Survey Junkie Review: Is Survey Junkie Legit Or A Big Scam

You will not be rich, but it can be a suitable way to earn a side income by utilizing spare time. If you want to earn money while watching a Netflix show or standing in a grocery line, then you may hear about filling surveys for cash. Survey Junkie is also one of those platforms that provide an opportunity to the side hasslers or persons willing to get some easy cash.


This post will help you understand the Survey Junkie app and tell you whether Survey Junkie is legit or a big scam. And how much you can earn if you work here and much other essential information you may like to know. So, without taking much time, let's start understanding this survey application that claims to pay for surveys.  

Survey Junkie Review

What Is Survey Junkie App?

Survey Junkie was founded in 2011 as a market research company that pays for completing surveys on its site. Here, the company posts their surveys to get reviews about the products and their services to improve in the future. Basically, companies connected with Survey Junkies want to know about their products, how they are performing, whether their customers are happy or not, and do not improve. 

Their primary goal is to get unique points of view from a wide range of potential users and pay for their efforts. If you registered at Survey Junkie, then you can choose any survey, answer the questions, and get cash for that.  

Is Survey Junkie App Legit?

Most of you may want to know whether Survey Junkie is legit or a scam. So, you must know that it is accredited by BBB or Better Business Bureau, and it owns a B rating from them. According to the Better Business Bureau, Survey Junkie has around 280 complaints, and all of them were resolved. 

Also, it has 4.5-star ratings on Trustpilot, and it is reviewed by over 12,800 people worldwide. Now it has over 10 million members, so we can say it is a legit survey site or an application that offers the opportunity to earn a side income.  

How Much Can You Earn On Survey Junkie?

So, now another question you may ask, how much money do you earn from Survey Junkies. If you complete one survey, then you can earn $0.5 to $3 per survey. Therefore. If you have some free time and every day you fill one survey which can be around up to 20 minutes longer. 

Then you can easily make $15 to $90 per month. I know this is not too much money you can expect. 

However, it is still good to earn a side-by-side income while traveling on the bus, sitting on the ground, or utilizing other spare time. You can also qualify for its unique or occasional product testing, which can pay $5 to $150 for each participant in this. The earning model is simple the qualify for more surveys to earn more money.  

What Are The Advantages Of Survey Junkie?

This is one of the best survey sites you can work on and start earning from filling surveys. There are some crucial advantages to working on this site; let's look at these points.  

1.Convenient To Make Money Online

Survey Junkies can be a convenient way to make money online. If you have an internet connection, a smartphone, or a laptop, then you can start checking out the best surveys to earn money. 

You can also earn money while watching tv shows, or having fun with your friends. You can productively use your internet and also there are not such complex questions.  

2.Have Useful Payment Or Redeem Option

Survey Junkie offers applicable payment redeem options such as Paypal, Egift cards, amazon gift cards, and more. You can also use bank transfers to make the redeeming process easier.  

3.Simple Dashboard And Easy To Use

The super cool thing about this site is it has a simple and easy-to-use dashboard. So, you will not find such difficulties as a beginner. Many survey sites are harder to use initially, but with this application, you will not struggle with such problems.  

4.Good For Side Income

It's fun to earn online money this way because you mostly need to give unique reviews about the marketing products or ads. And in return, you get some points once your points hit 1000 points; you can redeem it for $10. 


Who Is Best For Survey Junkie App?


The survey Junkie app can be suitable for those who have time to kill and earn some valuable money. 


This is also suitable for the people who travel, especially on the bus or other public transport. In that case, they can use Survey Junkie to convert these minutes into dollars. 


Generally, if you complete 2 surveys during traveling, you can easily make $1 to $6, and it is not too much, but still worth it. 


If you are a kid willing to earn some extra pocket money, it can be a great option. 


But you should remember you should use Survey Junkie as a side hustle only because there are many other ways to make passive income.  

Is Survey Junkie App is safe for you?

Most of you may concern about your privacy; therefore, it is obvious to ask out this or a similar type of question. Survey Junkie is one of the safest and trusted. Still, it asks about some personal information, even some sensitive information, for the survey purpose. 

However, this is for a voluntary purpose, and it's a trusted purpose. It also uses cookies, and some of them get expired when you close the browser, but some may remain in the browser. 

However, you can delete cookies if you do not want them to collect your personal information. Although, the Survey Junkie app has an SSL certificate, which ensures higher security about your personal data.  

So, What are my final thoughts?


Survey Junkie is a trusted and legit survey site that offers a free platform to share views in exchange for dollars and gift cards. You will not be making tons of cash, but it is an easy way to earn some side income as a student or free person. 

If you are looking for an online survey site that offers relatively good cash, then you can look for Survey Junkie. So, I hope this information will help you kill your free time and make some decent money.

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