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Selling old clothes can be a great deal to clear up a crammed wardrobe and place new clothing that matches the latest fashion trends. Most of you may be willing to do the same but do not know about sites to sell your clothes online and allow earning cash from it.

Well, if you want to know about the best places to sell your clothes online, stay tuned to this post. Because after doing comprehensive research, I have put together the best places to sell your clothes online without facing any problems. In this post, I will also share some crucial tips that will help you to generate maximum revenue from it, so read it carefully.  

Sell Your Clothes Online

Top 10 Sites To Sell Your Clothes Online 

1. Depop

Depop is the best place to sell your clothes online because it is designed just like Instagram and offers several features to its users. You can upload image of your used clothes just like Instagram, in square shape, and add descriptions and captions to provide more information. Depop also gives separate columns to add the pricing of the clothes you want to sell.

Therefore even a newbie in the used clothes selling business can get their first sales. You can sell almost everything that is there in a crammed wardrobe. But if you have some vintage stuff, it has more chance of getting sold out. You can upload an image of used shoes, books, clothing, and more. Also, you can make arrangements with other sellers if you agree to the deal they offer.

Moreover, Depop is one of the most addictive platforms because it is exciting and worth making money. However, Depop charges around 10% on each sale, and PayPal charges when you request withdrawal.  

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2. Etsy

Etsy is one of the best clothes-selling platforms, but it is not entirely free. It charges a $.20 listening fee, 5%, and 4%+£0.20 for transaction and processing fees, respectively. You can not sell used clothes here, but you can associate with selling homemade crafts.

However, it can be great if you have the creative ability to form unique designs. You can quickly sell printed T-shirts, vintage designs, jewelry, and badges. But do not forget Esty has strict guidelines to keep its marketplace clean for the other sellers. If you plan to go into the printed shirt business, it is the platform you can look for. 

3. Preloved

Preloved is one of the best-used clothes-selling platforms, especially if you want to run this business locally. It is one of the most significantly used clothes-selling marketplaces in the UK and does not charge for anything. Therefore, you can sell anything you have and also get the complete payment you decide.

But make sure to fill the profile section carefully so that you look legit and reliable. Along with this, you should also care about each post you post to sell your clothing because Preloved provides three free images per post. The best thing about Preloved is that it has millions of trusted audiences in the UK, so you can quickly sell your wardrobe items. 

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4. Rebelle

If you need to sell your clothes online at a reasonable price and have some designer clothes, you can go for Rebelle. It charges 17% to 33% or €20 depending upon the pricing of the cloth you decide on. Unlike other platforms, you can list the item and send it to Rebelle. After doing this, they will verify the quantity and authenticity to prevent fraudulent activity on their site.

Once your clothing item gets sold out, they get the money from the buyer and transfer it to your account. They also provide a Rebelle handle that handles selling processes for you just for £15 per item; therefore, it is recommended if you want to sell bulk and expensive clothing, then you can go for this option as well. So, this is also one of the good places to sell your clothes online at the correct pricing.  

5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another place to sell used clothes locally. It is not as famous as other listed websites, but still, most people already know about it, and it is also free to use. So, you can also try this marketplace at once, as it is worth your attention. You can upload items you want to sell and can merge with Facebook selling groups.

By getting entered into these groups, you can target more people locally because these groups are focused on a particular location. Do not expect you will be getting high pay for high-quality vintage clothing or items. It can be an excellent place to get rid of the bunch of used clothing you have kept in your crammed wardrobe.  

6. Spoyl

Spoyl is also considered one of the best online selling and buying platforms for clothing. You can trade your clothing to get paid for it. It has a wide range of categories, so you can quickly sell out from fashion to beauty, kids' stuff, vouchers, gifts, and much more.

You can also negotiate with the people who show interest in your products and sell them at the best prices. It has a chat choice where you can do such activities. However, if you want some of the sites to sell your clothes online, you can also look for this platform. 

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7. ASOS Marketplace

If you are in the business of used clothes selling a business and have gained some experience, then you can move to ASOS Marketplace. It is not for the newbies because you will have to pay £20 every month and also 20% on every sale you make. If you have high-quality products, then they will consider you when you apply to their boutique.

You can also apply for the same if you have an independent fashion label because they keep looking for the professionals like you as you can make decent money out of that. The best thing about this online place is the high-quality audience of ASOS that can be effective for your retail business.  

8. eBay

eBay can also be the best place to sell your clothes online because here, you can sell almost everything you want to sell and earn cash. It charges 10 percent on every sale and 35p if your monthly allowance is over 1000. you can take advantage of the millions of traffic every day to search for the best products.

If you have much to offer them, you can get huge sales from it. But this platform can be harsh with many sellers if they do not understand what sells here and what does not. You can use buy now to sell on fixed-price or the auction option to let the buyers place bids.  

9. Refashioner 

Refashioner can also be one of the good marketplaces to sell out used clothes. Here you can sell footwear, garments, and many other accessories. If you want to sell out your designer clothing to get rid of the crammed wardrobe, then this site can be a great platform.

Refashioner's products are for models, business women and many who want to buy the clothes from here. So, if you have a unique product that matches these requirements, then you can sell those at Refashioner as well.  

10. Coutloot 

Coutloot is one of the best cloth-selling marketplaces in India. This website contains categories related to fashion, electronics, and many other top categories. If you want to sell on this, you will be required to use its application and then start selling your products.

This platform is also suitable for those willing to buy high-quality second-hand products. It is a trusted site where you can try to expand your used cloth selling market.  

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How To Sell Your Clothes Online? 

If you need to sell your clothes online, you will have to check several things mentioned here. 

1. Signup With The Marketplace 

First, signup with the marketplace you want to sell your product. Once you are done with the signing up process and complete the profile to look good and trustworthy. 

2. Take Multiple Clear Pictures 

The first thing you need to do is click so many pictures of your product, whether it is clothing or jewelry. Try to keep the quality of the product high because it will show the quality of the product is good. If possible, then wear the clothes, and they take a picture so that your buyer can analyze the product more effectively.  

3. Find The Best Niche 

The niche is one of the most critical factors you need to consider. You can look for the vintage niche or another niche that describes your product best.  

4. Provide Accurate Description 

Once you are done with the step as mentioned earlier, add a description of the product to let the people know about the product (clothes) you are selling.  

5. Understand Seasons 

The other thing you can do to get faster sales is to understand which season is going on. In winters, winter clothing sells, and in summers, summer clothing. Therefore don't be a fool and focus on this aspect because many people make the same mistakes and do not get good results. 

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6. Set The Realistic Pricing 

You do not need to charge much and not too little. First, analyze the average pricing, add your profit margin, and come up with a standard price that a buyer will love to pay if they see your product in the listing.  

7. Get Sales And Get Paid 

Once you get the sales, most of the online marketplace releases the payment to your PayPal account after deducting all the charges.  

What Are The Best Places To Sell Your Clothes Online?

You can consider any website or app to sell your used clothes because all of them are legit and good for beginners and professionals. However, if you love to create homemade crafts, go with Etsy, and gain experience, you can look for ASOS Marketplace. Also, if you just want to get rid of used clothes in your wardrobe, then try Depop, Preloved, and another website from the list.  

Final Words

Now you know the top site that pays you to sell used clothes, so try these sites to make the relevant space to add new and latest clothing in your wardrobe. This method is suitable to earn some side cash but can also transform your business with good pay. Moreover, if you want to suggest some more legit sites that work for you or have tried one of these sites, comment below to let us know and grow our community. 

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