer you up to 100% cashback. Because this platform earns money mainly from the ads that appear here. And it is connected with over 4000 retailers who offer amazing deals for customers. 

what are the best cash back apps

You can refer to this application and earn a referring bonus as well. The earnings or savings from this application can be transferred to PayPal, gift cards, and Amazon credits. Hence, this cashback app is best for getting Amazon credits.  

#11. SavingStar

SavingStar is another excellent app for those who want to get cashback after purchasing groceries. It is an app available in many countries and has over 70,000 retailers. Some of the leading retailers of SavingStar are Target and Kroger. 

Thus, if you purchase groceries or other ideal products, you can use SavingStar as a cashback app. It allows you to transfer the fund directly to a bank account, card, and even PayPal. Its apps are available for both Android and iOS. 


What Are The Best Cashback Apps In India?

If you live in India and use an online payment system, you might be looking for specific cashback apps. However, some leading cash back apps are PhonePay, GooglePay, Paytm, MagicPin, GoPaisa app, and Nearbuy.  

What Are The Best Cashback Apps In Canada?

We discussed the best cashback apps that are supported in most countries. However, if you want Canada-specific apps to get cashback. You can consider Caddle, Swagbucks (check my Swagbucks review), Great Canadian Rebate, and Ampli.  

What Are The Best Cashback Apps In Australia?

ShopBack Australia, CashBack World, Honey, Swagbucks, and Rakuten are considered the best cashback apps in Australia.  


Whether you want small savings on paying electricity bills, grocery and gas payments, there are many best cashback apps. You can use those based on your requirements and start making merely savings on your small expenses. Considering the same thing, I researched and presented the best apps for cashback.

We covered special applications, discussed their key features and suitability. Hence, I hope you have a clear idea and have chosen your best cashback app for the bill, grocery, and gas payment. 

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