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Etsy is one online marketplace where you can sell or buy artistic and unique items. It is a POD platform to upload your high-quality and unique designs. And it can be printed on shirts, t-shirts, and other wearable items. 

It can be a fantastic platform for buyers to buy accessible and unique items to wear and look fashionable. Hence, if you want to learn how to make money on Etsy. You can read this article because it will give you complete insights to make money on Etsy.  


What Is Etsy? 

Etsy is a global marketplace of handmade and craft supplies. It just connects the people who are sellers and buyers. Buyers join these marketplaces to buy the unique and extraordinary things made and sold by sellers who work with various delivery partners. 

Etsy provides a platform to contact to fulfill each other's requirements through its independent sellers, buyers, and delivery partners. There are lots of categories for selling the products and managing their listing. 

If you are looking to work in the e-commerce industry, you can work at its website or Etsy app.  

How Does Etsy Work?

Before you learn how to make money on Etsy, let's understand how this platform works.  

#1. Buyers Come To Buy

As we know, it is a marketplace for selling and buying extraordinary or unique handmade goods and crafts. Buyers come here to get the unique handcrafted things they are looking for. 

#2. Sellers Offer Products On Store

Artists or people who want to sell their handmade or crafts can use Etsy. These people can start their own Etsy shop and start finding in-demand products and niches.   

#3. Products Listings 

Here you can find the products buyers want to purchase and list them on your Etsy shop. 

#4. Delivery Partner Supply Products

Sellers can contact delivery partners who can supply their products to their customers. 

#5. Cycle between sellers, buyers, and delivery partners

It keeps processing in this way; buyers order products, sellers make them, and then delivery partner's deliver them. 

#6. Earn The Profits

After completing orders, have some fee deductions such as delivery charges, listing fees, and transaction fees. Buyers get their orders, and sellers, delivery partners, and the Etsy team profit from their hard work and services. 

How Much Can I Earn From Etsy? 

How much you earn monthly depends on you and your strategies. If you advertise your product, then you get more orders, and your earning can be good; else, you would wait for orders by SEO of Etsy.


Another thing is product type, or the type of product you create and list. If you sell trendy things, it will attract people considerably. If not, then your earning will not be that much beneficial.


Also, your income on Etsy can be varied if you do a full-time or part-time job. If you do the whole time, then you will earn more. If you work on Etsy part-time, your earnings will not be that much. 

Finally, you may understand why there is no particular amount you can earn as a beginner or experienced to work here. But in general, when you work consistently, you can generate $100-$300 per month.  

How To Make An Account On Etsy? 


#1. Visit Etsy Website

If you think about how to start an Etsy business, then first, you have to make an Etsy account. For getting your account on Etsy, you have to visit the sign-up page of its official website; Its official website is

#2. Click On "Sign-In."

Now here, you will get an option to create an account. Go there, click on the sign-up option, and proceed with the suggested process.  

#3. Fill The Form And Use Sign-Up Method.

You have to fill the form and type in your email address. You can even choose an option to get signed up either with apple, google, or Facebook. 

#4. Verification From The Etsy Team

Now, you will get a verification email from the team of Etsy. There will be a link click on that, and that is done. If you sign in using Facebook to create your Etsy account to make money online. You will get a notification on your Facebook account, and it is the easiest way.  

#5. Registration Is Done!

You can now add your details to your account because the sign-up process is completed. You have done registration and have your own Etsy account. After it, you should know how to set up an Etsy shop and how to open an Etsy shop too. 

How To Open An Etsy Shop? 

#1. Sign-In To

Now, let's discuss how to open an Etsy shop in simple terms. To get started with an Etsy shop, you have to create your account as given above or if you already have an account, sign in at 

#2. Click On "Sell On Etsy."

The second step of how to open an Etsy shop is to find out the option of "sell on Etsy." After clicking that, you will begin setting up your profile but choose what you want to sell before starting the shop.  

#3. Shop Preference Setting

Now, here is how to set up an Etsy shop at first, choose the preference of your profile. Also, keep in mind that some things can't be changed later. Here in this section, you will set the language of your shop and will not be changed later. After that, choose the correct country; and after selecting your currency, click on "save and continue." 

Before saving the details, recheck them to ensure the accuracy of the details you have added. Also, choose that it is your full-time or part-time job and your shop will not be affected by it at all. It was how to set up an Etsy shop's basic details. 

#4. Shop Name

Now, here is how to set up an Etsy shop's name after setting the preferences of the Etsy shop. Its length must be between 4 to 20 characters only. Else, your shop name should be different from others as they don't allow the same name for two shops. 

Also, the shop name can't contain special characters and spaces. You don't have to worry about it as they also give suggestions for your shop name. 

#5. Start Selling 

After completing these crucial steps to set up your Etsy shop, click on "save and continue," and you will get an option for "open your shop." After that, your shop is ready to sell, and you can make money only by selling the best artistic products. 

Just start listing your products, and never forget to set up a payment method as Etsy payment is not available in every country. It was how to set up an Etsy shop for the first time.  

How To Make Money On Etsy & Cost To Sell On Etsy?

#1. How Much Does Etsy Charge On Creating An Etsy Shop For The Seller?

You will feel glad because creating an Etsy shop is free, and you don't have to pay at all.  

#2. How Much Does Etsy Charge On Transaction?

When you sell on Etsy, it charges you around 5%, it includes delivery charges and the cost of packaging. It is not too much, but you must analyze your total profit per sale while pricing. 

#3. How Much Does Etsy Charge On Postage Service Or Delivery Of Products?

If you wish to provide free delivery to your customers, then also the delivery partner will cost you the delivery charges. But it is already included in transaction fees. You can sum delivery charges into the product's price as there is a feature. 

If you want to mention delivery charges, Etsy will take 5% of delivery charges. It is the same as it is calculated into transaction fees; hence focus on this term.  

#4. How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Etsy By Listing Products?

You cost $0.20 for each product you list on your profile. It charges you for product listing fees for each product you list on Etsy for some time. 

#5. How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Etsy Through Etsy Advertisement?

You have control of whether you want to advertise your product or not. If you allow advertising your products on Etsy, it will cost around 15% on each sale made by ads of Etsy.   

Advantages Of Selling On Etsy 


#1. Availability Of Many Categories

Sellers have many product categories to sell their products on Etsy. So, you can choose any suitable product you think will be in demand in the future. 

#2. Tools For Effective Marketing

Some practical marketing tools help you to make your business more profitable. You get services like delivery, advertisement of your product and some more. 

#3. Suggestion And Trend Updates From Etsy 

Etsy always informs its sellers about trends on the platform and suggests your products can be sold as soon as possible. 

#4. Work On An International Platform

It is an international platform as they allow you to join these platforms from anywhere globally.   

Disadvantages Of Selling On Etsy? 

#1. US-Based Website

Etsy is a website mainly based in the US; so, it is not easy to process for other countries. 

#2. To many costs Through Fees

They cost sellers many types of costs, such as product listing, transaction fees, advertisement, and some more. 

#3. Advertisement Is Need

If sellers want to sell their products on Etsy, they need to promote them with Etsy. Because there is a big competition on the platforms as they have millions of sellers 

#4. Privacy Complaint

There is a common complaint from sellers that anyone can see our transaction history.  

Tips And Ideas For How To Make Money On Etsy? 

#1. Research The Trendy Products

You should create in-demand products to start an Etsy business. Etsy always gives you suggestions through its blog on trendy things. It is where you can get an idea of what you should sell. And you made only those products that your customers need and want. 

#2. Use Keywords

If you wish to rank your products and learn more about how to sell things on Etsy. You should discover keywords to make your products SEO-friendly. By adding keywords, products can be ranked on the Etsy search result. Therefore, you can add keyword tags to your products that can be suitable to be found by customers. 

#3. Offer Free Delivery On Costly Products

Still, looking for How to start an Etsy business? By attracting and showing them the benefits of your creative products. If you offer your customers a free delivery option, it can be effective. Now don't think you will pay it because you add it to the product's total price. There is an option provided by Etsy to do the same.  

#4. Pin Photos On Pinterest

The next question is how to sell stuff on Etsy in less time? It is not a big issue; promote them on social sites like Pinterest. You can use pin pictures to promote your business through Pinterest. You can add relevant keywords to the product you want to sell and provide the link there. Whenever somebody clicks, it will reach your product. 

#5. Promotions On Social Media Platforms 

You can also make money on Etsy by getting clients from your social media networks. Promotion on social media is how to start an Etsy business effectively. So, update your product to your networks by posting content on your social media profiles such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. 

#6. Upload Eye-Catching Pictures Of Products

When you list your product on Etsy, always upload some photos of your product. Listing is how to sell things on Etsy because buyers can't see it in your shop without listing. It attracts your clients, and they also understand what they are buying from you. 

#7. Write An Attractive Description

How to make money on Etsy by writing descriptions? So, before listing your products, always write a compelling description that can attract buyers and motivate them to buy your products. It should be for showing them it is profitable for them. 

#8. Use Etsy Tools

For making more money, you should use tools provided by Etsy, such as a handbook. Also, keep yourself updated on what tools you get from Etsy if you are new. Etsy always suggests tools to use and make you understand how to start an Etsy business by doing tiny things. 

You Discovered How To Make Money On Etsy!

So, this article discussed with you how to make money on Etsy in detail. We covered a lot of tips and tricks to help you create a compelling Esty store and earn money profit. However, setting up your online business to make money online takes time. To generate sales fast, you should create excellent creative items. 

And use paid ads on Etsy to get exposure and sales for your products. Thus, we hope you liked this article on how to make money on Etsy. And if you wish to learn many other ways to make money online, stay tuned with our other posts. 



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