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Want to learn how to create a WordPress (2023) website as a beginner? This might seem overwhelming as most of you think only web developers and designers can make a website. But if you also think the same, you do not need to worry more. I have good news for you where I will tell you how you can create and design a website on wordpress using simple steps. 


I will tell you steps you can follow to create a professional website for a personal blog, portfolio, and client's website. Also, I will give you some pro tips to get traffic on your website, which you can use to rank your website as soon as possible. So, without further delay, let's start understanding how to create a professional-looking wordpress website without coding.  

How To Create a WordPress Website? (Step-By-Step)

How To Create A WordPress Website As A Beginner? 2023

#1. Decide You Will Make A WordPress website:

Before we start discussing buying a domain and other vital steps. You must make sure you are going to make a WordPress website. There are plenty of reasons to use WordPress as your CMS. It is a free and open-source technology supported by most of the hostings. 

Also, most of the websites are built on WordPress. There are thousands of plugins to help websites in SEO and ranking. Also, it is easy to use and lets you make a professionally ready website just in a few minutes.  

#2. Get Domain Name: 

Once you decide, you will make a WordPress website for your blog and website. You need to get a domain name from a legit and reputed domain registrar. A domain name is as simple as your home address or mobile number. It can't be two or three for the same domain name on the internet. The website name is a domain name that your visitors will search for. 

However, there are many domain registrars, but I suggest you get a domain from Because here, you get an easy and user-friendly user interface, and domain names are very accessible. Although, many other companies offer you one free domain name if you get their hosting service.  

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#3. Buy Web Hosting: 

We discussed the domain name, and now we need hosting. You will need web hosting, which is not a big deal. But remember, you must get hosting service from a reliable hosting service provider. You can consider Hostinger, Bluehost, and Hostgator if you are a beginner. Because these hosting service providers offer affordable and high-quality web hosting services. 

how to make wordpress website

You will get the option there to choose any plan for web hosting. It can be based on our monthly or yearly plan. If you wish to make one WordPress website, then you can choose the starting level package. However, to build many websites in the same hosting, you should consider mid-level hosting service packages.  

#4. WordPress Installation:

Once you purchase the hosting service and have a domain name. You will require installing WordPress, an open-source and powerful CMS. In most of the hosting services, you get a one-click WordPress installation. If not, you can have the option later, and you can install it as it is straightforward. 

It is a simple process, and when you read the guidelines, it will be easy to install it. So, let's move to the next step of this article on 'how to make a WordPress website in a few steps.' 

#5. Website Layout And Design: 

You have purchased hosting, domain name and also have installed WordPress. Now you will be asked to choose your theme for your website design. So, whichever you like, click on that, and then you will have the option "use this theme" click on it. It can take a few minutes to be applied, and if you are building a business website, you can purchase a paid theme. 


So, you will have the details for accessing your website's control panel. Now your website needs some hours to be live on the internet. In this period you can explore more knowledge about WordPress and its features. After that, you will need to publish some content on your site. Remember, it is one of the most crucial parts if you are willing to learn 'how to create a WordPress website.' 

#6. Content Posting: 

You have learned how to create a WordPress website, but there are still many things to do. You will have the option to "log in to WordPress," log in with this option, and then you will begin posting your content. 


how to create wordpress website for free

To start posting content on your website, click on "post," and then you will have the option "add new," click on it. You can write down your content, and also you can work on the format using tools. You don't need any coding knowledge at all that we discussed just in starting. 

When You have uploaded some content, start promoting them continuously with your social media accounts. If you don't have enough knowledge about using WordPress features and plugins. In that case, you can go with the registrar's support; GoDaddy and other service providers also provide you with user support. 

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How To Get Traffic To WordPress Websites? 

In this article on How to create a WordPress website, we discussed steps to create a WordPress website. We also learned how to customize a WordPress website. However, there is no benefit if it is not getting traffic after posting the number of contents. 


Hence, now you will need to promote your website on other social media platforms and gain some traffic to your WordPress website. Therefore, I have mentioned some crucial ways to get traffic to the WordPress website below.  

#1. Twitter's Hashtags: 

If you are a Twitter user, you can explore some opportunities to get traffic. You can use Twitter hashtags and upload some pictures and posts regarding the website content, and the same with Instagram. Both are almost the same, but the most valuable things are hashtags. 

These things rank your content and show it in search results. But it also requires consistent effort on such social media platforms. Hence, whenever you publish content on your website, share the links on social media sites like Twitter.   

how to create wordpress website

#2. Pinterest Community: 

You should join the Pinterest group to help you drive massive traffic to your WordPress website. You can create some pictures which are related to your website content. Also, you can put your website name with the content you are uploading on Pinterest. You should post about three to five posts every day on Pinterest and follow top content creators in your niche. 

So, you can understand which type of content they are posting and getting traffic. Hence, after understanding how to create a WordPress website, you should understand how to get traffic to Pinterest. It is a social site that can bring massive traffic to blog websites.  

#3. Facebook And Social Media Group: 

If you are on some Facebook or other social media groups. In that case, you should share your website link because there are lots of chances to get traffic from Facebook as the group members are enormous. You should join Facebook groups and create a copy of the article you want to promote.

But prevent pasting the direct link of your article and content. Because such platforms may not push your content and do not allow you to get much engagement. Hence, use sites like Canva, create simple graphics, and paste the link there.  

#4. Facebook Ads: 

If you want to learn how to drive traffic to a wordpress website. You should also use Facebook Ads as it is a cost-effective way to get traffic. You can use Facebook ads for advertising your website. In this way, you will get paid traffic from Facebook users when they see your advertisement. 

#5. Comment On Blogs From The Same Niche: 

If you get any popular blog from your exact niche, you should comment on the content and share your website link. So readers on the website can visit your website, and it will promote your content. 

Also, setting up Google alerts for related phrases can be helpful to get an email to you when any of them upload a post regarding the topic related to your niche. Then you can comment on the contents and leave the website address again. 


I hope this article was helpful for you because I told you how to create a wordpress website for blogs and websites. We also discussed how to drive traffic to the wordpress website and customize your site.

Hence, if you find this article helpful, make sure you comment and share it with your community. So, we can keep producing excellent articles on making money online. 

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