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Hi friends! As you know, we come every time with new information that can give you the path of earnings to become successful in your life. And carrying the same trend, today I again came up with fantastic skills to discuss with you. 


The gaming industry is a fast-growing industry in today's era. Many people play games, from a 3-year-old child to a 50-year-old man. So, if you are interested in game development and designing, you will like this post a lot.


NASSCOM said the work of the gaming industry will obtain the milestone of 29 thousands crore by the end of 2025. Hence, you can see how many job opportunities you can have if you become a game developer and designer. But to become a game developer, you need to understand how you can become a game developer using the right strategy. 

And in this article, I will interestingly explain the same; thus, keep reading this engaging post. Before we start discussing the steps to becoming a game developer. We need to understand a bit about a game developer.  

How to become a game developer? If you want to become a game developer. Read this crucial post as it contains a step by step guide.

Who Is A Game Developer?

The game designer is a professional who works around the visualization of games, planning, designing, and deciding features of the game content. The game developers and designers always work with the team who help each other manage the punctuality, budget, and schedule to work on the project. 


In short, the game developer is the expert in coding and visualizing the game's creative elements. And they know coding, creativity, and problem-solving. 

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Who Is Eligible To Be A Game Developer And Designer?

Anyone qualified 10+2 with any stream can pursue a degree specializing in game designing or game development. If you want to become one, you know which bachelor's degree you can have. There are many degrees in other streams as well, so you will need to research colleges. 


There are many UG-level courses online as well as offline. You can do joint degrees such as B. Sc, B. E, B. Tech, etc., focusing on game development and designing. Suppose you are not eligible to pursue these UG courses. In that case, you can get many other courses designed for different stream students. 


So, before going with any degree, inform yourself first about the courses. I will suggest you go with online courses provided by international universities and colleges. But if you do not have a degree in game development, you can still become a game developer. And to help you, I will tell you about it in the upcoming sections of this article. 

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What Are The Responsibilities Of A Game Developer?

There are some different responsibilities you have if you work as a game developer. You can understand it as written below just for an idea:

#1. You will have to work on visual terms of the game development project.

#2. You may also be required to work on the structure designing task of the game.

#3. This job can also include creating user-friendly features.

#4. Can have to execute the documentation works for launching the game.

#5. Manage the menu, setting, and other elements of the game. 

#6. And lastly, you can work on controls and interface etc.

How To Become a Game Developer?

If you want to become a game developer with a degree, I will provide you with five steps. So, read the below-mentioned steps to become a game developer.  

Step: 1# Get Enrolled In A Degree Or Diploma Course With The Specialization:

The first step to becoming a game developer is to find out the degree and pursue it. You can do any bachelor's degree course in technology or design or engineering and computer science or any other specializing in game design/development.


It is important because most companies hire a degree holder game developer who has one field specialization. If you have done some other courses with certifications, you can be more eligible than other candidates. 


So, while learning, keep doing relevant courses and creating new projects that can make you more expert in your field.

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Step: 2# Improve Game Programming Skills And Knowledge:

If you want to be a great game developer and get a high salary package. In that case, the essential key of your career is programming skills and the knowledge of different programming languages you have. 


Most of the game developer companies use five programming languages which are famous as well. These are C#, C++, Python, JavaScript, and Java. Not only these, but some other languages are also important, which you will need to work on. 


After this, you must have the skills of problem-solving and making logic. The easiest way of learning is to work on a project while pursuing your degree. So that you will have a good hold on your skills and you will be able to program various gaming projects as well. 


In short, if you want to know how to become a game developer. Then you must pursue a relevant degree and also gain a deep understanding of programming languages.  

Step: 3# Be Experienced In The Field By Doing Internships:

While you are learning game designing, you should also join an internship. In this way, you will earn some money, which can help you submit your college fees. And the second thing you will have different projects to work on during the internship program. 


So, you can gain your working experience as a game developer intern. A company in any country or place will always give some extra importance to you if you are experienced in your field. 


It shows that you can work on multiple projects and improve the features through your internship work experience. So, get enrolled in an internship program of your specialization and gain work experience. Because it will play a significant role in making you a game developer.  

Step: 4# Build Own Portfolio And Brand:

It is essential to create your portfolio as a game developer. Most companies or employers hire freelance game developers and not permanent employees. So, a portfolio would be the replica to show your programming knowledge and your hold on the skill. 


Even if you go for an interview and the manager asks you about your skills, you can easily describe how effective you can work for them. So, if you have the software, you should create a game on your abilities and skills. So that you get work online as a freelancer if there is no better job in your knowledge. 


Portfolio or your projects don't help you only to get a job. The most important thing is that you can improve your work samples day by day and create your brand by creating these things. 


So, you can become the owner of your gaming application as well. In conclusion, a portfolio is a way to show your uniqueness and how advanced game developers you are in the field.  

Step: 5# Keep Learning And Upskill Yourself:

Once you have started working as a game developer or designer, then what can you do next? Let's discuss it now because many people don't get a high post after working for years. The thing is that the gaming industry looks at your skills first and then your experience. 


I mean to say, after getting a job, don't stop learning at all. Just enroll in advanced online courses, master's degrees, or any advanced diploma in spatialization, etc. You will also need to improve your communication skills as well. 


So, before you end your search to understand how to become a game developer. You must also add this point to your checklist to become a game developer. In short, never stop learning and keep upskilling yourself with advanced courses and practices. 

How To Become a Game Developer Without a Degree?

So, how you be a game developer without a degree? You can even ask me how to become a game developer at home. But do not worry, because now I will explain how you can become a game developer without any degree or certification.  

#1. Make a Strong Mindset To Become a Game Developer

You are not willing to take any undergraduate course to become a game developer. Hence, you need to work hard to establish the same skill in a limited time. And for this, you need a strong mindset that asks you to learn your technical skill. So, first, tell your brain you will become a game developer sitting at home. 

#2. Utilize The Content Available On Youtube And Blogs

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms and has billions of traffic. But have you ever analyzed thousands of valuable content too? So, why should you not learn from such relevant content to become a game developer? 


You should take advantage of such YouTube channels and videos that tell about game development. Several channels have uploaded complete courses to become game developers. Search for those channels and watch their tutorials but do not skip doing practice. You can learn from HTML to CSS, JS, Java, Python, and many other coding languages on YouTube. 

You can even take the help of free courses available from LinkedIn learning and other platforms. There are several blogs such as w3schools,, and other trusted sites. There you can visit and read the crucial posts for a deep understanding of codes.  

#3. Practice Of Every Essential Programming Language

Your next step to becoming a game developer is to do the practice. Take the help of YouTube channels and find the project to work on. Here you will try to develop a small game from your side. 

Then you can also try to develop a bit of a complex video game. Once you feel easy to work on such game development projects. Then you can build your online portfolio and mention such projects there.  

#4. Now Look For Internships And Entry Level Jobs

Companies look for freshers to hire as intern game developers. Because they need to understand modern techniques and want an affordable workforce. For some months, you can work as a game developer intern and get more exposure.  

#5. Apply In Big Organizations

Now you have excellent knowledge about game development. You can also handle the projects by yourself and can work independently as well. So, why should you not apply for significant posts with high salaries? 


If you are confident and ready to work as an expert game developer. Then you should try to get a promotion in the same organization you are working for. Or you can also apply to other organizations to get hired.  

#6. Keep Yourself Up To Date

You have an ideal job, or you may even start working as a freelance game developer. But do not stop here; keep learning new things and experiment with your skill. You might develop an outstanding game that can take your career to the next level.  

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How Much Does A Game Designer Earn?


It depends upon your skills and ability to manage a project. Below there is a highlight of the salary package you can get as a game developer.  


If you work as a game developer or designer in India, an entry-level job pays you 1.2 lakh to 3.5 lakh per annum. 

Medium Level: 

Medium-level game developers earn an average of 3.5 lakh to 9 lakh per annum or more with experience of more than two years. 


If you work as a senior game developer, your earning would be more than 10 lakh per annum, but you must have at least 5-year or more than 5-year experience. And also, you should have an advanced degree or diploma certificate.


It is just an estimate but with your excellent skill set and hard work. You can find a beautiful salary package in a good company.  


So, in the article, I explained how to become a game developer. Now you also know how much you can earn as a professional and your responsibilities at the workplace. I explained how you could become a game developer without a degree or also with a degree. 

Hence, I wish you liked this post and helped others who want to be game designers. 


Thanks for reading it attentively, and stay engaged with our blog I will come again very soon with the new topic and the career guide for you all. Till then, keep learning and growing to maximize career opportunities. 

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