Top 3 Reasons Why Financial Planning is Incomplete without Insurance

Life is full of ups and downs, and we don't know what may happen next. Isn't it? We all know we must pay taxes, utility bills, and many other expenses. We also know we need to make some savings to deal with financial and medical emergencies. But is saving funds for the future enough? 

Top 3 Reasons Why Financial Planning is Incomplete without Insurance: Why is Financial Planning without Insurance Cover Incomplete?

Well, certainly not. Thus, while financial planning, it's important to think of a good insurance plan that protects your life and health to support you and your family in emergency conditions. Here I have shared some key reasons why one must focus on insurance coverage while making a financial plan.

Why is Financial Planning without Insurance Cover Incomplete?

1. Financial Security

Life insurance can provide financial security to support your family financially in case of your premature death. By buying life insurance and allocating funds for it, you can take a step forward to mitigate the financial crises that may affect the lifestyle of your loved ones. Hence, you can also give a place to ideal insurance cover to show love to your family members. 

Additionally, you can take health insurance to save money for costly medical treatments. Nowadays, plenty of health and life insurance covers offer great benefits at nominal premium amounts.

2. Transfer Risk

When you buy insurance, you also transfer the risk of uncertainty to a third party. In unfortunate conditions, the insurance provider will be liable to pay the mentioned amount to your family. In exchange, you pay monthly premiums to receive future claims. So, going for a relevant insurance plan would be ideal if you want to reduce your financial burden. 

3. Peace of Mind

Having insurance covers such as life insurance and health insurance gives you protection against uncertain future events that may affect the lifestyle of your family and yours, which provides peace of mind. Thus, getting insurance coverage will be suitable if you don't want to keep yourself worried about medical expenses or your family's care.


In this article, we discussed why you should be adding insurance to your financial plan. Hopefully, you have understood why insurance coverage is important, along with a proper financial plan. 

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