How To Generate Leads From LinkedIn? [2023]

Lead generation is a crucial thing in running your business successfully. Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner and want to get paid from your potential customers, you need to find reliable and stable sources of leads. But what do you think, are gathering potential and relevant leads easy?  

Generating stable leads is not as easy as it seems and as hard as you may think. 


However, as per the report, over 60% of businesses say getting leads and traffic is one of the primary challenges. 


It is one of the common challenges that businesses and brands face. Therefore they all look for social media leads. Because it is an effective stream to find potential leads, but when it comes to high-quality leads, LinkedIn is a clear winner. And that's why we all love to have a LinkedIn marketing strategy to make our sales double. 


So, discussing how to generate leads from LinkedIn is worth discussing as it provides over80% B2B leads to marketers.  

Ways To Get Potential Leads From Linkedin  

1. Optimize Your Linkedin Profile

Setting up and optimizing your profile is essential because, with these basic steps, you can show a brief intro about you and your offered services. It also supports when you connect with other people and potential leads.

Because if your profile looks genuine and relevant, only then people feel free to be part of your connection or follow you. And when you send a connection request to someone, you may probably now get an invitation accepted.

But in this scenario, having an optimized profile setup can help you to stand out. When people see your profile page, then they feel more likely to accept the request. Make sure to use a professionally clicked LinkedIn profile picture as you will deal with professionals and B2B leaders.

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However, you can also use a mobile camera and click your picture with a white or light background.If you make a professional profile pic, then nobody will take you seriously. Ideally, people use professional headshots and use that in their LinkedIn profiles.

It also helps if you have a headline that describes what you do or your position in the company or business. You can mention in the headline that you are a CEO, CMO, CFO, Founder, Freelancer, B2B writer.

Also, Social Media Marketer, Senior Web Developer, or any other profile that describes your role in the best way. It will help if you look legit and professional with the relevant skills to offer the potential client's desired services.  

2. Set Up a Compelling Linkedin Page For Your Business Or Services 


After setting up a profile on Linkedin and optimizing that, you need to make sure to have a compelling LinkedIn page. It is the page that attracts potential customers, educates them, and engages with them effectively.

It will also naturally force visitors to try one of your offered services or products. Staying active on the LinkedIn page is also another key to success. By posting helpful posts related to the services or products allow you to reach potential customers.

They will feel free to follow the page and start building a trusted community if they like the material. Once you have more followers on your page, you will quickly get more than good leads.

But your competitors may also have such a page; therefore, you have to be more audience-centric while setting and optimizing a LinkedIn business page.  

3. Post Relevant Content (Photos, Graphics, Text, Videos) To Engage With a Targeted Audience

If you want to create your LinkedIn profile and page stronger, you need to post various relevant content types. It can include attractive graphics, illustrations, photos, creatively written text, and video content.

By posting relevant content regularly will help to enhance reach and get attention from potential leads. When you keep posting, then your post starts coming on the regular feed of the potential profiles.

Along with this, it also helps in connecting with like-minded professionals to enlarge your customer base. But here, you need to focus on posting quality content rather than quantity. Therefore it is always better to post one high-quality post daily.

To ensure whether a post is getting engagement or not, you can also take the help of analytics to plan or optimize LinkedIn marketing strategy.  

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4. Communicate With Old Leads Before You Reach Out To New Ones 

Many businesses and freelancers grab their leads, convert them into their customers, and start looking for new leads. But if you want to generate leads from LinkedIn or any other platform, you must look to old leads.

When you pitch old leads with a cold email or as about their feedback or offer exciting discounts. Then they are more likely to repurchase your product or service. You can even offer premium services to your old leads.

Also, you can focus on finding new leads to take advantage of the number game and keep dealing with a good number of projects. You need to follow up with clients around 4-5 times; however, almost 50% of clients need a one-time follow-up.

You can automate the processor and can also do this task manually to engage with your client. So, if you want to know how to generate leads from LinkedIn, you should keep focusing on old and new leads.  

5. Connect With Potential Leads And Professionals


It would help if you also connected with potential people or the professionals who can be your potential client. Linkedin has this excellent feature where you can connect with B2B or B2C leads and even those professionals.

They can help you to build your customer base. However, it would help if you mainly connected with the professionals who belong to your industry or like the product or services you are offering.

You can get references, referrals, and other vital profiles to increase your brand recognition by connecting people. At LinkedIn, people do not connect with spammy connection requests. If they do connect, then you will not be able to engage with them effectively.

Therefore, you should identify whom you should connect with your profile by making a proper strategy. Also, it can be an additional benefit if you send a connection request with warm outreach.  

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6. Write a Compelling Opening Message Like

Do you accept a connection request on LinkedIn without a message? Probably no in most of the cases, or you may not be sure. Sending a message while making a connection request is a good practice to do as a professional.

When people send a message, they define why they want to connect with another person. And it helps another person to decide whether they can be an ideal connection or not.

It also motivates another person to accept the connection request faster and start engaging with each other. You can mention why you think that person can be the right lead; maybe you both belong to the same industry, country, and city.

Below there is an example that you can copy-paste while finding or generating leads on Linkedin.


Hi (name),

I came across your LinkedIn profile, and I was impressed with it. We might benefit each other if we connect. Please feel free to accept my connection request if you are open to connecting. 




You can add some more phrases, but you need to make sure that LinkedIn allows a maximum of 300 characters.  

7. Join Linkedin Groups To Find New Linkedin Leads

It is also an excellent activity to join or follow related LinkedIn groups where your ideal customers or leads may be. You can also have your own LinkedIn group, but joining groups with many participants can help you reach a vast audience.

However, if you have your own LinkedIn group where you need to request people to follow. You can control the entire activity in your group, but you may not have such an advantage over other groups.

But existing groups are also great for generating leads on Linkedin. Before you join any group, you need to check out which type of audience is there and what they expect to see in that group. Once you analyze this, you can also measure the same with your ideal customers.

Along with this, you can also check out the engagement rate of that group; the more engagement rate is reasonable. Also, it is better to check out the groups' rules because if you do not follow such rules, the admin can delete your post or disapprove.  

8. Maintain Consistency And Stay Active

If you are still asking how to get leads on LinkedIn? You must know, consistency is critical whether it is LinkedIn or any other social media channel. You need to be more active and engage with the connection's post.

You can comment or even share their posts. The more you will engage with others' posts, and the more people will engage with your post. The more engagement your post will get, the more leads you will get.

All these activities are interconnected; if you do not post for some time, your engagement rate can be down. So, come up with great content, offer value, engage with others, maintain consistency and keep generating leads on LinkedIn.  


Linkedin is a great platform, especially if you are looking for your potential clients or customers. Many leads will love to try out your offerings and become your loyal customers.

But enjoying a stable and fruitful lead is possible if you have an excellent LinkedIn profile, post valuable content, engage with others' posts and maintain consistency.

So, I assume now you have understood ways to get leads from LinkedIn and will try in real life to make more money from the skills, services, or the product you are offering. 

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