Where does the Indian Gaming Industry Stand in 2022?

Do you know the gaming industry is another fruitful career option for the young generation? A growing young population, accessible internet connection, induction of new games, and rapid growth of mobile and smartphone users have enabled the growth of India's gaming industry. 

Where does the Indian Gaming Industry Stand in 2022?

In recent years, Indian nascent online gaming has witnessed unpredictable growth. And it is capable of securing its position in the top five mobile gaming markets in the world economy. The Indian gaming industry has registered 38% growth in recent years compared to past stats. There are over 400 gaming companies in India, and these gaming companies have 420 million online gamers. Based on KPMG, India is the second largest home of online gamers after China. 

The future of Indian video gaming looks bright. However, experts have estimated steep growth in this sector. In 2022, India has the potential to become the world's leading online video gaming industry. It has been consistently growing for the last five years, and it's predicted to touch the value of $3.9 billion by 2025; KPMG's report said this. The Indian online gaming sector recorded 8% new online games from 360 million in 2020 to 390 million in 2021. The latest report of EY and FICCI also says the total number of Indian gamers is expected to reach 450 million by the end of 2023. 

Manish Agarwal, CEO of Nazara Technologies Ltd, said the proper compliance with KYC registration, data management, and taxation could help Indian online gaming industries to become gaming leaders at the World level. 

The rapid growth in online gaming is possible because of the large number of young generation population. Along with this, the high disposable income stream, new games launch, and the accessibility of smartphones and the internet have also supported the Indian gaming industry. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, online gaming saw spectacular growth. There were 17% worldwide game downloads and 7.3 billion games installed in September 2020. Also, it had the highest number of game downloads in the world. Novel gaming genres have helped this industry grow a lot. Currently, the Indian gaming industry has become a $930 million industry. By 2023, the gaming sector is expected to have 10,000-12,000 direct jobs. And it is predicted that the video gaming industry of India will touch the $5 billion milestone by 2025.

Hence, if you love gaming and want to make a career, you must start finding a growth-oriented gaming career option. There is a huge demand for game developers, game writers, video game designers, game programmers, game animators, game QA experts, and audio game engineers. Also, these days many free and paid courses can help you get expertise in your respective domain and help you get a high-paying job. However, if you want more information about the best gaming jobs in India or worldwide, stay tuned as soon as we come up with an exciting post on the same. 

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